Job Description Vs Job Specification

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this topic so this is a topic which

comes from HRM human resource management

and it is a subtopic from a chapter

called job analysis so job analysis may

a table and hair or both bar both

exhaustively pousada hi in every exam is

job description and job specification to

Adam ec k Burma baath karenge is lecture

me so let us begin

lets us discuss what is dot description

so simple a miss Cooper about Kankakee

job description hotaki whenever there is

a vacancy in an organization they

advertise their post in various

platforms jab because he organization

Makua vacancy colleague ot here to war

graduation hamesha he open a post who

advertised Katya in various platform

various platform compatible school

newspaper maybe they there goes

covariance electronic websites maybe

icicle flash algorithms or guardian

Oprah kind of websites may scale our

both sorry employment exchange what they

have the hopper blues information go poo

chai Agatha mr. Osamu various

information various platform mo

information cause sheer chaotic Kiev I

can see em are a job mini clean MRA

organization may give we can CIA is

Kelly I'm a logo key requirement the job

description is that advertisement

advertisement basically company Nick

Althea very advertisement to her job


Coolatta what Sarah books may was a

technical language get through screed

definition leakage Athiya but Mike about

simple three cases only around the job

description is just that advertisement

Jo advertisement company called Theia

who seek OHIM job description Kathy how

do we define it of cases could find

everything it is a factual statement of

job contents in the form of duties and

responsibilities of a specific job it's

good on a breakdown Kirkus immersed a

serviceable a factual statement factual

statement cometh Lapierre he's my fact

so there is no can assumption linghu t

jus bad company facts k format of atari

immersive Joba kar rahe bath hoagie

that's it that is called facts our jobs

related up the govt duties or

responsibilities involved with him obese

mentioned ruth here for a specific job

this job Kelly Oubre job description

Kalaa a husky sorry duties oski sorry

responsibilities auto schedule factual

fact so they was severe is my mention

chiesa okay so why we go for job

description i'm q your job description

nickel things might say who Takei it

tells the job seeker about the nature

and the type of job AB Jovi job Lynn

evil ahead job seeker mclubbe disco job

Chaya Mushka Legion Abbas urea ki aapki

organization may whose job connect a

housecat type care my example they Kasem

ja taku for example qui job Nikoli uske

title her project officer a project

officers in Pushpa Tommy children evoke

a project historic officer member nunca

he sorry bath is my clearing him to is

allege a project officer k advertisement

Irina - of course my baton apologize my

duties carry this me responsibilities

can hungee SK facts can be you sorry but

they of kobani burning it Agra petha we

the jobseeker apply karma sapele about

John jaha whose nature whose job can

ensure K or Scott type keiki category

care sorry about the Apostle John Janey

what it explains

catch is about author what is to be

done yeah karma how is to be done case a

karma and why it is to be done q carmine

you sorry about taking a kahin job

description coke parker some naval a

coop attaches a is omni malecon hey hey

job seeker his Cobie jobs I hear you

screw you sorry but a particle jetting

up misuk a filo Mary hundred Ingo later

complaint currently I'm sorry emails

could take me he care paramedic nikich

at Carmichael Tagore's Otto

mikoshi Skaro I hope k agate which will

use my bedroom Azariah

but here problem very much punky Athens

LD thicken even evil

iris could justify chemically up to dr.

