welcome back guys I'm Nick from active

Chiropractic and I'm going to show you

today how to do some low back exercises

in the pool without any flotation

devices so it's really good to work in

the pool because basically there's

buoyancy so less weight on your body and

there's dynamic resistance therefore

there's some resistance when you're

moving therefore you build up some

strength and all obviously there's also

hydrostatic pressure as well so you're

actually some pressure on the joints

anywhere in your body and that for

therefore it actually decreases

inflammation now these exercises are

fantastic because it builds the call

around your lower back that way

they actually prevents you from any more

injury and also decompresses your lower

back as well so therefore less

compression you expand therefore less

pain and it's fantastic to actually go

see a professional before you do these

exercises because especially like a

chiropractor because they can actually

decrease the compression there by

loosening up the muscles and fixing lean

malalignment there as well and therefore

reduce the pain so for the first

exercise all you guys need to do is just

walk in the pool you know if you're

quite injured just start off about 100

meters and as you get stronger work

further further away what this does is

it works against your abs it gives you a

bit of dynamic resistance who get lost

the core then move on to sidewalk so you

once again works on your core and works

on your abductors and glutes so at first

just start on the rails grabbing two

rails let's just stronger just let go

and just work from side to side so this

is Nico's all you have to do is

basically lean against the wall grab a

pole or something and bring your knees

towards your body it works on your core

and decompresses your lower back and

therefore less pain make sure you guys

are ready for this because it can cause

you injury once you get strong enough

move on to your bleak twists so when you

do this make sure you just twist your

body and if it causes your pain stop

immediately it works on your blinks and

your obviously your lower back these are

Albert's techniques what it does is

creates a twisting motion your lower

back in little flexion your lower back

as well and it works on your core in

your place this strengthens your call

and therefore prevents your lower back

pain and also your strengthening your

lower back as well

as you get stronger reach a bit lower

with your fingers to your toes and then

works on your call just like the knees

to elbows

so these are just step up so you just

step up on a block low step on the

stairs if you die have a block and it

works on your core works on your glutes

works on basically the range of motion

your body and gets you ready start

walking up stairs step to this side as

well and it also works on your adductors

and your abductors as well so it's

fantastical prevent you and other

injuries as well and were to default

obviously from the dynamic use this is

the water so these are leg kicks we have

to do so it's lean against the wall grab

a hold or something makes your body go

into flexion so less pain in your lower

back and works on your core just by

keeping you craving some sort of dynamic

resistance against you once again guys

thanks for watching and if you want to

do other exercises as well without a

pool try out these low back stretches or

try out these low back exercises now if

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