$500 Weekend Getaway - Trip Review

money is the number one reason why

people don't travel so today I'm gonna

show you how to do we can get away for

under $500 all right to get started I

first want to say we're gonna get

airfare we're gonna get a place to stay

and we're gonna get a rental car all

front of five hundred dollars so first

off we're gonna go to one of my favorite

websites it's called skip lag com and

this is a great website it shows really

really cheap airfare okay so to get

started we're going to enter an airport

I'm on the West Coast well let's try

something let's pick Chicago and let's

do all airports we're to leave our

destination to anywhere because we want

the cheapest flights possible and let's

choose the weekend May 4th through the

6th Cinco DeMayo and it looks like

Portland is gonna be the cheapest at 98

dollars so we're gonna select that and

let's just make sure the fight looks

good okay it looks like it takes off at

8:25 p.m. and with lands at 10:45 and

it's a direct flight or Spirit Airlines

sounds like a good idea let's see what

the return flight home looks like okay

we leave at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday and

we'll arrive at 6 a.m. that's actually

not bad because we're gonna get extra

mileage for this we'll have Friday as a

travel day Saturday all day Sunday all

day and then we leave Sunday night at

midnight catch up on some sleep

land Monday morning and then get to work

later that day so right now we're gonna

add this up it's 98 dollars for flight

times out of 2 we're at 196 dollars so

far hey real quick I'm actually editing

this video right now and I wanted to

point out a couple things for those who

didn't know Spirit Airlines is a budget

airline which means a nickel and dummy

for every single thing including

bringing a carry-on got to pay extra for

that but they do give you a free

personal item they allow you to bring

that on the plane

the catch is it needs to be within 18

inches tall 14 inches wide and 8 inches

deep now that does mean a standard

backpack will work and do the trick

so you should be able to pack a weekend

getaways worth of supplies essentials

clothes inside of a normal backpack and

if you don't believe me check the link

there should be a video of us doing that

all right enjoy the rest of the episode

okay so next we need to find our rental

car so we're gonna go to Turo comm and

we're gonna choose Portland because

that's our destination the date is May

4th through the 6th

and we're gonna choose we're gonna

choose midnight until midnight again

we'll drop this off in this one matter

we can change these later we're just

getting this booked and we're gonna look

for the cheapest vehicle we can find if

we can get a smart fort to 2013 let's

just keep going

actually let's go with this Toyota Camry

2011 it's $29 a day it looks like we're

gonna get 400 miles around trip and

they're gonna actually drop it off at

the airport so we don't have to travel

for it so that's nice out the door let's

go check this out and see what it cost

it's gonna be sixty $5.34 out the door

okay now we're gonna add the car so

that's 65 thirty-four so we're gonna do

196 plus 65 a new total is two hundred

sixty one dollars and thirty four cents

now we're gonna throw in a tank of gas

there so we're gonna call that $25 so

we're gonna add $25 and we're now at 280

634 now what we need is we need a place

to stay so what we're gonna do is we're

gonna go to Airbnb calm and just so you

know if you don't have an Accounts

tutorial or Airbnb you can actually

click the link below and register and

we're gonna search for Portland and and

we're gonna select homes and then we're

gonna choose our guest we're gonna say

two adults and hit apply our dates are

May 4th through the 6th and then we're

gonna choose our home type and we're

gonna go ahead and go with private room

and then we'll go ahead and select

entire places in the case most likely

it'll be private rooms just because of

cost and we're gonna try and do this for

under $75 a night we're gonna hit apply

and it's gonna go and load some of these

homes and it looks like we're looking at

homes right around the 60 range and

scroll down let's see what else we can

see I see one 450 I see one for $28

let's see let's keep looking

this one looks good this is a private

bedroom with the private bath let's look

here it is available it says super clean

and stylish bedroom with attached full

bath walking distance to Starbucks and

grocery stores I like that

okay so the total cost on this is 83

dollars so we're gonna go ahead and add

83 dollars to the total here three

hundred and sixty nine dollars and 34

cents and that gives us $130 and 66

cents left over for us to do whatever we

want with and so that could give us room

for activities as well as food because


eat right so a couple tips on food what

I would suggest since you have an Airbnb

you have access to full kitchen and a

fridge so what I would actually do is

how go to a grocery store I'd buy stuff

for sandwiches maybe some stuff for

breakfast whether it's cereal or some

eggs buy a case of bottled water so you

don't have to go buy water and that way

you can eat pretty cheap and you can

save up during the day so at night you

can go on a nice dinner or you can go on

a nice lunch so that way you still are

enjoying the culture of the food of the

city but you're also saving money so you

can do other things like go for go to a

movie see a couple of museums another

great option for activities is to Google

your city that you're gonna visit so for

this case you're gonna Google free

things to do in Portland and then if you

really want you can do free things to do

this weekend in Portland and put the

dates May 4th through May 6th you know

there's probably gonna be some free

concerts or free activities or free

shows that you may want to consider

there you go

those are some tips on how to do it we

can get away front or five hundred

dollars now I want to keep this

conversation going comment below if you

know of any good travel hacks that'll

save some money make sure you like and

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