What is hydrotherapy?

what is hydrotherapy hydrotherapy is the

performing of exercises in a pool of

water a lot of people ask me what isn't

this just good swimming no instead if

you were to take part in hydrotherapy

session with me I'd ask you to stand in

the shallow end and conduct a range of

exercises specifically tailored to your

injury or your painful joint I want to

stress that you don't need to be able to

swim and I'd be right beside you in the

pool with you throughout the session

hydrotherapy it's fabulous at

rehabilitating certain issues especially

following a hip or a knee replacement

hydrotherapy often makes it easier to

exercise then on dry land because the

waters buoyancy facilitates the movement

of joints and muscles rather than

restricting it as on dry land

rehabilitation can also be quicker when

progressing through a series of

hydrotherapy treatments hydrotherapy can

also be called aquatic therapy and rest

assured you don't need to have your own

pool to undertake this form of exercise

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