Goodwill donation centers

it's really quite simple the easier

things are in life the more we tend to

do that's right human nature right yeah

so Goodwill Industries has made donating

that much easier

Jill Wallace is here to tell us all

about it so it's much easier to donate

which I thought was already pretty easy

but you've taken it one step further

well yes we have nine attended donation

centers and they're not stores but they

are you drive right up the attend that

comes out they'll take your items will

unload your car you don't even have to

get out of your car and then they'll

give you a receipt and you're on your

way is it really that simple

is it like it's a fast food drive up

service stay in your car the whole time

because there's like some video right

here of how it works so we can kind of

get a picture of it yes it's very very


again you don't even have to exit your

car they'll come out they'll take your

items right out of your car and you're

on your way and it's just a great way to

encourage people to make those donations

of course it's going towards a great

cause but really it is it's all about

convenience people are so busy these

days and so all of these attended

donation centers dispersed throughout

our eight County area really make it

very convenient and then of course we

have our 18 stores that you can donate

to as well so let's talk about what

you're in need of this time of the year

because we saw the the first person

donating some tennis racquets it's like

good is loaded down with athletic

equipment which is coming to your Byron

Center location later on today fantastic

you know we're really in need of just

about anything we do hold things back so

if you're even you know kind of going

through your winter coats at this time

please donate those we'll hold them back

we'll be able to utilize those next year

but again of course any of the athletic

equipment that the kids have maybe

outgrown things like that we're able to

put those in our store on our floor

right now right away

yes and again all of that revenue from

our stores so those donations that

you're making you are seeing our cascade

donation Center but at that donation

center that revenue from the stores goes

directly towards our job training and


you have an event you're always involved

with a lot of different things and we

love that an event coming up called a

shop huh yeah I know so if anyone loves

to shop or wants to get out kind of for

a special event tell us about that

because it's really exciting absolutely

this is our third shop pop they have

been to such a great success what you do

for stores in four hours so this time

it's going to be our Plainfield Alpine

our blue boutique at motive and Rockford

store all you need to do bring one bag

of donations and there's no cost to you

will bust you around to these four

stores it's a really fun event people

get into it right you know you're

searching for that treasure our

different treasures in different stores

definitely and then also we have

appetizers served at motive through our

blue spoon catering so it's a really fun

event you know family friends one girl

she was 14 she did it for her birthday

that's what she wanted to do for her

birthday celebration it's an awesome

opportunity and remind people of your

the programs that you have that you have

a new training center we hear your

employment skills absolutely we have a

training center at 4:55 grande located

just off of Michigan Avenue you can

actually just walk right into our Career

Center there we'll assist you with

resume building mock interview skills we

also have tips on job leads but then if

you want to even dive deeper we have

many many training programs our nurse's

aid training program we have something

called the achieve program so that's an

eight-week program that really takes you

through very specific skillsets to help

you achieve long term self-sufficiency

so you name it we have the program we're

here to help and it's not just someone

who maybe has some traditional

disability as we

you know people think of goodwill and

unfortunately they still think of the

stigma of someone in a wheelchair or

something like that that's not the case

anymore there's so many people out there

that are underemployed meaning right

they're not even making enough to

sustain their their lifestyle so we're

here to help just about anyone so you

could you if you'd like assistance you

know walk through our doors at 4:55

grand and we're there to help yeah and

you can also hire their blue spoon

catering which you mentioned for the

shop hop yeah it's a great great option

if you're holding an event coming up

wanted to ask you about the Cascade

donation center yes because that's a

great location for people in that area

or perhaps on that side of town

yeah but they may want to check out

that's right the cascade donation center

is our newest donation center again it's

right on cascade Road so it's very easy

if you're in the Cascade area we have

the Cascade donation center we also have

one right at the end of 28th Street and

then we also have our Cascade store as

well so if you're in the Cascade area

three donation locations or making it

very convenient for you and again when

you're cleaning out those closets

remember it's all going towards a really

great cause yeah and you get a nice

donation receipt or write off all right

now for year-end taxes that's right yeah

that's fantastic

what's been fun talking about all your

locations are the different things that

you have going on thank you it's a lot

of opportunities for people to support

job programs that's right don't always

get a lot of people don't know about

people good right exactly but important

things that you're doing Thanks great

information we'll be right back

this is 8 West