Minimally Invasive Laminectomy Surgery to Treat Lumbar Stenosis - MedStar Southern Maryland

dr. jean-marc void says a neurosurgeon

at Southern Maryland hospital Center is

performing a laminectomy to treat lumbar

stenosis a narrowing of the canal within

the spinal column that houses and

protects the spinal nerves with the

patient lying face down and asleep under

general anesthesia dr. Roy axis makes a

small incision in the patient's back

using x-ray guidance to locate the

precise area of the disease dr. Watson

then uses a series of tubular dilators

to create a narrow working corridor

through the patient's back the tubular

dilators allow him to access the

stenosis without damaging supporting

structures of the spine such as the

surrounding muscles and ligaments using

a surgical microscope dr. voices then

performs a laminectomy by removing the

bony wall of the narrowed spinal canal

this is performed with a high-speed

drill and a series of surgical

instruments that are deployed through

the working channel Harrison Rogers are

used to carefully remove the thickened

ligaments within the canal that are

causing the nerve compression after

confirming that he has successfully

achieved a complete decompression of the

nerves within the spinal canal dr. boy

abscess removes the working channel and

closes the small incision the procedure

takes about an hour

patients usually experience an immediate

reduction of leg pain and are able to go

home in several hours after server