GUESS POO? ...who DUMPED it?!

- Oh my gosh, here we go.

Zoom in on that hole!

(suspenseful music)


(safari theme music)

Hey, Mark.

- [Mark] Yeah?

- Point your camera down here.

- [Mark] Ew.

- Do you know what that is?

- [Mark] Did you make that?

- I did not make that.

That is an animal poop.

And right now, we're in South Africa,

which is full of animals.

And do you know what those animals do

every single day?

- [Mark] Uh, eat?

- And then they poop.

That right there

is a baboon poop.

100% certain a big baboon squatted right down on that rock

and took a dump.

- [Mark] Or it was Mario.

- It might have been Mario.

He's actually not a part of this scene but

I'm almost positive it was baboon poop.

Now we're gonna travel from location to location

to see how many different poops we can find

and see if we can get every animal in South Africa's poop

on camera.

I hope you guys are in the mood for a dumpy episode.

There's one thing that every living organism does

on a daily basis.

No matter who you are

or what you are

I can 100% guarantee

that you are going to poop.

That's right, poop.

Drop a dump.

Take a turd.

Release the beast.

See a man about a horse.

Whatever your cleverly coded phrase

for alleviating your bowels may be,

we all do it.

Today, we are on location exploring

the Kariega Game Reserve.

This massive expanse of wilderness

is home to hundreds of animal species.

And just like you and me, they all poop.

In fact,

some of them poop several times an hour,

maybe even more.

So with all of these butt nuggets out there rolling around,

how do we know which feces pieces

belong to which animals?


This'll work.

This is Jo.

Jo is a field guide.

She's also an expert in everything stinky.

When I say everything stinky, I mean

she is a poop expert.

Normally, in these videos,

we're out there searching for the animals,

but today,

we're gonna search for what the animals left behind.

A good old fashioned, classic,

skat scavenger hunt.

Jo, I'm just gonna go ahead and dive right into this

and pick up a handful of these

delicious looking little pellets.

- [Mark] Ah, he's just.

He's just gonna grab 'em all.

Mario, he's touching the poop already.

- Yep, he's gotta touch everything.

- Well, in the states, I would refer to this

as Cocoa Puffs.

Looks like the kinda thing you wanna

put in a bowl and dump some milk on top of but,

these aren't Cocoa Puffs, kids.

What are those, Jo?

- Chocolate balls.

- No, Jo.

They're not...

You eat one first.

She tricked you guys.

She didn't really eat that

and I'm not gonna be duped into this either.

It looks like small turd, right?

- [Jo] It is, it is.

- [Coyote] Okay.

- [Mark] Hold on, hold on.

Is that a technical name?

Small turd?

- Yeah, this is a small turd.


we're gonna get to big turds today

and I'm not gonna give away what the largest turd

out here is.

I think you guys can probably guess.

And Jo told me there's a really good chance

we're gonna find some so,

we'll wait til later in the episode.

But I figured, let's start small

and work our way up the turd tree, right?

So these are small turds.

Teeny, tiny turds.

Chocolate delights


an impala, right?

- Aha.

- [Coyote] This is impala droppings.

Let's break one of these apart

and take a look at the inside.

Go ahead, just grab one there.

I'll just hold onto the bundle.

- [Mark] Ah, you sure this is a good idea?


- [Coyote] Yeah, this is a great idea.

Wow, look at how dense that is.

- [Mark] Coyote, what's it smell like.

- Oh, no don't put it in my nose.


It actually doesn't smell like anything.

A little bit like Mucil.

Have you ever had Mucil?

High in fiber.

And in fact,

this is all fiber pretty much

because all these impala are feasting on

are plants and underbrush.

It's processing through their system,

and then turning into these little, tiny nuggets.

Doesn't smell like anything at all.


Well, I would say we were off to a good start.

We've got some tiny turds,

now let's work our way up to something

a little bit bigger.

So if you guys are ready,

hold on,

this episode is all about...

- [Mark] Ah, goodness.

- [Coyote] Poop.

Mark, now you're part of the poop train as well.

Alright, guys.

Back in the vehicle, let's find the next turd!

- [Mark] Mario, he's throwing poop at me.

- At least it's not on me.

- Alright, guys.

We're gearing up in the poop train!

This land cruiser is our official vehicle

to skirt across the savanna looking for dumps.

Alright, Jo, fire up!

- Let's go!

