Hawaii Vacation Part 1| April's Beautiful Mess


the plane all right

hi guys we just got to the gate the

action wasn't bad as I thought it was

gonna be the lines weren't long everyone

has been super friendly and helpful it's

a good morning so far I am actually

already sweating though because I was

already like on full 100% energy mode oh

yeah hey Austin are you ready for this

trip or what yeah my parents are so cute

they packed us a little airplane to go

snack bag so there's honey or Hawaiian

bread with Nutella and some croissants

with Nutella banana for eyeline zero for

Isla they just they got us covered and

then they also gave us some cookies and

biscotti that oh I love really really

like we are good to go


I can honestly say it officially sucks

flying this one


a real monster film on site


they're right there





oh my god


the bad guys


we made it we are finally on hawaiian

ground okay after a crazy fight with

Iowa Street that was rough

guys that was rough it was several

tantrums more than halfway going there

and then she finally knocked out for

like the last two hours and then when we

went to go and get the rental car it

started to rain so like all of us are

pretty bunch right now but it felt good

because it's warm rain so now we're on

our way to Zippy's I think we're all a

bit angry so we're ready to eat we're

ready to eat out here in the juries of

Hawaii our Airbnb is quite a ways away

from the airport so we're just gonna go

on a nice scenic drive you're right

you're right good job Adrian so Adrian

is talking about how when we got the

rent-a-car we're all pretty negative or

being a little negative

I didn't ask because I was irritated

with everything so I was the one most


okay that's all good you confessed yeah

but yes we are really good at turning

things around because we are on freaking

vacation and Adrian what do we do with

our attitudes

howdy estimation is on your right how do

you change your attitude thrown out the

window right yeah awesome didn't have to

throw anything out cuz he's been pretty

chill okay time to eat guys we just

arrived at these whoa where here is


here's a katsu sauce you put it on your

chicken so we got the chicken katsu

Korean fried chicken and I've got some

Simon and I was in French fries


good morrow here boy

any expression and moving process it

tastes like we made it to our Airbnb we

are living like true locals here the

kids are already having a blast inside

it's really hot in there so we got the

fans going and the window is open but

let me show you guys she's in the


cute little space since three bedrooms

you guys playing in there hi yeah I was

already stripped down because he is so

hot it does he does not take it all the

way down I'm a feeling though the boys

will be sleeping in our bedroom because


you have AZ in here which is nice

that'll make all the difference okay

keep the door closed okay you have to be

very careful okay Adrian just climb

climb okay so we are concluding day wine

didn't do much today just cuz we ended

up going to cross boil to kind of stop

up on food and drinks for the week and

snacks it's been a long day so it is

time to get some rest and tomorrow is

gonna be another fun day though we are

going to start off the morning at Holly

Eva Beach I think that's right for now

that is the planet that we're gonna go

to G amount of shrimp another new home

no it sounded like another nipple okay

so that is it for tonight guys that's

tomorrow morning good morning do you

think it morning it is bright and early

about 9 o'clock and we are here at

Waimea Bay day two first day on the

beach so excited this numb is only to

peek through on our way here is kind of

like great rainy and gloomy but we are

on the sunny side now and we decided we

were planning on going to Holly Eva but

we ended up passing by Waimea Bay Beach

on our way to food land before we got

poked a and we're just like oh let's

just pull over here and just let's just

start our beach day here so we are here

now and we're so excited look at those

guys check it out

hey you guys ready yay you guys got to

get some sunscreen on before you start

playing okay look how beautiful this is






it's still so early in the day and we've

already been enjoying ourselves so much

I'll on the other hand is looking quite

grumpy today all that the nice saw her

like I look back and I she's like dozing

sitting down but yeah so now the boys

are on the water

there's still like barely anybody here





we are one there


got Jackson against wind the BSA the

water is from


maybe I feel like you've made a few



what do we got here we got Superman


oh man keep moving now

miweek stretch



going good run in the water


all right so Giovanni's a no-go today it

was too long the lot was full yeah so

we're trying something new where do we

eat today

Jenny's Jenny's shrimp truck that works

good that was yours what what's mine

look like well you're a messy Island oh


oh no this is garlic that's yours okay

yep okay just got playing okay so wrap

is doing his Jenny shrimp Chuck food

blog food reviews come on food reviewer

which go to the right person

rayvon spicy not unbearable spicy

Bart good mom

nice Magnus I probably over to melon but

Cheers I know well buddy let's go

should we check out this shrimp check so

we just had the genuine check over there

but I'm still mad hungry looks like I'm

gonna order over here big wave North

Shore all right babes for a taste test

number two what what's your second meal

here the shrimp was vomit I thought I

saw anything

wait big waves in North Shore big wave

shrimp North Shore so hot the world

still hired most of the parking all



there's three fire

preying upon very flaky fish it's always

pretty flaky

kind of fish is that alright so the line

sometimes photos it's too long you're

