12 Top Underrated Places To Travel After Quarantine | Best Destinations 2020

we're dane and stacy and we've been

traveling full time since 2017.

over the last few years we've been to so

many amazing places

creating content and sharing the

experience across this channel

i don't know about this but this video

isn't about us

it's about sharing some epic

destinations with you travel is so much

more than being a sheep and going to the

same places that everyone visits

from our perspective some of the most

memorable moments and the most authentic

experiences we've had have been

from places completely off the beaten

path so today we want to share with you

our top 12 underrated places to travel

krakow poland of all the places we've

visited poland is definitely near the

top when it comes to underrated travel

spots and krakow in particular

was one of our favorite cities like a

lot of places in this video though

krakov isn't exactly a common european

getaway but we think that it totally

should be

the city has areas that cater for

tourism which is a positive because that

means there's still lots of things to do

but it never really feels overly

commercial or crazy busy outside of

those areas

poland's had a pretty turbulent history

and krakow seems to have made the most

of the chance to rebuild

it's like a mashup of historic buildings

meeting modern culture

there's loads of cold spaces around the

town that have been set up in

old buildings or abandoned blocks so

there's craft beer and coffee

everywhere you go

the day-to-day costs are a lot cheaper

than other european cities and we ended

up spending a month there sharing

all of our living costs in a video i'll

link below much like the city though the

people can sometimes seem just a little

bit harsh at first glance but they are

crazy friendly and welcoming once you

engage with them

we spent the afternoon with a pub full

of locals during the football world cup

and we barely exchanged any words in

english but they definitely exchange a

few vodkas with us


albanian riviera albania if you've never

heard of the albanian riviera we

wouldn't even be surprised

sadly albania doesn't get anywhere near

the love it deserves

not just because of past politics but

also because of the bad rep that they

get across media tv shows and movies

is often portrayed in a bad light but

the reality of being there is so

different it's actually insane

albanians were some of the nicest people

we've ever met and would stop at

absolutely nothing to make sure that we

were having a good time we were well fed

and we knew exactly where we were going

he's the best friend of cappuccino in


thank you one of the biggest drawcards

is the coastline of the riviera

this area shares the same sea as greece

and photos from there could easily be

tagged as greece and no one would even

know the difference

yet few people want to visit it's a

country and area that feels so

undiscovered and untapped which is

surprising given how cost effective and

beautiful it can be

it definitely can be difficult with the

language barrier hiring a car is almost

a necessity and the roads can be crazy

and the driver's even crazier but it's

100 worth the adventure to get in now

before it gains popularity

astorias spain spain might not sound

like it fits this list and that's

because most people think of the islands

or heading south to barcelona valencia

or the party getaway resorts

but we spent 48 hours in a really cool

area in the north known as astorias and

easily could have spent 48 days there if

they let us

the north is different unlike some of

those other spots astoria still actually

feels like spain

tradition is alive and well it's full of

local people and local life co-exists

with tourism

one of the things that made it memorable

is how varied it is there's stunning

beaches a world-class national park

city life mountains surrounding you at

all times an

old town and still greenery in parks and

central areas as well

the food in spain is some of the best in

the world and that's no different up

north but one thing they do better

is definitely the cider they absolutely

love it and so did we

this is the real cider though not the

sweetened crap that you get from a

bottle we're talking about

real apples with some real zing the way

it's brought to your table and

how it's poured is the traditional

method and it makes for such a cool


amazing nice nusa penida indonesia

not many people talk about going to

indonesia because pretty much everyone

goes to bali and hits up the stock

standard places

chengu seminyak kuda and ubud the truth

is we love all those spots but the best

adventure we've had in indonesia didn't

come from there

and it wasn't the gili islands either

nusa penida is a seriously

underrated place to travel if you're

game to get behind some handlebars and

cruise the island

nusa penida actually is a really busy

place but most people go over on a

hosted day trip and get driven to the

same old touristy spots that everyone

goes to

an area known as killing king beach or

the t-rex dogen is wrong the views are

amazing but you're sharing it with 2

000 of your closest friends as people

line up to take a selfie at the top of

the stairs

meanwhile the rest of the island is

still developing and is raw

