Donating to Goodwill is easy

spring clean donation drive is going on

this weekend Emily is live at the

goodwill in Neenah to tell us all about


oh are you driving Rachel check it out I

am showing everyone at home just how

easy it is to donate to a local goodwill

so I'm pulling up to the donation spot

right here look at Kathy van Mun this

morning you don't even have to get out

of your vehicle

Kathy my bag is right back there you can

throw it right in it's a little heavy I

did some recent spring cleaning and

wanted to get rid of some items and I

thought hey I'm gonna donate them well

now I'm gonna get out of the vehicle

just to show everyone at home what they

do here at Goodwill you know to help you

out once you've donated so which area

are we in right now Kathy right at the

donation door okay so when someone drops

it off you have to give them a few

things if they want it so why don't you

go over what you do over here yeah so we

have a donation receipt as a little

brochure tells you a little bit about us

you could take that home with you and

fill it out a home he comes up your

taxes if you like and also you have to

keep track of how many people donate yep

I'm gonna tell you in as a donor so I

know how many donors I got in a day so

helps us know when our busy times are

and we can make sure we have the right

amount of people here to help and that's

what's great is you have good people

here to help whoever wants to donate got

a great group of guys here that work

back here so cuz once this was donated

what happens with my donation well we're

gonna take that into the back room next

we're gonna sort it by category so it's

easy for us to be able to ticket it and

get it to the floor and I have a lot of

items here why don't we tell people at

home what you're looking for not sure if

I have any but clothing I mean there's

one right we need clothing how does this

look very nice that's good yep we would

price that and we put that right to the

floor do so what type of condition yeah

isn't it I got it a while ago I haven't

worn in a long time and I'm thinking

maybe someone else would want want this

sweater the condition what type of

condition do you want the clothes in

well we want to make sure that it's an

in Sullivan condition and if it's not

then we'll run it through our salvage

stream so if something would look you

know a little more than gently used we

can run it through our Salvage stream so

it's not going to go too

okay and you never know someone who

might want that so much because it's a

Emily okay you guys going through stuff

Rachel and you know if you look at your

clothes in your closet you say I cannot

remember the last time I wore that maybe

then that's a good time you should

probably don't mind a donated it's nice

somebody else is gonna want to wear that

let's see what else do I have in here I

know this is a whole bag of goodies oh

no another dance team shirt this one

nope no Emily on the back it's a little

stain no so should I maybe get rid of

that one or is this imbecile

it's a little stain out of bring it in

anyways we'll take a look at it if we

decide it shouldn't go to the sales

floor like I said we'll run it through a

different self-esteem it's not gonna go

in the landfill so so easy they take

care of all this for you you know you

just have to drive up but donate to any

of your local goodwills where's the one

in Neenah it's brand new and we were

talking about don't just donate but also

buy from your local goodwill we're gonna

take a tour of the new store too that

opened in March so you won't want to

miss that if you want to learn more go

to our website we'll send it back to you

Rachel good stuff thanks Sam