Barnsley NHS hydrotherapy sessions

I can feel the difference I've got so

much more movement is so much more

strength but give me a shoulder and

nothing as much pain as I was before and

this is your focus really great Jojo

selfies be brilliant for me hope to know

when I'm going to have your therapy I

find afterwards it has taught me I surf

it works really really well particularly

with our patients when they're in off to

pain so often when you're on dry land

and you have a lot of pain it's

difficult to move a part of your body be

is fine or one of your limbs because you

happen to work against gravity and the

weight of your body as well and the

beauty of hydrotherapy get you into

water your body of Lee effectively comes

lighter and therefore much easier to

move so you can exercise people much

more comfortably but also they can

exercise much harder and much more

aggressive them will be able to learn to

Ireland because that pain in that

support is given by the water it's good

for most conditions that we treat enough

physiotherapy Department so we see all

types of problems coming to hydrotherapy

the only sort of problems that would see

in a physio Department that wouldn't be

suitable for hydrotherapy is the neck

but anything from the shoulder down

excellent I had a bad fall about eleven

years ago and I ended up with a curved

spine I get a lot of creme there and I

do find it's hydrotherapy just helped I

suffered with the trap sciatic nerve

I've heard it about five-and-a-half

months now I mean at first they pull it

down to 40 odd years of lifting in an

outer ambulances

be enough service all that time but it

gradually got worse until eventually I

couldn't bend down to fasten the

shoelace put my socks on and butter sink

every feet wash until eventually I come

off work well if you mentioned that if

therapy would help me six months ago I

do lofty but my word has been absolutely

superb so far you're standing on the

side of the pool and letting your body

Hank is pulling your vertebrae apart and

that is amazing how much relief that did


love money caps the buff dissipate on my

left and my right leg got sick so doing

so far is making a lot of difference

enable smitten I can never treat at

every condition at the same time I'm

able to move a little bit more freely

I do proper injuries at work with me as

shoulder I couldn't reach up on a shelf

I couldn't pick up a shopping bag I was

having difficult to drive in with the

ears and everything add your third peg

and the physio Department have got all

that movement and that strength back now

when you come to hydrotherapy or coming

to a course of six to eight sessions

with us if you find that it's really

helping and really working but there's

still a lot of work to be done then we

use do a second what we're people this

should expect to see some changes some

benefit within a course of six to eight


it usually takes more than a couple of

sessions before you see any effects when

I carry me and we were doing these

little maneuvers in the water this is

not gonna do any good

then after couple of days I suddenly

realized I can download for my cell

phone and it's obviously lost in my

muscles oh and I have noticed the

difference well I am acts 9 to my fourth

week for this hydrotherapy for my heart

I do find that I am benefiting from it

and I'm not getting this much pain when

I'm moving about as I was before I came

for this one of the things I've found

really useful as well is you talking to

other people

and explaining your symptoms and they're

going yeah that's exactly what I've got

and it's reassuring to know that it's

not just that min till most people sort

of have a preconception that they might

be turning open it might be twenty year

old you know skinny minis and all the

rest of it it's really not we get those

all shapes and sizes coming we get lots

of people that when we're discussing

hydrotherapy the possibility of coming

to hydro they're really unsure they

might be nervous in water we would get

them to stay in a depth where they're

totally happy and you're monitored very

closely done physio that's in there with

you after the physio civilian there's

reassuring people all the time the world

push you to do something that's

uncomfortable or they're just very

encouraging it's really good fun and yet

you make friends

it's nice the most satisfying time is

when you see people who are in real

significant pain and discomfort the

nervous about coming to hydrotherapy

they don't know what to expect they're

in a hell of a lot of pain anywhere and

they think oh goodness me is it going to

make it worse you get them in the pool

and seeing the relief on their faces but

also the results that you see after

we've got a few sessions and the

pro-wrestler making I'm often surprised

but not surprised that the patients are

the patients in genuinely have been

really surprised about how beneficial is

being I can now bend down to put my

socks on I can now bend down to fashion

shoe we're sure to be surprised in their

different techniques it's doing a lot of

good it enables me to stretch a lot

better than no words out of the water I

just hope it giving me the tools now on

the power to get on top of it it's been

excellent it really has