Pet Addendum for Lease - EXPLAINED

A Pet Addendum for a Lease is a document signed by both the landlord and tenant that legally

permits a tenant to have a pet in the residence.

Why Do I Need a Pet Addendum?

When renting property, landlords have complete discretion as to whether or not they allow

pets in their residence.

If a landlord does allow the tenant to have a pet in the space, a Pet Addendum will list

out the requirements for allowing a pet in the home and holds the tenant liable to responsibilities

listed in the agreement.

What is Included in a Pet Addendum?

Pet Addendums are legal documents that list out the pet’s information as well as certain

conditions from the landlord in order for them to allow the pet.

Common requirements are as follows: The tenant will be entirely responsible for

their pet; Pets must be kept under control;

Pets must not make an excessive disturbance on the property; and

The pet owner is responsible for damage caused by their pets

Furthermore, it’s common for landlords to charge either non-refundable or refundable

pet deposits, and the amount is to be stated in the addendum.