Folding Shave Horse - Measured!

this is a video response to a request

for some rough dimensions for this

folding shave horse I thought it's the

simplest way to do it to do a quick

measure up now I will emphasize that I

worked from the country workshop plans

and so most of the measurements do match

those and the angles certainly follow

those plans but there were some


so let's just have a look basic links

now here in Australia we as the metric

system now I personally I grew up

working with my father building and he

utilized Imperial so who what back gave

me was the ability to work in either and

convert readily so I'll give you both

measurements so whichever way you come

from it'll work for you

so in metric the length of the body is

1200 that is four feet in imperial the

these are basically six by twos and they

are Imperial or 150 by 50 faces have

been cut down at this stage 280 or

surround about three inches work and

this cut down section is around two and

a half feet or 750 long the actual legs

I followed the calculon workshop length

which is about 550 or 22 inches the

front one because it mounts here from a

different swivel point the have a lower

point it's actually coming higher here

for the stop needs to be a little bit

longer and it was yeah 24 inches or 600

in length on that one now for the main

ease here that's probably where I did

vary and look it's 815 so you don't need

to be totally precise on that a 15 is

about two foot nine and they are just

three by twos

735i 50s I brought you in here closer to

get some measurements on this pivot

point because that was one of the

trickier things to work out because I

was differing from country workshops in

this section you'll see here a hole

where I tried to do something different

and decided that didn't work there's a

couple of lives around we always try

things when you're experimenting a

little bit the measurement here coming

from the front is three hundred or one

foot and it's fifty or two inches from

the top so that's the point to come to

drill a hole through to put that bolt in

and in terms of on the arm I've done

it's 350 or four ten inches from the top

it's a little bit shorter here than it

is down there because you need the

leverage and particularly you'd lose a

little bit when you went up to a higher

adjustment and but it it's pretty good

you've got that flexibility there's a

lot of power and down there coming in a

bit closer here how long did you have a

look at the vise point here I followed

the idea that country workshops have of

having a square putting the V in because

it does allow you to grab onto a square

piece of wood and you could swivel it

depending what you want if you're not

going to a square piece of wood and want

to go to a round piece you can do it

I've had no problems with it it's worked

quite effectively

the other thing who's this wedge that I

made and it was just an idea at the time

it works well the concept is that it

actually fits in between the two main

stringers and means that while it's

giving a full width wedge it doesn't

slip sideways

and impact on the arms as they move when

I first put a piece in there I realized

that could happen and I thought ah I'll

put a piece down it gives you a handle

to slide it around as well the other

thing I'd recommend is doing something

similar to what I did here with the seat

carving it out for your body to sit in

and make them all saddle like see a lot

of people just have the straight solid

piece of wood which is pretty

uncomfortable to sit on and you can of

course pad it but this I thought was the

more interesting it's pretty rough I

just carved it out with the angle

grinder with the sanding disc on it but

it makes it far more comfortable to sit

on and more pleasurable when you're

doing some work the area of principle

difference so the country workshops

version was this work piece here this is

far simpler than what they used the

length of that is 375 or 15 inches

played around with it here used it at

the front by putting a piece of wood

down in there it's not so easy to see in

a bolt through you could put a an actual

hinge on the front if you liked it's

simply however you wanted to do it I was

thinking of the ability to perhaps

adjust the height at the front when I

did this but I didn't end up using that

it's still an option I could take the

bolt out here and lift it up if I needed

to okay I think that's the principle and

basic measurements as I say do use the

country workshop plans for the angles

and that type of thing so thank you for

watching and subscribe if you'd like to

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