Behind the scenes: The life of your Goodwill donation

not all donated goods are created equal

so while you're doing your spring

cleaning and you are are you yes you

might be surprised what actually happens

to your donated items once you drop them

off a goodwill Denver sevens Adam

Hammond shows us some behind-the-scenes

secrets at some point pretty soon you

may find yourself here rolling through

the goodwill donation drop-off like Jeff

Huber we were cleaning out the garage

cleaning out the closets and we wanted

to donate to a good cause he's donating

all of this including this suit hoping

it helps someone land a job but before

it can be bought this suit and other

donations will go through a process

behind the scenes where all of our

donations get placed in these blue bins

and once they're full they take them

over here and they're sorted goodwill

spokesperson Jessica Hudgens shows us

what happens to Huber suit is sorted

into this clothing pile these ladies are

sorting them into women's children's and

then seasonal and then brought here to

the clothing area next the suit is hung

and price once all of our items are

processed and tagged they're tagged with

certain colors in each week it's a new

color and that's how we measure how long

an item has been on the store floor next

it's off to the sale schools

each week it sits here the suits yellow

tag will get a little cheaper but if it

doesn't sell in five weeks it's sent to

a new store anything that doesn't sell

in the main stores is brought here to

the outlet where shoppers can buy in

bulk by the pound your shopping

experience that the goodwill outlet is a

little different you can't touch

anything until you get the green light

and you never know what you're gonna

find mixed in these bins these bins are

replaced every hour and a half and

anything that doesn't sell is brought to

the back sorted by material and recycled

I'm Adam Hammond for Denver seven