Goodwill Donation Center Waiver

when this goodwill sword was closed

because of the shutdown of piles of

items were sitting here for days in

mid-march all Goodwill retail stores and

donation centers in the state were shut

down considered non life sustaining then

a health problem started even though we

asked people not to donate at that time

because we had no one attending our

centers they were still bringing it in

donating in front of the buildings and

thus creating a health issue

goodwill requested a waiver from the

governor's office to reopen but word

tonight the store asked the state

representative Chris - for help

he asked the governor for the waiver and

it was granted for goodwill donation

centers throughout the state typically

they spend about a quarter of a million

dollars a year on landfill and it would

amount to about a half a million dollars

in increased costs of all another

quarter of a million dollars just in all

this stuff going to waste if it was

sitting outside

rado nadi with goodwill says the north

central region had to layoff 600 workers

since the shutdown thanks to the waiver

goodwill donation centers are back to

the regular hours and are able to keep

some staff employed Donati says donors

are emptying their belongings outside

and then a worker with a masking gloves

on brings the items into the facility

when they're bringing them in they're

bringing in boxes or plastic bags and

then we will they will remain untouched

for at least two weeks before we even

think about processing you know goodwill

is asking donors to not make special

trips to donation centers but to only

give when they're already going out to

the grocery store or pharmacy in DuBois

david kaplan at WT aj news