- Let's find ourself some poopies.

- [Mark] Hey, guys, wait for me.


- Come.

- [Mark] Alright, go.

- [Coyote] We're tracking turds, ladies and gentlemen!

- Woo!

- Tracking down the big turds.

Traveling by way of a game drive vehicle

allowed us to quickly move from one turd filled territory

to the next.

So we kept our eyes open

and our noses primed for the next pile of poo.



Here's a nice little pile of droppings.

I'm gonna get right down up close for this one

and give it a sniff.

Ooh, still a bit fresh.

Alright, Jo, now don't tell me.

I'm gonna guess.

Let me pick one of these beautiful little buckeyes up

for the cameras.

Given the size,

about a 25 cent piece in the states,

I would say that this is a wildebeest.

- [Jo] Nope.

- Not a wildebeest, okay, well...

Oh, maybe something more like a horse, a zebra.

- Nope.

- Not a zebra.

- Bigger animal.

- Bigger animal? - Yeah.

Quite tall.

- Tall?


- There ya go.

- Really?

That's a giraffe turd?

A lot smaller than I imagined.

- [Jo] Yeah, they make a lot of them.

Little bit smaller but a lot of them.

- Okay, I'm gonna do what everybody's waiting

to see me do and just get a handful of these babies.

- [Mark] Oh, jeez.

- [Jo] Ew.

- Look at that.

Now I am, I'm gonna wash my hands

after this episode, guys.

Look at that.

Now these are actually pretty dried out.

You can still smell 'em a little bit.

Well, there's a dry pile of turds for ya right there

and if you didn't know,

now you know what giraffe poop looks like.

Mark, get ready.

- [Mark] No, no, no!

(Jo laughing)

Come on, man.

- Alright, guys, on to the next droppings!

Oh, this takes me back, Jo.

- Oh, to where?

- To childhood when I'd play in the sandbox with my trucks

and I'd come across a boulder.

Let me tell ya something, kids.

When you're playing the sandbox, those aren't boulders,

those are kitty cruds.

- [Mark] What, that's what those were?

- Those are cat cruds, buddy.

- [Mark] I used to collect those.

- You used to eat those?

- [Mark] Collect them.

- Oh, I thought you said eat those.

Yeah, you don't wanna eat a cat turd,

they're full of germs.

But this right here,

that's a lion turd.

A dried up lion turd, nonetheless but,

that's a big cat crap.

- And that's just one piece of it.

- Yeah.

Why don't you just pile 'em all up in my hand there?

Ope, that one's a roller.


Wow, that's a

pretty hefty dump right there for a cat.

Now this is really dried up.

It's not moist.

And if it was moist,

it would be stinky

because carnivore poop contains a lot of meat,

guts, and gristle

and will have a pretty strong smell to it.

Well, we've worked our way up from the small stuff.

Let's cut the small poo

and get to the big dumps.

You ready?

- Ready.

- Here we go.

Oh, my sweet tumbler.

Look at this giant beauty.

Jo, I don't think I'm gonna need help

identifying this

tremendous turd.

It's gotta be an elephant.

- Nope.

- You're pulling my leg.

- No, I'm not. - You're pulling my trunk.

- Nope.

- Ugh, okay, I'm gonna climb backwards, then

down the turd tree hierarchy and say

the next biggest thing would be a rhino?

- That is correct.

- Yes!

Look at that rhino turd.

It's like a loaf of bread.

- But which one?

- [Coyote] Which one what?

- Black or white rhino?

- Ooh, black or white rhino.

Didn't think I was gonna have to guess.

Well let me break this turd open.

- [Mark] Oh.

- Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and guess

that it is a white rhino

because it's lighter in coloration.

- [Jo] Negative.

- [Coyote] Dang.

- It is a white rhino, but why?

- Ummm, well...

- What is this?

Is this...

- That's poop.

- [Jo] Yeah.

What is it made of?

- [Coyote] Looks like grasses.

- [Jo] Correct.

- Okay, so grasses.

Tall, yellow, flowing savanna grasses.

So what?

The white rhino eat grasses and black rhino eat

more underbrush?

- Black rhinos will eat from the bushes.

So that it will have more twigs, more

little berries, things like that in there.

- Okay, well that's good to know.

And now considering the fact that it's just grass,

here it comes, the official smell test.

I'm gonna get a good,

good whiff.


- [Mario] Nice job, Jo, I was about to do that.

