Healing Rooms

typically the main street of a small

town does not include a storefront that

invites the public inside to experience

someone praying for them

the father's heart healing center was

opened on July 1st 2011 for this very

purpose the divine inspiration for the

center came to Maggie Barretto while she

was leading a series of prayer meetings

in Arthur Ontario I had a vision from

from God and it was a it was like a

lineup of people from coast to coast

across Canada and people in the vision

were lined up some of them were in

wheelchairs some of them had bandages on

their head and I could see that some

were lost and broken and desperate and

some were sick and they were all

standing in this line waiting and I said

father what are they waiting for and he

said they're waiting for the church to

rise up and preach the gospel in Word

and in demonstration the power of the

Holy Spirit and as I'm watching this I

was I could just feel the mercy heard of

God and then God said I want you to open

a healing center and I looked and as I

looked out the side of my van I was

sitting in front of a empty storefront

and I said a healing center in there and

the Lord said yes I want you to open a

healing center I know they envisioned

the healing center to be like a walk-in

clinic where anyone could come and be

prayed for

later that night her vision was

confirmed I just felt the Lord say get

up and go into your library so I went

into the library the Lord said

look at that book it had been given to

me by a couple five years prior who said

we were supposed to give you this book

and we just feel gone once you have this

book I pulled that book out and it was

called preparing the way the reopening

of the John G Lake Healing Rooms by Cal

Pierce out of Spokane Washington and as

I held that book up a little piece of

paper fell out of it and the paper read

how to open your own Healing Room

ministry and so that started the journey

for us to open a Healing Center in

Arthur once it opened people in the

community were wondering what this

Center was all about initially we would

get people coming into the Healy rooms

and they would receive prayer and a lot

of them would be like oh my gosh you

mean God speaks to you guys and they

knew that that something was different

about what we were doing and they wanted

to learn how to pray like that five

years in Maggie has seen her vision

continuing to expand with close to 50

Healing Room centers opening up across

Canada and the impact has been

significant we have had countless

salvations in the healing rooms I wasn't

expecting that so that was really


a lot of healings genuine healings

physical healing emotional healing

people just set free from from all sorts

of things one of those prayed for by the

team was Debbie buckler be before I came

in for prayer I had been wearing a lift

the osteopath had recommended it the

previous year because my left leg was

actually shorter when she measured me on

two different occasions I had a supine

and an upright standing upright

measurement done and an assessment and

my left leg actually measured shorter

than my right leg so when I had prayer I

was in a lot of pain that night while

they were praying for me and they just

prayed that the Lord would align my legs

and with that instantly as soon as they

spoke that out

I felt something happen in my leg I

actually felt it so immediately I jumped

up off the chair and removed my shoe and

I pulled it my left I said I were left

you know and then they said well you

probably don't need that anymore and so

I actually left it here

testimony and actually pinned it up on

the board before I left and I haven't

worn one since so I went back to the

osteopath that following week actually

and I didn't um tell her what had

happened I just asked her to reassess me

so she did

sure enough the left leg lined up at the

right leg and it was no longer shorter

and she said she was certain that on

both occasions my left leg was

definitely shorter than the right so it

was a perfect opportunity for me to tell

her my story about coming here to father

heart and receiving prayer and she said

well based on an x-ray that you had in

January that show that you have some

degeneration in the left hip that would

account for the shortness of the left

leg so I would have to say if he has

done anything been he has probably

healed her left hip

I remember her coming out of the room

waving this thing from her shoe

telling me that all her pain was gone

and that she'd been healed and so that

was awesome and I said we need to put

that on the testimony board in would you

write out what happened in the room

because it's great that people tell me

what God did but I love it when they

write it down because then anyone can

read it and it becomes a real

encouragement for people to come in and

just read the testimony board it really

raises their faith to think if God did

it for them then they can do it for me

first Peter 2:24 it says by his wounds

we were healed amen

and I Milwaukee testimony for that he's

been healing me not just physically but

emotionally and spiritually and and so I

truly believe that he wants us healed

today he wants his people healed we

really aren't trying to convince anyone

of anything we're there to release the

father's love and when people read the

testimonies of other people's stories

and their experiences it really becomes

a faith thing on their part