How To Donate To Goodwill & Receive A Tax Deduction

hey what's up YouTube today I'm gonna

teach you guys how to donate to charity

to receive a tax deduction so what you

do is first step is to look for items to

donate and to take pictures or make a

video like what I'm doing here

just for evidence here I have three bags

clothes worth roughly three hundred

eleven pair of shoes that's about 100 so

we thought my $400 worth of item right


here is the pile of clothes which I'm

gonna donate to Goodwill it's good to

itemize and record the value and which

will Adams you are donating this is

evidence or proof in case they question

you so I have a whole bunch of

name-brand stuff here Tommy Hilfiger

Levi's American Eagle here are the rest

of my donation items which are 11 pairs

of shoes of course these are in good

condition wearable and here are the

three bags of clothes this is roughly

three hundred dollars and plus these

we're talking about $400 worth of

clothing right here second what you

wanna do is log in to your local charity

store such as goodwill and click on this

download our donation value guide to see

what each item is worth third what you

want to do is input all your items with

the value in Excel spreadsheet here's

just an example the item stem donating

and with this value and condition forth

just strive to your local charity store

I'll be going to this goodwill in the

Lynwood area hey what's up YouTube I'm

driving to Goodwill

in the Linder area this is 40th Street

Southwest just made a left turn Eddy

I don't know Norfolk South 196 make this

tie right here 198 Street Southwest and

bam just like that

that's good will on the right let's

donate my five bags of goodies here we

go goooo donations right here yes sorry

in the back entrance and this is where

people donate their goods

let me take you guys on a journey a

goodwill journey see a guy in the life

vest I'm at the somehow vest whoops

showers in the wrong spot

so that's good will doing great things

for people I give it a 95 percent and

they help you one of these generic

receipts they don't put anything on it

and this is the back so it's simple like

that goodwill and yes I'm part

lastly what you want to do is log into

TurboTax go to federal taxes deductions

and credits explore on your own and then

under charitable donations update edits

enter the date that you donate the item

and other items in here yes category so

what which items you donate and with a

value so let's say for example clothing

we're gonna say men's clothing so here

you just go down this chart and just put

how many qualities of what each is worth

it's basically simple like that so it's

simple like that I hope you guys enjoy

the video