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so here we are at the Chateau Elan in

the middle of nowhere in Georgia guys

this place is a trip we're driving down

imagine this we're driving down the

highway in Georgia surrounded by nothing

but trees forests about an hour and a

half from Atlanta then all of a sudden

we come over this hill and there is this

French country mansion sitting amongst

vineyards literally in the middle of

nowhere I was not expecting this place

to be so big it is literally a massive

resort that you can tell a lot of people

come up for the weekend or for different

corporate events and it's honestly

pretty cool today's a pretty exciting

day because it's our one full day here

and we're off to explore we're about to

head to a free wine tour to check out

the history of the place tastes or wine

see what's going on here you guys know I

love wine I've done a lot of wine events

so I'm super excited to see how I don't

think I've ever had wine from Georgia

honestly so I'm excited to see how it

compares see what's going on here at the

Chateau Elan look from our room we have

a view of the pool we will definitely be

in there later on it is super hot


that's southern humid heat but anyways

with all that we're gonna head off to

the winery house which just up the hill

check in for our tour and see what's

going on here the Chateau Elan so we're

on the balcony here at the winery of the

Chateau Elan looking out over the

vineyards over here we have the garden

the statue it's super beautiful were

about to start our wines are tun super

excited for the whole premise of this

place is wine

luxury vacation and excited to see what

their wine is column oh no what the

history of this place says I've been me

to look it up haven't got the chance to

it yet but I know we'll talk about it so

without further ado to the tour I didn't

even know there were any wineries in

Georgia let alone this giant resort

complex Mecca Center I was definitely


so saying this place is actually super

fascinating because I've been to several

other wineries in California and in

Italy and in Oregon in some other states

it was amazing hearing about their

process because like every winery is

different they all kind of go about the

same way making wine right this place

was actually a little bit different cuz

they used muscadine grapes which is a

different grape variety that is not used

in traditional like winemaking in the

sense that we know why and you know like

shuttin a pinot noir 7 block that's the

different grape variety Muscatine is a

totally separate thing so it was

interesting hearing the history of

muscadine the tasting room was gorgeous

they had several different bars and

seemed like a great place to have like

big parties birthday parties like

gatherings we did to tasting fights like

one each we didn't know an old-world red

and a red tasting so each of these

tastings were eight wines which is a lot

for a tasting and they were all really

big pours to experiencing Georgian wine

it actually is not Georgia wine here's

the thing they imported the grapes from

California they drive them across the

country and produce them at their

facility in Georgia the actual grapes

they grow there are the muscadine grapes

so everything that we tasted though was

the California grapes that they bring in

from California right so our time at the

Chateau Elan has come to an end it was

such a quick two days it felt even

quicker than Miami because yesterday

rain in the evening this place was

amazing the wine was pretty good and it

was amazing experience in the Georgia

tradition of wine the muscadine grape

with that though we're heading back

closer to Atlanta to go to a bar that

serves up fresh Georgia craft beer I'm

that apparently order is going to show

us in the kitchen and let's see what

happens from here then this afternoon

we're off to Chicago for destination

number two but that is another video

destination number three number three oh

my god this is literally week one

destination three craziness anyways it's

hot we got to call it a go guys


they've taken some things

we have water

you like you can just fit right in here

it's comfortable it's casual

they are not very nice we surveyed all

the production in-house it's not super

big apply to do beyond hurt and he's

going to

appears and I'm super excited to be here

so we're in the uber on the way to the

airport and that's gonna end the Atlanta

portion / the Georgia portion of this

booking.com adventure he's had an

amazing time it from the earth brewery

they offered an incredible array the

owner Tim was so nice to us he showed us

a wide variety of all of his beers and

how they do their whole process make

sure to check out phenomenal traveler

calm for the full story on from the

earth brewery with that being said we're

off to the airport we're going to

Chicago today to go to stay at an iconic

historical house and then start a little

mini road trip across town what is up a

Midwest area of the u.s. super super

excited anyways guys thank you so much

for watching make sure to find the links

down below and we'll see you guys the

next episode of the booking.com

adventure bye we're in Chicago Illinois

my first time ever in the city