Vacation in Goa - April 2016

hey hey welcome to another weekend blog

and it's going to be a long loss as we

are going on vacation to kueh right now

yes which is getting ready and we are

often these all super excited it's got

all her stuff in her bag so now let's go

cash me

all right guys

just reach for fear food and visiting


finally made it to the hotel it was a

very long drive was 75 kilometres one

and a half hour long drive yeah she

slept and this is the Lilith spa and


and so right now we are just going into

the room and we'll crash for some time

see this stuff

we would creative with this

so now we are just heading out to our we

don't know where it is

we will see we'll find out and I'm also

very worried right now need to find

one seafood

I guess let's get settled in we have

said into the room and now let me give

you a tour of the room that's the


it's a senior suite and Cosby's been

joined see you sweet so we have got

couple of chairs over here metals and as

we enter on the left side we have the

usual cupboards and this is the bathroom

Garfield since we're in the bathtub

that's all she needs

so you show the rest of the stuff

I don't wanna sleep here yes

that's another mirror that's the big TV

and we also have a balcony

we're finally heading towards the beach

we had a nice lunch

little bit more and that's abuse right

now amazing


know something you don't know how to


well we are off or I didn't ow in the

shack and I'm going to try some new

stuff see

and she's all set all dress up with her


downstairs some party

we'll check it out

so we've got a table reserved at the

shack so we'll be having some good food

so the drinks and eat dinner

just next to the beach so next clip will

be the view at the table right let's go

and this this is the place at the sea

you may not be able to see it but it is

good holiday

so here's the cap and he'll be taking us

there some places father we teach in all

the other places not

well that's the first stop for today the

old chest

on this site

the ice is also making a block

so we're going to the old church for

church let's check out a new one still

here came out of this church in Francis


now let's go to the other side making

his vlog in block castle is making her

block hello good huh making logs

and the weather is nice it's hot but the

wind is flowing so it's not that bad are

you feeling hungry right I had a beer

all the way to the beach to the port I

think you'll be going to the sports now

and we found a bent tree

like he bent towards the left


the beach one of the famous beaches here

so we will be spending some time and

then we'll be heading to brittles for


it's a good experience

good morning guys it is Saturday the

third day of our trip and yesterday was

very tiring after the beach so we just

came to the room and has crashed and now

just heading out to break first and then

we'll be going to the pool today it's

just going to be relaxing I don't think

we'll be going out much but we'll see

later on so right now break first

then pool and maybe cycling so

stay tuned here we are once again the

nice relaxing Beach it's not when people

hear the private beats within the resort

so this one is much better as compared

to the other thing which we went

yesterday some party which happened last

night here

let's get closer to this ocean

just heading over that site

that's all they can see

I'm getting


that's okay part of being here the Beast

laughs animated here long stroll the


I'm quite happy here

let the pool has just relaxing

gosh we're still inside let me show you

what she's been inside the one hour

there is touched

enjoying the picture

good times what's up where are we going

you don't know we're just heading out of

the hotel to check out some nearby

markets for lunch there are few softer

own so we be checking them out and have

some food for lunch - you don't like

she likes so I'll be trying two more to

go on Therese


this is the last leg of our vacation

this is paalam beach in south of god

more questions compared to father and


like in the pit

to make some tests

Sam Kathy okay guys we are going bye-bye

well finally we got some light to record

we had few drinks at this Apollo Long

Beach can see behind us they look very

shacks ara

little shopping and then we will be

heading back to the dinner

if you had actually

would like finally now it's time to

crash to watch a bit of television check

Facebook email and all that good stuff

and then crash alright see you in the

morning good morning guys

that's the last day of our holiday and

we just had a nice heavy break first and

now we just head in diversity will be

leaving the hotel by 11:00 11:30 a

flight is at 2:30 so until then thought

maybe let's go for

the swimming session in session

and then signed up from here

finally time to leave just going out to

get the cab and then we'll be off to the

airport this is very nice day at the

mullets I'm sure I'll come back here

against southpaws I love it so let's get

to the airport

time to get into the flight apply this

eh here

where it is fancy

will you finally perform and it was a


yes we really enjoyed it those very nice

last three days so a tip if you are

going to co-op if you want to go for

relaxing then you should go to southpaw

and if you want to go commercial places

happening places go to not for so that's

my tip from like riddles but I do like

it so guys I hope you have enjoyed this

log it was a long one I have already

started editing it and I'm off in 20


so it's going to be twenty one twenty

two minutes vlog so I hope you have

enjoyed it please do let me know in the

comments below and thank you very much

I'll see you in my next vlog choo choo