planning gonna holla IVA beach and then

matzah and then Giovanni's and then

Matsumoto's but instead we went to

waimea beach and then we went to Jen

strip truck and now we are at but we as

Hawaiians evite so we're just doing

whatever and we're having a good time

doing it

we're discovering other places that are

also yummy I know like all those other

places they're really popular they're

definitely the church attraction which

is why the lines are so ridiculously

long so then we decided to just go

places where we can get food right now

and not have to wait and it has

definitely been worth it so far so I'm

excited to see how many I shave Isis

because we weren't disappointed by a gen

Center what did you think of the shrimp

bustin it was good oh very fresh huh

this guy slept through it that's okay

cuz you can't eat shrimp anyways but we

have some spam musubi 'he's in the car

but he gets to have dessert first huh

Adrian yeah yeah what flavor did you get

strawberry are you gonna have shave ice

too yeah alright I'm excited for you to

have some it's gonna be yummy yes which

one did you get Austin

Adrian hold on you're gonna get your own

this one's Raph you got the lava whoa

babe yeah oh wow

Wow I love what's bad


can my navy let's go wait for hours

Adrian what did you get

don't drop it don't drop it don't drop

it so fire what do you think Adrian

alright okay we're at Beach number two

we're at white clean Beach oh my gosh

this is another beautiful beach we met

up with one of raps good friends from

childhood and Ally and fun they're

actually out there right now she is

gonna go out there and try to surf on

her long board and then rafts has a

little boogie board I don't know if he

he's contemplating on whether he's gonna

go all the way out there or not but

we'll see


serious as ever

yep all right he's going out there okay



boys watch out daddy's going through Oh

Lord I just see him flopping off

oh and found some mentors to help them

on the boogie board




there you go buddy no much you didn't do

it you have to just get it one more time

but you can do it yeah now you know what

to expect

yeah okay nobody okay





all right I'm sorry me feeling all the

cool thing


exclaiming he's the original of the

Liang said that's a bomb I was sold here

it is they go for you right it's

actually very sweet go for Dan what's

your take see it's not too much of a too

much of the



you're on it hobby


oh thanks on that huh let me try one is

in me home


all right thank you so the easiest

blasting the swap meet let's start live

because it is so freaking hot out there

I thought it was gonna be too bad cuz

it's like overcast too much to deal with

the tantrum which I love Charlie would

you get Austin and Adrian barely anybody

here it's already like 5:45 it's our get

up close to sticks already but look how

gorgeous this is

oh man got our tent set up again this

tent is come in so handy thanks Maggie

and here's aiyla in the shade hi baby


hi did you want to go in the water about


oh yeah this place is simply beautiful

so fun fact the place that the Airbnb

that we're staying at is actually owned

by a really popular super actor he was

like like I knew he was a surfer because

he a lot of like trophy better powers

and lots of surfboards but we mentioned

his name him to a restaurant last night

and she was like whoa that was like she

was pretty impressed now I'm pretty

impressed and I'm just really glad we

got the place it's pretty like far from

city life so it's like we're definitely

like we're the local state so it's cool

cuz my way from all the tourists being

tourists ourselves but we don't mind

it's actually been really really nice

fare and today we're just a hangout day

I've come to a lot of realizations on

this trip I'll give you two I'll give

you two for now one of which is my

patience for Isla

runs very very thin but I have been

working a lot on my mind so I've had to

practice more positive mindset on this

trip and I have in a long long time

because I will test my patience and not

patient it's hard it's hard it's really

hard because we're still trying to

figure out how to manage those Tantrums

in a way where you know it's doesn't get

scared of us you know but she has to at

least understand that it's not okay

so yeah Oh awesome make sure you wear

the wristband if you're gonna be on that

wear the wristband cuz you can't lose

that okay and second I'm really really

thankful to have Brock as my partner

because he and I are like really great

at tag teaming the kids and when he

notices that I'm getting a little too

stressed out or I'm a little too

irritated he takes over right away

and I'd do the same for him so it's just

it's been good it's like well I feel

like this vacation is helping us learn

more about each other and more about

ourselves and we're just making the best

of everything and that's what it's all


all right now I'm time to enjoy this

beach because it's just too perfect out

here and no more




okay guys I think we're gonna call it a

night that is day one two and three here

in Hawaii I'm just so grateful that you

guys have been following along our whole

family journey it has been almost a full

year since we started our own channel

and some of the guys have been here from

the start even from Keiko there's

something for you guys I mean just a

very gratuitous buy right now just

loving life not everything is perfect

but it's really what you make of it

and I'm just loving it and living every

moment like it's my last and I'm so

thankful again but you guys are here I'm

gonna dip into the ocean one more time

and we're gonna head home so I will see

you guys soon

I was hoping to get something edited

last night so I can have something out

today but vacation so I am going to edit

tonight and hopefully get shot to you

guys by tomorrow so I will see you guys