Most Sensitive Places of Female - 10 Body Spots Your Man Wants You to Touch

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this video we are going to discuss about

most sensitive places of female 10 body

spots your man wants you to touch have

you found yourself lost and clueless

when it comes to playing the seduction

game well pleasing your man is not

really rocket science especially when

you know where the hot spots are next

time don't limit yourself to caressing

his package use this guide to explore

other areas


one neck neck is a sensitive area and

has several nerve endings a sudden light

touch can give him an instant ship to


it's amazing how even a simple whisper

in the ear can drive your man crazy so

imagine if you use a little tongue that

will turn him on even more mr3

behind the ears don't limit your

whispering and looking to inside the ear

but also explore the area behind his ear

ear lobe on top of the ear bite the top

of the ear lip for but the butt is one

of the most sensitive and highly ignored

areas arouse him with little smack when

he is least expect five skin.skin plays

an important role in the arousal process

it's the largest organ involved during

sex rubbing and touching his skin

improves blood circulation which leads

to arousal so touch as many parts of

your partner's skin as possible while in

the SAC six-feet giving a foot massage

to your guy will not only turn him on

but will also show how much you care

about him foot massages are a great

balance of erotic and romantic next time

your man comes seven tongue it's no

surprise how ironic and sensual of deep

kisses it's the simplest way to turn on

your man don't just stick to the same

tongue motion and rhythm but spice

things up eight lips like we mentioned

in the previous point kissing is a great

way to spice things up but it isn't the

only way to make his mouth happy 9 inner

thighs while his sex organ is obviously

the most erogenous part of his body

don't shy away from exploring the area

around his package the inner thighs a

ten face have you noticed in movies how

a guy gets all crazy when a girl lightly

strokes his face with her fingers yes

that men get turned on by the slightest

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