bill again so somebody's acting and I

think you carbon real okay jokes apart

let's begin let's proceed so up job

descriptions of company called he has a

quick advertisement nickel T here to

make a catch easy routine what do what

are the things we have the first is job

title job keahak is cheese cave our mo

title oath asthma mentioned second job

key location ko key will be mentioned

wrote a third job key summary yeah

basically good job hey Oscar

overall job duties to be performed

nomicon consider duties Kermie what we

mentioned OTA machines or to lager queer

acquired a to Skyrim a detail like house

and nature of supervision kiss tarakoga

will be leaked out that yes sorry cheesy

he never his job description my

mentioned with you a match on became a

push Kusum Johnny

for example the jato example my Papa

turtles ever use my cure basically

racketeering and it also talks about the

working environment keep happy working

environment Kista Rao's give our

mobility till the out there so let's

let's take up that example up here they

accept and this is an example taken from

a book

HR MK book semanas copious could be

accepting company can arm the over the

name of the company is given job title

the our that is personal secretary key

job concert Department Kelly I have Oh

be a man should chaos actor up immediate

supervisor corn hookah hookah bar may be

a filthy Agra sector scale our job

number kidney to your company care

internal informations related at the


grade ki grade first grade me after

second grade me Atticus knocking grade

of Java or kiss great query

advertisement Nick alligator your basic

information Olivia way and then you have

job summary of job summary mechanic how

I perform secretarial job duties

involving taking dictations

typing routine correspondence reports

maintaining records and various clinical

duties the overall job make a cockapoo

karna padega

husky job key summary ki booyah opera

mentioned here but give nitiram a head

detail many ab job duties Keith Rob job

birthday Omaha wood detailed milta he

basically I put dictations lean ahead

how could type let us type car may have

four memorandums banana have four

reports banana hey up Co short hands

notes banana had scale our meetings

organized curly hair and aku both iraq a

routine letters banana ham and cusco

poor at detail up could be aware per

telephone calls concert guru maha aku

receive karana he records go you have to

maintain the records also you need to

receive the visitors also the SRA

information up could you tell me the UVA

give what are your job duties

aki job can you please confirm Jesus

come responsibility we can say thank you

my basically is

cooker my product is Caleb equpment

skipper my buddy heck is mr. akikusa a

very good technical job booty most

probably you must have liked software

Skyrim of kupatana machi but since he

ate personal secretary key job at Harper

typewriter up watching a computer on a

tuh Anunnaki advertisement like that and

you must understand how to use dictation

machines who spoke as a used-car sector

or overall your working environment Casa

Harper mentioned Kiyosaki I came are you

mentioned kasi here yeah but healthy

environment here yeah / up till you

catch a growth hey SE teasing hamper

mention key Giuseppe yeah but yeah

basically it job description just make a

catchy seemingly job title hedge of the

summary head job duties the key

responsibilities and confers equpment

required Hank hysterical supervision

over hysterical working environment over

you sorry cheesy mention ho t here yep

why be job seeker pajega Roscoe

pathology I got the auger personal

secretary kid job gilja me up like a

wrong to MU J yes re cheesy organization

cater of say petha tell me Chari

so this was all about description let's

move to job specification obviously we

say July a quarter pika that's called

job specification was came about curtain

it is a document which states the

minimum acceptable human qualities

necessary to perform a job properly a

big job hair whose job cooker nickel

here job linearly kabylia be both

important KO job Co Colonel like capable

hey and whose job go to skip as more

necessary qualities hi any the job

description would document has you're a

straight kurta

a minimum acceptable qualities keahi

minimum acceptable qualification care

have minimum acceptable knowledge ki

have is our minimum acceptable behavior

que hagas are each is a Canaan job

specification capita

agora moscow or simply summoning

eco-chic a job description is more about

organization whereas job specification

is more about job seeker the job seeker

go catch a cheese hie okay it translates

the job description into human human

qualification job description joe up

already my bishop could the Hachiko

who's going a human qualification same

map kurta a ruse a human cop

classification my

because I enjoyed your job key

requirement I was cassava

this historical human qualities key

requirement per degree it serves as a

guide while hiring someone a PC Kobe

hire guru - it's like a guide kita akan

Carta upward direction theta yeah

McKenzie Luke cha he wouldn't make this

historic equality stay younger comes

like a minimum quality on each I get the

be upon logo go higher course octane

most of the companies do not prepare it

both sorry complete escoba not revealing

but still interviewer do keep this in

their mind before hiring someone even

though company is go up by now and

Abhinav but interviewer to interview

Lyra hey ya Jovi this Beatrice calf

recruitment karahi

Azmi abou about clarity Sabbath on each

Aki make fitna minimum minimum quality

how much IE t CB t CB job seeker km

therefore this particular job for

example other map with example example

they come down for example for hiring a

good a teacher a teacher Kohaku

harmonica CB Schuylkill you see me

college came here to Aviva kahin

manuscript qualifications could the

extent a musky overalls own a beard gear

Hannah used a PhD here I mean yes sorry

Chisholm victim but a BB much elastic or

became a big me China that is called

class management a class management

Casca voice modulation casa students

students query go properly handle curse

at the any curse at plas Kiba

how do he how he has a better knowledge

about that particular topic he sorry TCP

huh makes me pudding Lee Duque anything

hum shed was a divination dick tibia but

both side your nations come miss out

courtesy this keyword just say Excel

wrong recruitment so jothee to ECGs

Cosimo's table make example they gave me

so much then a vehicle gain example

monopoly hire job specification I wish

were up take a bow Zara factual both are

easily queuing you're basically minimum

qualification choice for example job cuz

your grade have a middle management may

have concert Department memo job

description maybe you Thai happy we are

jaga age limit kidney Chaya Toby Agnetha

dia exceptional cases omit relax Vicki

does act the educational qualification

kidney JJ - yeah guerre minimum

qualification has he say you / be who

got to bother Jeevitha but it's not

which I hae now that you seen each ahead

to apply knock array and then this could

be sick GA for exam

appearance case I wanna JFK physique or

up a health care so naturally after

mental abilities case unity special

abilities case unit a year a cup cup

previous experience again X star marker

eligibility of education and previous

experience the both are very highly

required here do not use iam your room

check Curt a bucket cheesy shad kicking

up listening you but you have to mind

Mariah I mean she's Oh keys or worth her

and then up innovation case I for

dominance case a degree of stability

case here this was the both points I say

hey Joe directly who said time can Hilda

Cana but it is always kept in in the

mind mind America him loboko hair carpe

but it's my do point I say and you

definitely mentioned her thing one is

called the educational qualification and

other is the previous every experience

required you do know he cheesy ham

Giroud mentioned Curtis so that before

applying log is cheese Cody clay Yama is

it now bare minimum cheese chaja be

apply curry so I hope the job

description and job specification is

clear thanks for watching

it was a pleasure teaching you all do

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