Healing Rooms: 'Every Kind of Healing that You Could Imagine'

part of the history of the healing

ministry in the United States can be

traced to John G Lake a leader of the

Pentecostal movement in the 20th century

he had a vibrant healing ministry the

international ministry known as The

Healing Rooms follows in the example of

John G Lakes ministry the founder cow

pierce joins us now to tell us more

welcome Cal well thank you Mark thanks

for your time today we appreciate it so

glad to be here for those that are not

familiar with the Healing Rooms take us

through it how does the ministry work

well the ministry works a lot like a

doctor's office in a way that the people

that want to receive prayer come in

there's a waiting room and then they

there's a receptionist that receives

them signs them in they fill out a sheet

that it gives their name address

information then what they need prayer

for and then they go into a separate

room and one person leads the session to

agree upon touching the sick so there's

typically three people in a room

ministering to the sick and that's the

typical operation that we we use as a

model for how heater rooms work globally

and talk about the healings that have

taken place through this ministry

well we had oh my goodness every kind of

healing you could imagine from HIV

cancers healed we've seen just amazing

testimonies and what I like about it is

God is using ordinary people in Haiti

rooms to do extraordinary work he's not

looking for stars he's looking for

hunger and when we and the key is is the

focus of the Holy Spirit and we have a

sign in each of the prayer rooms that

says two words his presence and that is

really key to the ministry so so we just

equipped the Saints for the work of the


Hiram's basically does three things that

equips the Saints according to Ephesians

4:11 to do the work it brings unity

because all different denominations and

backgrounds can come together beyond the

team to pray for the sick in the

community and of course the third thing

is it restores the body Christ through

healing and sets them back into their

destiny well on your website your

website says by focusing on the Holy

Spirit the work of Healing Rooms can go

into every nation in every city in

every nation talked about that well that

was the vision that God gave us in the

beginning he said if your vision is as

big as the world it doesn't have to be

any bigger you know so the vision that

God gave us was that every every nation

every city and every nation need to have

a heater room because quite often we

have people ask us or should we have a

heater room in our community and I

always answer the same way do you have

any sick people there or you have sick

people you need a heater room and of

course in those communities you have

people that go to churches sit in a Pew

and have a destiny in a call on their

life to step into ministry and that's

what we do through hedron's we create a

vehicle that anyone can get into be

equipped and start doing the work well

there are now more than 2,000 Healing

Rooms in more than 50 countries what

does the future hold for the Healing

Room ministry well I mean the you know

as the world gets more and more in

trauma and man's government is

struggling more and more there's more

and more issues in people's lives and so

the demand for Healing Rooms continues

to be greater and greater as as as man's

kingdom begins to shake and then you

know as we know there's a lot of shaking

going on and Peterborough's really

become like a house of refuge in a

community where where people can go it's

a safe place where the Holy Spirit does

the work and uses these these great

Saints of God to do the work talk about

the role of John G Lake

well John G Lake was a was a very

visionary man you know he came to

Spokane and from 1915 in 1920 he had he

rooms in Spokane and then he moved to

Portland and for John Lake there was a

lot of opposition because healing wasn't

something that was really embraced by

the church at the time like it is today

and so Lake went to Portland and he and

he had heated rooms there for five years

and he came back to Spokane in 1931 and

passed away from a stroke and in 1935

so lake was a very visionary man he was

before his time and he really understood

the power of the Holy Spirit that's

available for the believer to lay hands

on the sick and see the sick recover and

so he he started the division of Heda

rooms and he called the the people that

work there Healing technicians and of

course we just call them team members

but so we're in a we're in a different

time in a different season but we we

want to we want to build upon what what

Lake provided us so so when we have

these great healing bandages from the

past they create a ceiling and and we

create a floor on their ceiling and take

it higher and that's the key and and

realizing that these signs follow those

that believe not some so that every

believer has the power of the Holy

Spirit they can lay hands on the sick

and see them see them recover so now you

and your wife are holding a healing

ministry this week talk about that

well we're eating conference we're here

with Pastor Timothy's this church pastor

Tim Lambert

Tim Lambert and the name of the church

is I think it's the internationalisation

embassy I'm trying to remember no

worries we we travel so much I have a

hard time kind of remember what am i

doing today but yeah we we start tonight

at 7:00 and tomorrow night at 7:00 and

we'll be at the church Sunday morning

9:30 and 10:00 10:30

so looking forward to it what we do is

cast a vision for the work of the

ministry in communities share

testimonies of course pray for the sick

at the meetings as well so yeah it's

it's we're in a great season a great

time and God is pouring out his spirit

more than we could ever have dreamed of

in this season what a great time to be

alive on the on the planet very true God

is definitely on the move Cal Pierce

thank you so much for your time today

and thank you for founding the ministry

of the Healing Rooms well thank you so

much for having me what a blessing good

to be

here Thank You Marc thank you okay