How does a High-deductible Health Plan (HDHP) work?- Kaiser Permanente

everyday we're faced with choices it can

be confusing and a little overwhelming

when it comes to choosing healthcare for

you and your family Kaiser Permanente

wants to make it easy one of the plans

we offer is called the hsa-qualified

deductible HMO plan or high deductible

health plan sometimes called the HDHP

here's how it works with the HDHP most

of your preventive care services are

covered at little or no cost to you then

each time you go to the doctor you pay

the full cost for the office visit and

for any prescription medication if you

have procedures or tests during the

visit things like x-rays a breathing

test or the removal of a mole you also

pay the full cost for those procedures

or services and you pay full cost for

services like MRIs or cat scans

outpatient surgery and inpatient

hospitalization the money you pay for

procedures and services office visits

and prescriptions is all applied to your

annual deductible after you satisfy the

deductible the next time you go to the

doctor you pay only part of the cost of

the office visit procedure or service

and you pay a set copay for most

prescription medications the part you

pay for the office visit procedure or

service is called coinsurance the

coinsurance as well as your prescription

co-pays gets applied to your

out-of-pocket maximum or OPM everything

you paid into your deductible gets

applied as well you continue paying

coinsurance for your office visits

procedures and services and co-pays for

your prescription medications until you

reach your OPM after your OPM has been

reached Kaiser Permanente covers a

hundred percent of the cost for most

everything covered under the plan for

the rest of the year it's that simple

keep in mind depending on your plan the

deductible and OPM start over when your

plan renews or on January 1st each year

for most HD HP's if your plan covers any

family member you will have a family

deductible and a family opium instead of

individual ones all family members work

toward meeting one family deductible and

one family opium be sure to check your

plan so how do you know if the HDHP is

right for you you have the potential for

paying more money out-of-pocket for

office visits procedures services and

prescriptions with this plan however you

could save money if you rarely go to the

doctor consider your unique situation

and things like chronic conditions

prescription medications how frequently

you visit the doctor and whether you

could cover the cost of services up to

your OPM if needed look at the options

what makes the most sense Kaiser

Permanente wants you to have the plan

that's right for you we're here to help