Job Descriptions and Specifications


before managers can effectively manage

employee competencies attitudes and

behaviors they need to have a clear

understanding of the job tasks and job

specifications let's take a look at job

descriptions and specifications a job

description is a written summary of

specific tasks responsibilities and

working conditions of a job job

specifications are the competencies the

knowledge skills abilities or other

talents that a job holder must have in

order to perform the job successfully

job descriptions and job specifications

are technically separate but most

organizations include job specifications

as part of the job description well

there's no standard form hat most job

descriptions provide the following

information first the title the first

portion of the job description usually

states the title of the job and the

specific level if any of the job in a

particular job grouping next is job

identification the job identification

section specifies important

administrative aspects of the job such

as the department in which the job is

located who conducted the job analysis

when the job was last analyzed the wage

category of the job and the job code if

the company uses the classification

system next are the essential duties and

responsibilities section the essential

duties and responsibilities section is a

summary of the key tasks worker

behaviors and responsibilities of the

job these statements called task

statements or key result areas typically

appear in order of importance or in

order of the time each task takes some

organizations distinguish the essential

duties from marginal duties and

responsibilities in this section for

legal purposes the final portion of the

Job Description

outlines job specifications this section

documents all the qualifications that a

job candidate must possess in order to

successfully perform the job a key point

is that jobs

specifications are requirements for job

success not desirable attributes that go

beyond what is required a clear job

description with job specifications is

critical for effectively managing

employee competencies and behaviors

given the importance of job descriptions

in specifications both for company

success and legal compliance it is

critical that these documents accurately

represent each job the accuracy in

identifying the tasks and qualifications

of a job rely on collecting and

analyzing information about each job a

process called job analysis