Food Chain and Food Web Lesson | Know Food Chain

food chain

all living things need energy in order

to live and they get this energy from

the food they eat all food chains start

with plants and end with animals plants

are called producers because they

produce their own food from sunlight

water and the nutrition that they get

from the soil animals are called

consumers because they cannot prepare

their own food and are directly or

indirectly dependent on plants for their

energy some animals eat plants and some

eat animals for energy animals that eat

only plants to get energy are called


for example deers cows grasshoppers

animals that eat animals to get energy

are called for example tigers lions

snakes animals that eat both plants and

animals to get energy are called


for example monkeys and bears a simple

food chain starts with grass which is

eaten by rabbits then the rabbits are

eaten by foxes

a big food chain starts with acorns

which are eaten by mice the mice are

eaten by fish and then finally the snake

at each link in the chain energy is

being transferred from one animal to

another marine food chain a marine food

chain starts with phytoplankton which

are eaten by small fishes then the small

fishes are eaten by medium sized fishes

and at last the medium-sized fish are

eaten by big fishes

food web the arrows in a food chain show

the flow of energy a network of many

food chains is called

a food web