- [Mark] Like the wedding cake trick.

- You know what?

It smells like dirt.

Does not smell bad at all.

It completely smells

like dirt.

And that right there

is two fists full

of non funky smelling turd.

Wow, well,

here's one for each of you.


- [Mark] Man. That almost hit me.

- [Mario] This is not becoming fun for us.



- [Mark] So, so far,

we've seen impala.

- [Coyote] Yep.

- [Mark] Giraffe.

- [Coyote] Correct.

- [Mark] Lion.

- [Coyote] Yes.

- [Mark] And rhino.

- [Coyote] And rhino.

- [Mark] There's only one

bigger poo

left out here.

- That's right, guys.


Now they tell me they do have dinosaurs here at the park.

I haven't seen them yet but,

if we can find some brachiosaur poop,

we are going to be in business.

Stay tuned, guys.


Man, you got turd all over my shoulder.

Stay tuned, guys.

We're gonna find some really big poops.

(playful music)

Alright, guys.

We are rolling up right now on some big ol' dumbos.

That's elephants to you.

And as you can imagine, the dumbo...

Oh my gosh, here we go!

Zoom in on that hole.

Here you go, you got a nice slow roller coming out here.

You can see that's made up of grass, figs,

and a whole lot of love.

Wow, that butthole's so big

you could fit your head in it.

Now we are just slightly downwind from these droppings

and we're getting a nose full of

savanna morning goodness right now.

- [Mark] Ah, here comes more.

- [Coyote] Look at that.

Eating and pooping at the same time.

- [Mark] That's skill.

- Well, I'm sure the one thing you guys wanted to see

on our trip here to South Africa

was an elephant actually dropping off it's breakfast.

Now, as soon as this big guy moves in,

we will move in and examine those droppings.

What you don't wanna do is

just kinda

skirt in there behind the elephant

just after it's taken a dump because

that's how you get stepped on.

And now,

the moment you have all been waiting for.

The largest piece of poop we could possibly come across

here in South Africa.

(dramatic music)

The one and only--

Oh my gosh, it's still warm--

African elephant.

And that is a monstrous glob

of gross goodness right there.

And it is sill warm, guys.

Ugh, Jo.

- [Jo] How do you know it's warm?

Wanna put your finger in that?

- Put my finger in it?

- [Jo] Yeah.

- Ah, it's gonna get poo underneath my fingernail.

Alright, here we go.

- [Jo] Ew, that's just gross.

- Oh, that is horrible right there.

It's actually very dense.

You can already see that the dung beetles have found it.

They're flying all over it.

Let's just break this monster open.

Look at that, guys.

A bunch of sticks, and leaves, and grass.

Oh wow, it smells worse on the inside.

I guess you gotta let these ones dry out.

It's making my eyes water a little bit.

Now, why are there so many bugs in it already?

Were those bugs inside of the elephant

or are these just coming straight from the ground?

- [Jo] Yeah, they're coming in afterwards.

- [Mark] Look, you can...

If I zoom in, you can see 'em swarming.

Look at that.

- [Jo] Yeah, it's crazy.

- It's almost instantaneous

that the dung beetles have found this

hot, steaming pile of elephant excrement.

Well, guys,

we climbed our way up the turd tree today.

From impala to elephant, we managed to investigate

many different animal droppings.


I can say without question that this certainly was

one fascinating, educational, and gross episode.

Jo, thank you...

Oh, there's the poo shake right there.


Thank you so much for leading this

on location

episode and I think at this point,

it's probably time

to get some hand sanitizer.

I'm Coyote Peterson,

be brave,

stay wild,

we'll see ya on the next location.

Ah, man.

That stinks.

Picking up pellets of poop with your bare hands

looks and is

completely gross.

Yet a trail of turds

can be quite educational.

Droppings to find the animals that deposit them.

And having a knowledge of these environmental compost piles

can help you track and ultimately see

some of South Africa's most iconic creatures.

So while this may have been one of the grossest episodes

we have featured on the Brave Wilderness Channel,

remember that poop is just poop.

It's funny,

we all do it,

and I think it's safe to say

that at the very least,

we all enjoy a good dumbo drop.

Are you ready for a double dose of droppings?

Make sure to go back and watch two dung beetles duke it out

to see which one claims the throne

upon turd mountain.

And don't forget,

subscribe so you can join me and the crew

on our next location.

(roar and coyote call)