Goodwill reopens retail and donation centers


about five or six weeks yeah we closed

right after the governor issued his

order and we had about 24 hours notice

so we had to close down our 25 retail

locations and our 20 attendant donation

centers so it was a quick hard pivot but

we're grateful and glad and excited to

be open today we anticipate really an

uptick in both of those certainly people

have been kind of storing their stuff at

home and I've encouraged them to wait

until we're open to bring them in and

folks really have observed that so I

think the shoppers have been fewer than

we anticipated but the donations that

maybe been a little higher than we

anticipated yeah this morning I was at

one of the stores and I had been there

yesterday and there wasn't anything and

then today it was just filled the

sidewalk was filled with stuff so we're

accepting all donations now there's some

things of course that we can't accept we

can't resell for example baby cribs but

everything else will be sanitized when

it's brought in it'll be appropriately

quarantined and then at the appropriate

time it'll be brought out on the floor

where we're grateful for those donations

and we also appreciate financial

donations as we lost about three million

dollars over the past six weeks and and

people can help us by going to okay

goodwill dot org and pushing the donate

button and making a financial

contribution right one of the things

that we're most concerned about is

making sure that both our employees and

our customers have a safe shopping

experience so we've really kind of upped

our game in terms of the things that

we're doing every one of our employees

is masked and gloved and we do frequent

wipe downs of the common areas we

quarantine the donations as they come in

and people can just pop their trunk and

we'll take them out or if they want to

they prefer they can put them in the

bins they don't have to have any contact

with anybody we're doing social

distancing like many places are and so

we've got spots on the floor so people

will understand and then about every 15

minutes we make an overhead announcement

reminding people

about those things we're not requiring

customers to be masked but we are

encouraging folks I think that's the

smartest thing to do but the customers

have been very understanding and we all

have to give each other a lot of grace

one of the important things about

goodwill is our mission is to help

people overcome challenges to employment

and so that's why we have our retail

outlets our locations here where people

can give donations and then we sell them

it's not so we can make money it's so

that we can fund our programs to help

people find jobs and keep jobs and train

them for jobs we started in 1936 and you

think about what was going on in 1936 in

some ways it's like what we're

experiencing today a lot of uncertainty

a lot of people on unemployment high

anxiety and goodwill was there in 1936

and we're here today to help as well