How Common Are Skin Tags in Sensitive Places?

when I was in my 30s has about a hundred

pounds overweight as a result that a

couple hemorrhoids and I started eating

right and exercising the hemorrhoids

went away I still have what I would call

a couple dingleberries left holy fleshy

things kind of hard to clean around and

it's truly a nuisance this is your area

of expertise notice right up my alley

there's a proctologist I can tell you

you resonate with 40 to 60% of the

people at home they're saying oh my gosh

I have the same problem if you're more

than willing to examine you backstage

just as we say get to the bottom of it

what you have basically is a skin tag

inside the anus the scar tissue kept

growing and now it's coming out the only

way to get rid of it is to surgically

remove it and because of your bravery

coming on the show and probably helping

so many people I'm gonna do this ah

gratis for you thank you after that tape

we followed Jay to his appointment with

proctologist doctor Rosenfeld here's

what happened recently I was on the

doctor show and I was behind the screen

because I was embarrassed and ashamed of

a question I had in regards to

hemorrhoids and here's a doctor

Rosenfeld he made me feel so comfortable

I feel like coming out I'm a DJ and I'm

here to have my dingleberry handle today

you ready all right let's do this

Jay's here today the diagnosis of an

anal papilla it's a little skin tag

that's coming out of the anus he dealt

with it for 20 years because he was too

embarrassed like all of my patients tell


it's very common it's a simple procedure

with not a long recovery and we're

finally going after 20 years of get rid

of Jay's demo variable okay Jay you

ready yes sir the first thing that I do

is I put a numbing ointment I tell

everybody it's like going to the dentist

you get a shot and the work that's done

three they're not real slow and then you

Philip oh I put a clamp on the tag now

I'm gonna remove it with my scalpel so

it's off now I'm gonna put a stitch in

area well we are all done

dr. Rosenfeld and Jay are joining us I

mean it looked like a tooth did you tell

him to take it home and put it under

your pillow it's very fairy would bring

okay thanks for coming out thank you

this was because a lot of folks have

things hanging out down there don't want

to talk about it how are you feeling

since it was removed

I feel terrific I pee better I poo

better for 20 years 1 2 years I can't

believe I'm the office now how painful

is a procedure everything none and I

read the disclaimer I was gonna have

excruciating pray to God pain and I

didn't have any pain well and I am glad

that you came in and initially did it in

our confessional booth because a lot of

people don't like to raise their hand

say oh come on stage and let's talk

about my dingleberries or skin tags how

often do people get these this is very

common people miss mistreat themselves

with hemorrhoids and it's really not and

just like going to any doctor man if you

have chest pain you go to the

cardiologist so for me it's not a big

deal but when you when do you know that

it's time to come see a proctologist

because obviously you could have a

hemorrhoid that goes away on its own how

do you know when it's time to

potentially have a procedure done to

remove whatever it is that ails you down

there I mean this was a benign thing but

right it could've been something else

right that you really need to look at

and I see that and people wait for me I

tell people if when they're in anytime

you have a problem with your with the

anus with anal rectal area with your

blood if you're if you have a blood


come see me the butt doctor I'm here for

you I'm gonna take care of you it's as

simple as that

why wait a little bit of itching

definitely bleeding if you feel a

painful lump on your rump having fever

with a with an anal irritation could be

an abscess so anytime there's a problem

just go in but people are so embarrassed

I mean Jay thank you so much me he's

helped hundreds of thousand

before we go the other thing is not only

is that area embarrassing but obviously

it's also really difficult to visualize

for someone you know that's not an area

where you can just look and so if you're

not sure what's going on and you're

maybe even too embarrassed to ask your

loved one to take a look there's a

reason why proctologist do what they do

and they do it really really well so

glad you had a great result J and dr.

Rosenfeld we look forward to seeing you

again on the show very soon Jake you