What is a Healing Room?

welcome to ihr TV I'm Kal Pierce

director of the ministry and I want to

do a little short segment on what is a

heating room you may have someone who

asks that question to you and you can

direct them to HR TV in this little

tutorial so the helium M is is a

ministry that's global we're in 3,000

locations in 77 countries but it's it's

truly a place of restoration and it's

it's a fivefold ministry where we equip

the Saints for the work of the ministry

where ordinary people get in a vehicle

called a healer room in a community and

provide a place for the sick the hurting

to come to get restored so the work of a

heater room is is a restoration of work

to restore people back into their

destiny so they can fulfill the call

that God has on their life and it also

creates a family atmosphere because the

team people come from all different

backgrounds and walks of life beyond the

team to up to operate the heater and

work in the hero but they work as a

family they're very relational and it

creates unity because you might have

Pentecostal people Baptist background

and so forth that work together who are

filled with the holy spirit have a real

heart to pray for the sick to reach out

to the hurting so that's that's valuable

and then also it it's a place of destiny

in people's life we all have a call in

our life because the Bible tells us

these signs will follow those who

believe they shall lay hands on the sick

of the sick or recover so a heater room

is a place where people who God have

have called can step into their destiny

do the work of the ministry pray for the

sick and see the power God

flow through them on behalf of the

hurting and of course a heating room is

a place where the holy spirit has

Liberty because the Bible tells us where

the Spirit of the Lord is there is

Liberty and it's a place where the Holy

Spirit can work through the body of

Christ and not be held back or blocked

he can he could move through the body

for the fulfillment of the will of the

Father on the earth and that's the value

of the Holy Spirit and he brings the

anointing to break the yoke so we want

to make sure that a heater room is a

place where there's freedom and liberty

for the Holy Spirit to work on behalf of

God to reach the sick the lost in a

community and a heater room creates that

kind of atmosphere it but it also makes

a place like like you have a doctor's

office in the natural you can make an

appointment go to the doctor's office

but the doctors always there you can go

whenever you need to and a heater room

is like that is there's a waiting room a

place for the people to come into that

need a touch from God so it's a

permanent place in a community where the

sick of the hurting can come and get

restored from the things that are

hurting them bother them maybe someone

has an injury or a sickness or or just

an emotional trauma or pain and Hyrum is

designed to reach out to those people so

that's the basis of what a heater is is

about so thank you for watching this