Earth's Interconnected Cycles

Earth's interconnected cycles air land

water and life are all interconnected

the different systems of Earth are known

as the atmosphere lithosphere

hydrosphere and biosphere these systems

work together to create our world in

order to understand the relationship

between these systems we need to

understand that each system is a group

of related elements that form a complex

whole take a breath you are breathing in

air from our atmosphere the atmosphere

from the Greek word Atmos meaning vapor

is a thin layer of gases surrounding the

planet the atmosphere serves many

functions it offers protection from UV

radiation helps hold in heat to warm the

planet's surface and contains the oxygen

and carbon dioxide required for animal

and plant life Earth's atmosphere

comprises 78% of nitrogen 20.9 five

percent of oxygen 0.93 percent of argon

and 0.03 9% of carbon dioxide and other


the hydrosphere from the Greek word

hydro meaning water includes all of the

water covering earth both in liquid and

solid form 71% of earth is covered in

water from the depths of the ocean to

the ice capped peaks of the mountains

the hydrosphere is all around us our

biosphere bio meaning life contains all

of the life on earth living beings are

found everywhere on earth even on the

parts that appear to be uninhabited the

biosphere overlaps the atmosphere

lithosphere and hydrosphere we are part

of the biosphere as are the crops that

we grow and the pets that we keep every

living being from tiny bacteria to blue

whales is part of Earth's biosphere

Earth's crust an upper part of the

mantle make up the lithosphere which is

from the Greek word for stone lithos our

lithosphere consists of approximately

the first 60 miles of solid material

from the surface of the planet down this

is also referred to as Earth's crust

the lithosphere constantly changes

because of shifts in the tectonic plates

this movement is very slow and we do not

feel the change unless an earthquake or

volcano occurs a volcanic eruption

affects all of Earth's spheres the magma

coming up through the earth is part of

the lithosphere the gases and materials

from the eruption move from the

lithosphere into the atmosphere the lava

pouring down the volcano will change the

biosphere while the condensation of

water alters the hydrosphere

these systems all interact to create and

maintain the world as we know it human

beings from the biosphere walk on the


the lithosphere breathe the air the

atmosphere and drink the water the

hydrosphere we could not exist without

any one of these systems