the landscapes are like something out of

jurassic park driving around on scooters

getting lost

stuck in thunderstorms meeting local

people and exploring

small villages with smiling people is

what it's all about

even better these beaches everywhere and

on the opposite end of the island was a

super chill spot with barely any people

it's the kind of place you're rewarded

for taking on the challenge and doing

some exploring by yourself

mexico city mexico when you think of

mexico bears on the beach

cocktails in the sun and all inclusive

resorts jump to mind pretty quickly but

there's so much more to be gained by

visiting mexico city

the perception is anything outside of a

resort or a tourist hub is dangerous

like anywhere there are definitely risks

but if you're smart about where to go it

can be rewarding

we were in mexico city for the formula

one so took on the challenge and found

two awesome neighborhoods known as la

condesa and roma norte

they both felt safe there's huge

grouping of cafes co-working spaces

retail shops

vintage stores local food art greenery

and there are parks literally everywhere

the food in mexico city is definitely

better than the coast and the prices are

a lot more affordable as well

we ended up taking a free walking tour

to get the lowdown on the history

check out some of the best architecture

learn more about the culture

eat loads of food and find some of the

coolest areas to go back to

it's a shame mexico city doesn't get the

love that it deserves so make sure you

put it on your list for your next trip

and you'll see what makes it so special

rarotonga cook islands we spent a week

in rarotonga filming a bunch of videos

and got loads of comments from people

looking at maps trying to figure out

where the cook islands actually are and

that's a great thing

they're nestled down our way so they're

a common vacay spot for aussies and

kiwis and a bit more disconnected from

other places but that's part of the


it almost feels like a step back in time

there's no mcdonald's kfc or starbucks

the locals are hilarious and they live a

simple positive lifestyle

rarotonga is the most chill place we've

traveled ever

it's got some beautiful landscapes

insane beaches and the island is

surrounded by a big lagoon so it's

really safe and calm for swimming

it can be stormy at times though so you

do have to make the most of it where you


the seafood is also a real highlight and

the best hour of the day is only ever a

few hours away

happy hour

chiang mai thailand we're really biased

here because chiang mai feels like our

second home or our first home in terms

of our digital nomad journey

while it's not underrated for nomads it

is sometimes missed by travellers

because of where it's positioned up


flying into bangkok and heading south to

the islands is a common travel route

that bypasses chiang mai altogether

one of our most successful videos was

actually about the 12 top things to do

in chiang mai so i'll link that below

but there's just so much adventure

there's mountains to explore there's

heaps of culture

there's an old town with history and a

newer side with more vibrance

a really cool developing coffee culture

and insane food like the rest of


but one of the things we love most is

the contrast of the city just feels


there's a balance here that's kind of

hard to explain it's it's this mixture


local roads with street food vendors and

no sidewalks

then a massive mall high-rise and air

conditioning with a cinema and gym

in some cities that would kind of not

feel right but there's just something

about chiang mai that seems to make it


we've spent close to a year there in

total over multiple trips

often staying for two plus months at a

time getting an apartment

settling in and creating our own routine

but it's also an awesome spot to visit

for just a few days so don't just head

straight to the beaches down south

istanbul turkey when we say istanbul you

might be surprised

it's a popular city and far from

undiscovered but what lots of people

don't know

is there are two distinctly different

sides to the city

we chose to stay on the asian side which

is considered more local and

not really a focus for tourism the

neighborhood was called catacoy and had

a really fun feel about it

there were more cafes and bars in a

grouping than we've ever seen

and because it's less touristy the

contrast and the price over this side

versus the more touristy european side

was mind-blowing

there's a great waterfront area with

walks people would sit and have picnics

with their family in the sunshine

we instantly kind of love it down here

already the streets felt local

there's a creative kind of community

there and some undertones of a younger

more rebellious side doing their own


in comparison the european side of

istanbul is madness

but that's because all of the biggest

attractions and most of the things to do

are over there

but reaching it is just a ferry or a

cheap taxi ride away

we didn't plan on spending our days

surrounded by tourists so it was great

to live a more local and chilled life

and then venture into the busy hubs for

the sights then escape back to category

for some peace and quiet

lewis and harris scotland we're often

asked about where the best beaches in

the world

are and when scotland features in the

