Pennsylvania's "Niagara" Falls | Great weekend getaway in PA | Bushkills Falls

hey what's up guys welcome back to my

channel and today Island Pennsylvania

place called Boosh kills Falls they say

this is the Niagara Falls of


and today we're gonna check it out let's

go okay they say that the main role is

about 100 feet tall it's about like 30


hopefully we're gonna get a chance it

gets closer please and take a look from

the bottom


as you can see the main

so I come in

great state theory

here check it out it's







okay for your information be aware that

there are actually several trails in

this in this park so if you want to go

and see main Falls which has just showed

you that's gonna take you about maybe 20

to 30 minutes walk and that's about it

and if you want to go and see other

Falls which is very smaller then you

gotta take a hike it's going to take

about 45 to 60 minutes


I gotta say that this area is very

family friendly they even have fishing

in here

they have twin lakes and you can

purchase a permit to fish for one day it

was about seven dollars and even if you

don't have your own fishing rod they can

provide you for about 20 bucks so if you

like fishing if you like hiking if you

like to be outdoors this is your spot go

here and check it out




they're awesome here


I gotta tell you this place is super

awesome and I hope you liked this video

and I'll see you later