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so here we are getting ready to do our

order Galera expedition I've been

supporting a lever a few times I haven't

been there for a few years but this'll

be a good experience they're going to

check out a friends resort I'm out of

the blue so we're looking forward to

going down there and checking out what

jb's done down there so we'll keep you

posted as we go along here we are just

at the boat pick up the area just

waiting for the boat to arrive so that

we can head on over it's a portable

error and let the action begins


Seraph Boracay closing down everyone's

looking for alternative places to stay

in the Philippines and one of those

places is here which is out of the blue

resort right here in smaller Laguna

importa Galera

you have to come and check out this

place the food is sensational


the service is great very friendly staff

very helpful staff the rooms are


a very uniquely designed resort with a

couple of swimming pools


and then you located right here on the

beach as you can see here we've got the

beach behind us lovely clear water

you can do island hopping you can have

yourself really chilled out we can come

and stay down here there's a couple of

swimming pools if you want to just chill

out for the day and do nothing you can

do that if you want to go way out on the

boats you can do that there's plenty of

things to see and do if you come down

here to port Eagle error it's very

accessible and easy to get to you don't

need to worry about organising flights

and checking into airports sitting

around waiting for planes and you just

get a bus from Manila down to the Tungus

and then a bunker boat across and bang

here you are

Danny particle there up and you can

start chilling out and start your

holiday so make sure you put this on

your list of places to come


here's a view of the room as you can see

here got a nice jacuzzi and as you're

walking through the into the main room

here view looking back out to the front

and through to the bathroom here


sit there and have a drink watch the Sun

go down beautiful palm trees nice pull

outside great place

okay so here we've got the chicken wrap

serve with salad I mean here we've got

the crispy chicken burger and fries so

make sure you come to the barrel bar

here in small La Laguna just a bit

further up the road from Sabang Beach

and come here at about five o'clock

you'll have yourself a really good time

there's a lot of activity starting to

happen you'll come down here enjoy

yourself and have a great afternoon

watching the sunset so make sure you

come down and check it out


again at the barrel bar we can see that

the sunset is starting to look

unbelievable in the background and all

the colors over here is a clouds are

lighting up this looks truly magical

you've got to make sure you come and

visit this place if you come down to

smaller Laguna here in porta Galera it's

a barrel bar make sure you come and

check out this amazing sunsets when

you're down here


here we are at the veranda restaurant

just about to have our breakfast which

is fantastic we'll take you in the

kitchen in a second you can never look

at the breakfast now how about these

views have that sitting here and eating

your breakfast refused like this


the swimming pool down yeah and then

jump in there in a short while after

having breakfast but now we're gonna go

inside in the kitchen and have a look at

how they prepare our breakfast


breakfast is served Oh gone for the

English breakfast and so is Joel here

the only difference is I've gone for the

poached eggs the jaws gone for the

scramble then that it's virtually the

same and with views like this well what

more can you say


Matt one of the lookout areas here at

out-of-the-blue resort and how about

this view

and we're gonna go out we're gonna do

some snorkeling it's gonna be a good day

so I'll keep you posted


so here we are going for our snorkeling

adventure today we're going out to coral

garden and for the glare I will put

everyone on the boat we are perfect day

for getting out on the board a little

bit choppy but not too bad the wind's

coming in from the right direction for

going out of the boat so they say I

think everything's gonna be good give

you more updates and we get out the

coral garden for some snorkeling some of

the most unbelievable snorkeling here in

Portugal era


here we are our total garden here

imported Galera

we're gonna go and do some snorkeling

check it out the color of this water


quite hot the sky's quite blue as you

can see up there but the color of this

water absolutely sensational lots of

coral down here

lots of fish as I said unfortunately I

won't be able to give you too much video

for snorkeling but if you have a look

around you get a pretty good idea of

what this areas like the Samba water


as you can see we got the ocean on

either side of this other side of this


not far from coral garden where we've

done our where we did our snorkeling


really nice lovely hidden beach here

well it's a sandbar in one way or

another it's a beautiful clean sand

along here as you can see beautiful calm

water out here once again this is where

the sea planes land so there's other

activities you can do here there's scuba

diving we've got some jet skis for

rental windsurfing as well you can do

out here so this is a really nice little

hidden place not crowded with tourists

not crowded with resorts a couple of

houses so there isn't a lot going on

nice and peaceful nice and quiet this is

a really nice little place to come and

check out if every dam here in Porter



when we talk about being imported Galera

this is actually porta Galera this is

the port in a quick history lesson here

Porto Galera Porto means port and

Guerrera is for the galleons the Spanish

galleon say the Spanish galleon ships

used to come in harbour in here and to

protect themselves from the typhoons and

there were strong wings and you can see

here this is a beautiful natural harbour


and this has been nominated as one of

the best 30 harbors in the world are by

UNESCO Portugal air are the actual

natural port this is it right here


here we are now at the famous white

beach in puerto galera and it's good to

see a lot of the vendors it used to be

along here have been thrown away by the

look of it it was a bit of an eyesore

having all these little makeshift shops

and tents and stuff set up on the sand

here but you can see here still a

beautiful beach great sand but

unfortunately it is succumbing to some

overdevelopment as you can see here I've

quite as pristine as it used to be when

I first came here about 10-12 years ago

but nonetheless it still maintains most

of its natural beauty so we're going to

take a bit of a walk along here now and

check it out






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