Best Time to Visit Jamaica for Weather

Hi, my name is Scott Bateman. I'm a professional journalist and travel

blogger. I have taken many trips to the Caribbean and know it well. I have some

tips to offer you on the best times to go to Jamaica. Jamaica is one of the most

popular islands in the Caribbean and a common stop on Western Caribbean cruises.

It has 2 million overnight vacationers and 1.5 million cruise visitors every

year. The most popular months to visit Jamaica are July and December. The least

popular months are September and October. The weather makes the difference.

The average high temperature in Jamaica ranges from 82 degrees Fahrenheit in

January to nearly 90 in the summers. The air temperature is warm enough for most

people in the winter. But sea water is often chilly at times. September is the

least popular month to visit Jamaica for good reason. The Caribbean hurricane

season reaches the high point of activity in September. Even though the

island is least popular in September, the month of October has much more rain on average.

The number of days with rain each month is another way of seeing the

best months to visit Jamaica. January through March have only 5 days each.

October is the worst followed by September and November. The Caribbean

hurricane season officially begins June 1st and ends November 30th. June, July and

November have a low risk of hurricanes and tropical storms. September and

October have the highest risk. They are the worst months to visit. Between

temperatures and the risk of rain, the best times to go to Jamaica are March

and April. December through February are good months to get away from cold

northern winters, but they also have cooler sea waters. Thanks for listening

to my tips!. Enjoy your trip to Jamaica!