top three for us

people can be pretty surprised are you

sure we're in scotland

it's incredible the beaches in scotland

are legit in terms of their beauty but

you need to be pretty brave to actually

swim there year round

we've got nothing but love for lewis and

harris it's a scottish island in the

outer hebrides

it's the largest island in scotland and

really underrated because most people go

to the isle of skye instead and haven't

actually heard of lewis and harris

it's a magical place because both sides

of the island look completely different


one side is huge mountains and full of


and the other is stunning beaches grass

and a more flat landscape

tradition is still alive there and

families have been passing down land for


they still use peat for heating and they

have sites across the island where you

get the chance to see how people once


it's got incredible seafood scottish

people are literally some of the

funniest in the world and their accents

are the best

they're beyond welcoming and in a lot of

ways it kind of reminds us of our home

new zealand bay of islands new zealand

speaking of new zealand not much of our

little home is considered underrated

but there are definitely more common

routes that people take

most people arriving in auckland will

drive south heading up the main touristy

spots like taupo rotorua and wellington

you can then fury across to the south

island and head towards places like

queenstown which we absolutely love

but if you head north of auckland

there's some really underrated exploring

to be done

amazing yeah new zealand's so pretty

the bay of islands are definitely well

known and busy at certain times of the


but underrated in the way that it still

very much feels like old school new

zealand up there

if you've got wheels there's beaches

every 10 minutes fish and chips to be


coffee to be had and small communities

with heaps of friendly locals open to

having a yarn about life

it's a slower pace of life and a part of

the country that we're really proud of

even further up is one of the narrowest

parts of new zealand coast on either

side is minutes away and a bit further

up is the tip of the country cape


the landscapes up there are stunning and

rugged it's a bit of a mission to get up

there and it's kind of in the opposite

direction from the south island but it's

a hundred percent worth the trip

zagreb croatia croatia is a dreamy spot

one of our most memorable weeks of

travel was on a mini cruise there down

around the islands

the water is clear we swam daily and the

weather was

mint sadly that's often all people think

about though

most travelers go to the coast and

forget that croatia has more to offer

than just that coastline

zagreb was somewhere we really vibed

with some cities have an aura about them

and there's something special that is

really hard to put your finger on

it's hard to explain i just like the

vibe you get yeah it's always difficult

to get across but some places you just

get a feel

yeah and zagreb has a feel in summer

everything was outside

open air it's a really social place and

the kind of spot where we research the

best pubs or cafes to go to and the

locals were there as well

that keeps the prices significantly

cheaper for food and drink than the


the people were friendly the city is

really walkable but there's great public

transport there as well with regular


we went to a local football match at the

stadium and as new zealanders it was

insane we've never seen passion and fire

like that at a sporting event

ever and they likely haven't seen new

zealanders at their local derby either

because we stood out like a sore thumb

but were never made to feel excluded

amongst the chaos

overall just a really cool city that you

should not miss for your travels out

this way

paxos and antipaxos greece

mykonos and santorini are the most

common holiday spots

but the reality is all of greece is

stupidly beautiful

even the mainland these two have just

developed the quickest and capitalized

on tourism the best

but the best beaches that we've seen in

greece with the most beautiful water and

amazing scenery was in paxos and


the most ideal way to reach them is from

a boat so it's the perfect place to take

a multi-day trip or sail by yourself

around the islands out there

it's so much more peaceful than mykonos

could ever be pexos and antipaxos are


so there's a more intimate feel with

less people less partying

slower pace and it's more about being

there rather than checking in or taking

a photo of being there to show people

you went

people actually watch the sunset rather

than get their instagram photo there

to top it off greek food is so bloody

good the rose is the best and their

fredo cappuccinos are worth visiting the

country for alone

so that's our top 12 most underrated

places to travel

if you want to see any more of the

places that we've talked about check the

description there's links to playlists

with a handful of videos of each of the

countries and cities that we've


we obviously haven't been everywhere

though and this is a list based on our

personal experience so let us know in

the comments anywhere we need to visit

that should make the list

or anywhere that you've been that other

travelers can check out for themselves