Romantic Weekend Getaway feat. the most epic Air BnB

Oh welcome to this vlog hey guys welcome

to this vlog so hungry we are currently

driving out into the Blue Mountains what

we already in the Blue Mountains

poor thing think she's done some [ __ ]

[ __ ] about three just like I hate

beeping I never can beep to anyone makes

me feel so bad he's such a good person

in it so we are having a little romantic

night getaway in the Blue Mountains

we've booked in an epic air B&B and I'm

very excited to see it but we're

checking it three and it's 12 now so

we're gonna go grab some food and then

we're gonna go do a hike so we're gonna

fuel up before the high

but everything I say you're gonna laugh

Idon't you know hey

- laughs effect well hey guys anyway

guys yeah we're gonna go into the town

and I'm going to hunt out a delicious

restaurant for us yeah

31 I was actually really good a fine I'm

just I always find us the best

restaurant and if I ever fail I feel

like I've let down I'm like I can't

believe that meal was just so bad like

I'm so disappointed I feel so guilty

like I'm such a food snob

so what I do to find good places is I go

when I'm in the air a go into maps and

the - like cafes or restaurants and you

have to literally look through all their

photos like look at the reviews I really

need what's that food one

website where people live refuse to

places not TripAdvisor but like

something like that before food I need

that I need her more like food to make a

food Instagram it you need a food

Instagram page and share all the fruit

ie with you guys because I'm out here

eating good


experience the strangest thing in the


socially we just ate at a cold cafe like

the cafe's literally run by a cult group

we feel we food was so um had the best

sandwich the vibe was so strange I feel

like we were just in there for so long

now we feel really really weird I feel

like that with something in my family so

we're gonna go do own war yeah I feel

strange I'm really full has a lot I was

I ordered it a normal burger thinking I

asked for gluten-free did not forget to

order another one with us I'm committed

to the gluten free land means I got a -

he ain't right let's go find the walk



if you look to your left your c-clip if

you look to your other right

you see another clue if you turn around

you'll see a turtleneck and on three we

all say go to get to the falls

Zumba we're here because you [ __ ] pop

was destroying every nice about major oh

[ __ ] this looks so John I look like and

such a little loser I'm a local many


you're like oh yes I am so now through

they'll spot a wild IRL waterfall I

actually love waterfalls someone go to

high waterfall

yeah you hate waterfalls or something

why they say I'm gonna shoot why are

they so nice they just find chanting

pretty i favor in Jurassic Park


okay we've just finished a little high

find the whole way over one of steps I

feel like I am guy

I do love nature stuff but I feel like

I'm to play more of a ocean nature

person like I just like the vibe from

the cafe really made me feel weird work

in the cafe I also get really bad like

my eyes are really sensitive so whenever

it's like going but like this weird time

when it's gloomy outside it's like my

eyes can't focus properly I don't know

if I haven't sent anyone else but like

really makes me feel like a bit anxious

and stuff Klee about eye strain from it

as well so I was wigging out a little

bit 10 minutes that way like 10 minutes

dude what do you wanna do I just found

that a bit straight it was not it's like

genuinely beautiful I did love it and it

always the air feels so much clearer

when you're out in nature and it's so

nice but I feel like the vibe from the

cafe got me all set off weird ID because

I always watch cult documentaries as

well and like series and stuff so like

it's just I don't know it was literally

oh look how gray the clouds are over

here going into the darkness into the

dark abyss we have our groceries for

pizza making tonight

we just need to go back and get one Oh

oh my god this is freaking bad went

straight through the window to me and

then went into my head which sent from

the cult cafe I'm really excited for our


it's so nice we're going back towards

the weird cult cafe to go get our wine

hey guys we've made it to Airbnb just

casually Hashi it's on a little apple


it's so cute and there's chickens let me

show you guys the view so this is the

front of the Airbnb that's all the hills

out there this camera doesn't really

pick it up very well



okay guys so you come through here

there's little bed wait how do we turn

on the fairy lights what I'm here for

oh my God look at it it's gonna be so

cool at nighttime

oh we've got a little chillaxing chair

lounge room fireplace already stocked up

harsh ferrero rocher cards and

everything our little dining table have

the kitchen and they've left

marshmallows granola and apple juice

from there this is from their farm like

from this phone some apples we have all

of our ingredients for our pizza and

through here's the bathroom look at this

bar and it's casual outlook like you're



to your



hot dog




four or five the other day me that's

actually just so painful this one this

is [ __ ]

these are gonna be the yummiest pizzas

whoa that's such a bad I didn't get your


yeah been chopping onions in protection

out it always webs action nice to cry

every time I come in no onions can get

to me I mean if I made pizza and I

honestly can't tell you how long but the

fumes are getting through [ __ ] evil

evil onion budget crying my eyes out on

the yellow oh my god this is look like

far yeah getting getting what's that

Ganga he was who over crying


dang gang of eyeballs wait oh wait no

you don't put the cheese like that I

don't know I haven't made a pizza in so


let the shipping begin Oh plop plop OH

much sauce is too much yeah guys I'm out

here trying to roast my marshmallow and

I just burnt my whole thumb unsaved

marshmallow roasting territories yes I

know it's not letting off dairy free but

pray for me I'm serious


yes I'm doing that I'm doing that I'm

doing it

Liang Liang Liang Liang Liang Lichty I'm

on lift me up on fire she's pretty bad

though but hang out like this

have you ever voted sick mom yeah I was

gonna say my mission for the night is

complete and I've fully burned my thumb

guys I forgot to fill my dessert spread

but I set up Tim Tams for Josh and fresh

air and then we cut up the apples from

the farm here with some peanut butter

Mike gluten-free vegan cookies panna

chocolate we pretend like I didn't even

have one of them


miss gruesome belly good morning guys is

seriously freezing here like we were

inside all last night in like a fully

heated dome with the fire and I have a

jumper and one of those this on so cold

it was really sunny before now it's

going really over cause I think it's

about to rain but I've just been

chilling all morning it's been so nice

being off my phone just literally

sitting in front of the fire relaxing it

took me a while to actually wine down

but the dog here is just like concrete

didn't we want to actually wind down

like it always does to relax but I feel

like it's so nice being completely out

of the city out of any instruction just

to chill so I'm gonna go on a little

walk now fine the secret lookout they

have yeah yeah lead the way Dora yeah

you need to put this on it makes you

more legit take a little marshmallow

I feel like you'd actually be so fine

for me I want that dog to be with us

again some good footwork you got there

Rock yeah got it again hit it with

another one yeah blue mountains in all

these hills this could blue mountains

many mountain

it's a quick an egg looks like crazy the

camera it just doesn't do this justice

at all my guys were packing up our bag

and we're saying goodbye to our little

relaxing getaway it's honestly been so

so nice but we only have one night here

is kind of pricey so like one night was

perfect but I would love to come back

here and stay for two at some point also

my skin's kind of getting there I just

thought I'd do my makeup today and just

let it breathe I feel like I'm getting

sick so I look like a wreck so excuse my

head today but yeah we're packing up

we're gonna go get some breakfast

good bye yep adios bye blue mountains