The Basics of Starting a Healing Room

hello I'm Cal Pierce director of

helium's ministries and I want to

welcome you to ia HR TV and on this

segment I want to talk to you about how

to start a hearing room and number one

we have a booklet I'll start in the room

but I want to talk to you a little bit

about some of the basics for doing that

of course people ask me should we have a

hearing room in our city and I always

say you have any sick people there you

know it's pretty obvious every city

where you have sick people you need a

heater room so to start with you need to

appoint someone as a director of the

heater room they need to have an

associate director someone who could

support that lead person if they have to

be gone or to support them anytime that

there's additional need you need to

raise up intercessors we feel that

having a heated room is important but

also intercessory prayer is is what

drives the work of the ministry so you

have to raise up intercessors and of

course you're going to need a location

most of the locations where healy rooms

are in the local church where you come

with your pastor comes alongside of you

and what's to support the ministry but

the ministry is under ia HR but yet this

pastor might open up the doors of the

church so you can open that heater room

in the local church or in a storefront

location that's available to you so the

location is important and then you have

to set a day that you're going to in the

community you're going to have a day of

intercessory prayer or to read in a

whale or dig a new whale of healing in

your community so you're going to cast a

vision to all the people in the

community that are interested in healing

to come together and hear about that and

at that time you talked about the fact

that you'd like to do training to open

up the healing room maybe you'll have a

date that you want to start but then you

also want to do training

and train up those people that we have

training DVDs available for you you can

visit the heater room see how it works

and then start training up a team and

then have a day where you open and you

open and operate the heater room based

on whatever day or time is available in

your community it might be a Saturday or

or evenings or whatever so start small

and build from there but you can order

the booklet from here room ministries by

looking on our website at the bookstore

in order how to start a heated room and

they'll give you all the information you

need so if you have any questions feel

free to email us healing at TV rooms

calm and we'll answer those questions

for you so get ready get started and

have a lot of fun seeing god restore

people's lives and change your community

so thank you for viewing