Where is a horse measured from will be available soon

hey guys and welcome back to jmc equine

this week this video is a little bit

different it's going to be a bit of a

vlog over two days and it's going to be

looking at me taking rj to get

officially measured so in new zealand

the association that does that is the

royal amp society so i have his

measuring certificate which i've already

got um ordered and organized and

everything so all they have to do is add

his height in there and sign it

so um that's tomorrow at 1 30 so it's

saturday right now

my health actually hasn't been the

greatest so i apologize to me looking

kind of rusty kind of tired i am and i'm

still in my pajamas but you know what

that is the reality so we're just gonna

vibe with that and um welcome

to this week's video

always stay here forever

forever forever if i could stop the time

don't you know

that i would

okay so essentially um this week this

video is going to be made up of a few

different things i have this camera here

um so i've been doing some experiments

the sound on this camera is really bad

so i will be shooting as little footage

as possible

with sound on this camera um but so like

later i'll be using this to go and film

me um getting his bridal all sorted and

putting his bid on because when they

measured they have to be bridled

um and so yeah the other thing that we

should probably look at is check that i

have everything in here

so essentially what happens is because

of coverage you now book an appointment

um and you go to the measuring stand

at your appointment time and yeah so it

just makes it a lot easier so what


is you start off by printing off one of

these forms um

off the website i'm not going to let it

really focus because it has

some of my details on me that i don't

want you guys to have so you print off

this form and it's just kind of got all

your name and details

etc um and it's really good and then you

fill it out you send it up to the north

island or

send it away by email which is what i

did and then they send you back this

which is

a little certificate you can see rj's

details on there um it's

the wrong way of course because of the

way i'm blogging but he his name is iron

eagle he's bae 2014 standard breed and

he's a gelding as we all know

and then essentially what will happen is

tomorrow he will have a height thing

added into here and so i will know

officially how big he is so i'm very


um i almost wonder if i should do a

competition within my family that could

be really interesting to see who gets

the closest to how tall they think

is yo future george just jumping in here

i'm just editing this video and i

realized that i said i was going to do a

competition within my family

of who got the closest to what rj's

height was

um so i actually did that and we all

started we all got super low numbers um


the closest person was actually someone

on my instagram so if you want to see

that hit over to jumble a liar

jump a little higher and check out the

post you know we were all really far off

except that one person who was bang on

and i was

i was very impressed so i did do the

little competition no one won

so anyway i have all my papers so they

give you this little note

like you need to make sure you have both

your pre-registration and your

certificate and have them both ready to

go at the measuring stand

so i have all of that and that is all

ready to go so i'm going to tuck that

into there

and i'm going to go and pop it in my bag

ready for tomorrow

okay so essentially this here is my bag

i'm not going to spin it around because

it has a logo on it that i don't really

want you guys to see

because you know i've got to be careful

um anyway this is my bag that i take to

all horse shows all horsey things

it's like a handbag it's a good size i

can fit a fair bit in there like lunch

drink bottles etc

i've just gone through and cleaned it

out because i haven't done that in ages

oh my gosh

and essentially what i'm gonna do put

this in here ready for tomorrow um

it's really all i have left to do now is

go out and get his bridle organized

i'm gonna give him a brush tonight i

probably will put his neck rug on

overnight because he's gonna get really


um because of my health at the moment

i'm not feeling great and so getting

them all sorted tomorrow is not gonna be

an option so

anyway let's get into it








okay so a bit of an update i have got

all my gear ready i've just been out for

these two with the

shooter because oh my gosh we are losing

fur it's warming up um it's really warm

out today man i wasn't expecting to be

this warm

excuse me kind of limping a little bit

you can even tell with me just to pop

them up on my shoulders

um so anyway i'm all ready for tomorrow

i'm gonna

organize a week competition between me

and my family and maybe tania who's

coming with me

um and then i will

yeah hopefully to see you tomorrow i'll

see you later when i decide on what how

the competition's gonna work so

until then hey guys so i am actually

only finishing this

video right now so it is sunday 9 15 p.m

and rj was measured today so before i

reveal his um

height which is going to be very

interesting i just wanted to chat a

little bit

about how today went i didn't have the

chance to perform i'm really sorry but

anyway we got in the car it was what it


i have my camera here which i got all my

cool footage on yesterday but i actually

really didn't get a chance to film he

was perfect he got on we took bow with

him for a walk he was

so good like it blew me away how good he

was um and we got there he was super

quiet so we chilled

i'm really struggling to walk at the

moment as you guys saw that's the

reality of my life as flare-ups

um and so i got him all ready and we

took him

and it was he was so good like he blew

me away

um i just can't do it they actually blow

me right

yeah i just happy thinking about it

anyway so i

was guessing that he was gonna be

somewhere around 155 centimeters maybe

um i was hoping honestly i was hoping

for the biggest number possible because

i'm tall and i don't look too big on him

um and so i was kind of hoping but i was

like i think the reality is he's only

gonna be like hundred

352 and so i was really like not looking

forward to the measuring because i don't

wanna know

um how small he is and yeah anyway

so we got there and he was perfect super

calm super chill we got him undone

and we hit it across the thing and i got

my little paperwork out which i'm going

to grab out now because

the big reveal will be very interesting

so anyway i got him out got him already

he was all bridled and everything we

took him and which went straight to the

shoot i had my amazing friend helping me

um it's because of my limited ability to


so there you are you can see the royal

amp society not looking really sick

because that front

um but yeah so that was really exciting


here's his papers i'm pretty excited

about that

so we got him in there and i was looking

at measuring second i just like i was

gawking so here's shoes on so they had

to take off

i believe they take off a centimeter

because of how big the shoes are

okay so for rj's first ever measure

we will agree back with serious he

measured in

at a 159.5 centimeters which is

fantastic he's 0.5 centimeters or 15

three hands

so i was totally ecstatic with that um

yeah i couldn't have been more pleased

uh because i just really did not want to

be like oh yeah i'm gonna grow out of

them so i won't go out of here i just

need to you know stay on top of my

fitness and everything so make it easier

for us to work together but

overall i'm so excited that i'm so so


he was so amazing um it was a process

that i wish i could have vlogged and my

intention was to vlog it

but i just didn't get the chance

unfortunately um but

in future hopefully well i know this

week's video has been kind of short but

you know do all those things subscribe

like comment do whatever share this

video around

do what you feel like you need to and if

you have any ideas for future videos

please drop them down below

um and i i can't really think of much

else to say other than he was really

really good

which i'm gonna add some photos in here


and i'll hopefully have just seen those

photos of what he was like when he was

there he was so perfect i wish i had

recorded i think maybe my sister

recorded some

so by the time this video goes up there

might be some other footage in there i'm

not sure so i apologize

um but he was perfect i couldn't be more

ecstatic and i could not be more

ecstatic with his height so that's so

super exciting

so i'm thinking for a video next week it

might be my

spring routine my spring daily routine

so keep your eyes peeled for that

it could be very interesting and fingers

crossed that i can walk within the next

week because it'll make my spring

winter spring routine way easier and so

stay safe all of you guys

you know i don't have a catchy slogan

yet but i will find one

um so stay safe and yeah keep writing

and i'll see you next week guys bye i

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good chat

and i will see you later


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