Where do your Goodwill donations end up?

over the last year almost 20,000 people

in Connecticut relying on goodwill for

things like clothing toys and other

stuff and all of those items from over

800,000 generous donors but tonight

there are questions about whether if

those donations were actually dumped in

the trash News 8 investigators have been

working on this story after former

subcontractor from the facility in

Bridgeport gave them some pictures they

went to check things out and News 8

investigator Erin Logan shows us what

she found a former employee tells News 8

investigators he feels this is a serious

concern that needs to be addressed

so since mid-april we've been in contact

with Goodwill of western and northern

Connecticut's public relations firm

requesting a sit-down interview to show

them the photos from our insider and

some video we shot but all we've gotten

are a number of email responses I did

live off this when I was a kid donations

food baskets all the above so as an


Rick mall says it only made sense to

work for organizations that help those

in need

for over two years he was here at

Goodwill of western and northern

Connecticut here in Bridgeport but he

says he knew his days were numbered when

he started asking questions about the

donations coming in that giraffe's

probably a $40 stuffed animal why did

that go in the garment he says he

couldn't stand to see things like this a

bin of stuffed animals being labeled as

trash when kids all over Connecticut

would be thrilled to have one even what

appears to be a brand-new pillow tossed

in what looks like a dumpster it's not

me being disgruntled I'm just standing

up for what's right people doing a lot

of donating say this is concerning is

that upsetting to see these photos

absolutely I'm shocked that that's

happening Sonny Cardinale says he

dropped off items in Milford at least

five times last month some of the stuff

I think is actually worth some money we

had some Barbie stuff that was stone a

box you don't anything for people to use

so it's hopefully that's what's

happening with it

Moll says that's what the public is

being led to believe as they see highway

billboards like this one on ninety-one

North saying you're donated to two

dances again he wonders where this tutu

on the ground is going to end up when

the community is giving you and looking

to you to be the one to give back and

you're not doing it it's a shame for

weeks we've been in contact with

Goodwill's public relations firm asking

for an on-camera interview but they

continually declined since this email

response really didn't answer any of our

questions we made more attempts with the

PR firm to try to get an executive here

to go on camera that didn't work but

another location welcomed us in with

open arms

this is the Easter seal Goodwill

Industries of Greater New Haven that

operates thirteen retail stores and one

outlet store president richard bora

showed us exactly what happens when

donations come in if it meets the

criteria like if it has all the buttons

it's not soiled or ripped then it will

go into the store for sale and it will

stay in the store for four or five weeks

if it doesn't sell it goes to Outlet

stores where it's sold in bulk if that

doesn't work the items are sold for

Salvage we asked Bora what he thought of

the pictures it's very rare that you

would throw out you know stuffed animals

because we have a buyer for those but

borers says the bottom line is simple we

try to do it the best that we can to be

good stewards of the donation to squeeze

everything out we possibly can still we

wanted to hear from Vickie volcano

president at the Bridgeport location

excuse me Vickie so we made another

attempt we just really need your side of

the story people are upset about this

they're taking the time to donate and we

have pictures of donations being trashed

she's acknowledging our meeting with

Bohr on May 13th but we told her these

pictures taken and video shot by news 8

cameras of what appears to be donations

being ditched is at her location

how did anything wind up in the dumpster

with a new tag on it it doesn't it

doesn't compute immediately following

our attempt to talk to Vicki Valvano on

May 14th we did get an email and a phone

call from Goodwill's PR firm saying they

have nothing to hide then on May 22nd

they said as far as the stuffed animals

it is impossible to say for certain

their condition or whether they were

going into the trash or being stored in

blue bins to be transported in regards

to the other photos they say they have a

baler that packs up items for a

secondary market to read Goodwill's full

explanation just go to our website

wtnh.com Erin Logan news 8