A Hidden Life - Movie Review

a hidden life written and directed by

Terrence Malick is a masterpiece from

the crude to the cast they have come

together to create one of the best

faith-based films a hidden life follows

the final and quietly resounding act a

Franz Jaeger Stoddard's life a life full

of love devotion immense power and

resolve Franz is caught at a crossroads

swear loyalty to Hitler and to Massacre

the innocent for he doesn't believe in

or to resist absolute evil on behalf of

his faith and convictions as well as

those around him which will certainly

lead to his death from its command of

beautiful scenery the true stories heavy

content and use of biblical imagery a

hidden life shows that though and act

like he perceived a small to others it

has the potential to make a great change


as much suffering a hidden life has it

has equal amounts of joy Augustine as

Franz Jaeger starter and Valerie patch

nur as his wife Fanny conveys the joys

of a simple life if working hard

passionately enjoying the companionship

of the ones you love and finding hope

amongst the turbulent time patch nur is

able to convey the weight and balance

the weight of fanny struggle to

understand what her husband feels he

must do is right while at the same time

questioning it and later accepting it to

vastly different ends on a scale she

must balance to give life to the woman

that lived through it in such a short

time passion and deal shine in both

happy and difficult situations making

their performances brilliant and

grounded never once did I question their

choices to convey their characters

weaknesses their strengths their anguish

and their pain making them the closest

to the actual people that lived through

this Karl markovic's as the mayor of the

anchor standards town Saint radicand is

a scene stealer and is by far the

closest character we can yet two

examples of how people are acting

currently within politics and in some

religious circles with that

absent-minded fervor and zeal these

performances are enhanced by their

settings as some scenes were filmed in

the actual locations the real-life

figures would have walked and

contemplated on their action or

inactions the cinematography by York

winner is as biblical as the story is

telling the village in which the acre

stutters live st. Ratigan at the

beginning of the film looks and feels as

if it was the Garden of Eden itself

green mountainous a wide-ranging valley

beautiful resplendent and seemingly

never-ending and yet restrictive and

isolating especially when the rest of

the town's folk turn against Franz and

his family scenes in prison are dark but

still have some glimmers of light

purgatorial where

is troubled and at times doubtful but

that doubt fades with his rock and

fortress of Hope Christ while we aren't

shown the fire and brimstone of hell the

audience witnesses and goes through it

to be laid down in green pastures by the

film's closing Terrence Malick's writing

in combination with Augustine's

performance shows an understanding of

the kind of love Jesus Christ wanted

people to have for one another

through the life and deeds of jäger

shatter the joyous selfless and

empathizing love the sharing of our

collective humanity throughout the film

you feel this love and every action you

Kerstetter does from his relationship

with his wife and children to his

treatment of those that beat and revile

him just as Christ did though Yeager's

jeder is living through one of the worst

regimes in history

he knows that through acts of love this

regime can crumble which is one of the

reasons why he chooses to make one of

the most beautiful acts of love laying

down one's life for their friends

despite what they and others may think

or how they treat you

Malak also delves into the idea of the

comfortable Christ the one that we often

see given more attention to today the

one that we see in televangelists like

Joel Osteen where he's preaching where

everything is good and about positivity

and staying where you feel safe where

you are never challenged by the heart

and truthful part of what Christ wants

us to do in life and that is to help

others period full stop no matter how

you might see them or how they might see


eager stutter is battling both the

worldly and spiritual devil all at the

same time and is ridiculed and mocked by

those who say they believe in the same

Christ as he does the one they see in

depictions and the hear of in church the

same one they say that they want to

emulate the one that teaches that we

reap what we sow but they are the

Pharisees and people who called out to

crucify Christ 2,000 years ago

Malak displays jäger shatters

christ-like sacrifice through the stages

of jesus' life through imagery the

audience's are able to see Christ's

story through eight your stat er even if

they aren't familiar with the original

story we see Christ's temptation through

the conversations with his lawyer his

betrayal through jäger Scottish friend

the mayor persecution the the physical

beatings he receives from the Nazis as

well as the ostracizing his family

history life and the watch of his own

funds Jagger's daughter his own

expulsion and will be an example to

those who see the light in the darkness

when evil clouds around us and when men

are too weak to see that evil as

strength they will see Franz and his

strength through Christ and realize no

matter how small or quiet they are

perceived to be they can make the

loudest resonance for generations to

come when the evil they have faced is

long gone


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