How to Create a Job Specification and How to Devise a Person Spec

The difference between a job spec and a person spec is

really quite simple.

A job spec actually details the roles, the functions of

the individual that you're looking to recruit.

A person spec is what is the target candidate that you're

actually looking for that can fulfil those duties.

Commonly, employers draw up the job spec and give that to

a recruiter.

But unfortunately, that doesn't detail anything about

what it actually is that you're looking

for in that new employee.

How you draw up a job specification is

really quite simple.

Obviously, if it's working in your team for yourself, write

down a list of the roles and responsibilities that this

individual will have.

I think it also helps to involve colleagues from

aligned departments.

So if you're in sales, ask the marketing team what they feel

the responsibilities should be, as well, so there's some

kind of involvement from those aligned in support divisions.

Draw up each of responsibilities and bullet

point them, quite simply.

How to draw up a person spec-- again, you follow a similar

mould, where you write down all the things that you think

you're looking for in the target

candidate for your business.

Then, involve colleagues from support and aligned

departments for their input into the ideal

candidate, as well.

Once you've drawn up the list of what the requirements are

in the person's spec, then score or grade them using the

following MEP.

Now, this is really quite simple.

Once you've got your list, M is mandatory.

This is what the individual has to display in their CV in

order for them to attend the interview.

E is for essential.

This is what the candidate has to display at the interview

for you to employ them.

And then P is preferred--

the nice to haves.

The things that would be the icing on the cake, but aren't

necessarily essential.

Any other adjectives that you can't put in those categories,

simply remove.

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Now, this goes through the entire recruitment process,

including how to draw up a person spec and how to draw up

a job spec.

So I hope that this short video helps to explain the

difference between a job spec and a person spec and helps

you to devise them for your business.