Best Times to Visit Dominican Republic for Vacation

I was walking in a beautiful Punta Cana beach on a mostly sunny day.

A batch of clouds passed overhead and suddenly dumped a pounding rain on me for about three minutes.

Then the sun came back and all was good again.

Hi, my name is Scott Bateman. I'm a professional journalist and travel blogger who has visited the Caribbean many times.

I have some tips to offer you on the best months to visit Dominican Republic, especially Punta Cana and Puerto Plata.

Let's start with the most popular and least popular times to go.

This chart using information from the Caribbean Tourism Organization shows

that March July and December are the three most popular months to visit.

No surprise there because they also happen during spring break from schools.

Punta Cana dominates these numbers.

The least popular month is September followed by October and then a tie between November and May.

Why are these months so unpopular? Let's take a look. Here is the average monthly rainfall

for Punta Cana using historical results from the country's National Weather Service.

October is the worst month for rain followed by May and November. No wonder people stay away.

February and March are the best months for rain. Personally, I would pick March because of warmer temperatures, but prices are usually higher then.

Now look at Puerta Plata rainfall. It reaches a low point in June followed by July through September.

Rain then skyrockets into November and December.

Between the two destinations, Punta Cana has a lower risk of rain in the late winter and spring time.

Puerto Plata has the lowest risk in the early summer.

But of course some of us like to lounge on beaches and float serenely in warm Caribbean water.

This chart shows that Puerto Plata, which is on the northern coast of Dominican Republic,

has somewhat cool temperatures in the winter

Daytime temperatures of 84 degrees fahrenheit in January and February look warm enough,

but nighttime temperatures may make swimming too chilly during the day.

The next chart shows the same is true of Punta Cana.

Winter is a great time to go for northerners

to get away from snow and cold. But there are no guarantees of warm and comfortable seawater.

Here is the bottom line.

The best time to visit Punta Cana for a combination of warm weather and low risk of rain is during the spring and mid summer.

The best time to visit Puerto Plata is early to mid summer.

That does it for my tips. Please subscribe to my channel for more. Thanks for listening and enjoy your vacation to the Dominican Republic!