Best Vacation Ever - MHC April 2020 - Day 1


élisa élisa élisa steena yes we're here

we're here um where exactly is here I

bought us an all-expense-paid vacation

for eight days

it's si si I was I was stuck at home and

kind of really bored because you know we

can't really go anywhere and and this

really cool thing came into my inbox and

and I clicked on it and it said limited

time offer all-expense-paid vacation to

a place in history of your choice and

and it was like really really really

cheap and so and so I bought two one for

me and one for you and and I signed the

waiver and everything and and we're here


I'm I'm confused

well don't you remember don't you

remember we get we we we were in that

call and and they had they had like said

stand by the green screen and and and

they took her picture

okay okay I'm starting yeah I'm sorry to

piece of fact together yeah and it was

yeah it was like a photo booth and and

and and it was really bright and then

like when you blinked this is where we


oh okay yeah I'm starting to remember I

remember that thing just gave me a great

big headache yeah yeah yeah it was what

this company called the time directed

Directorate wait dude did you see that

the time Directorate yeah the time

Directorate see do you have any idea who

the time director it is oh this is Isis

no no it's good it's good it's an

all-expense-paid vacation and and and

and I signed all of the forms and the

waivers and everything ready waivers

uh-huh what waivers well they they sent

it to my inbox and I signed it for both

of us because you know this was a

surprise and so so I signed I signed all

the papers and and we're here it was her

lychee beliefe well I guess after that

after buying that my new green screen

that's that's all you could afford right

yeah and I've been really bored why

didn't you say so

oh so so I thought we could come on an

adventure do you want to do where you

don't know what we're gonna do we're

gonna explore gonna we're gonna get to

get to see Columbus finding the new

world it's it's a whole new world

a dazzling place uh-huh that you never

knew hmm okay well aren't you excited I

guess we could try it

are you excited I've never gone I've

never gone back in time before see this

is gonna be amazing okay well I guess I

am that's almost kind of make the best

of it then yeah but the problem is is

part of the the conditions where we

couldn't bring any luggage

something about the space-time continuum

and and not being able to bring anything

with you or take anything bad well I

guess I could destroy the timeline and

heaven knows we don't want to be

responsible for that no no because we

want to see Columbus discovered the new

world it's wherever that is I guess we

better go find it I think we'd better I

think we better so eight days we got

eight days who experienced this amazing

adventure and I think you should get

that started right about now well let me

just go ahead and write myself a little

mouse and okay we can we can go

exploring now I've made we've signed my

last will and testament oh good because

I already priority Tibet

oh you're you're so kind and thoughtful

well you know I kind of wish they had

left us with it least a boat well you

know what happened the last time we got

on a boat on one of your big

but that was different that was


that wouldn't actually cost a whole lot

more money you're right no one actually

it was fun for a while until but you're

gonna love this one Alito this one's

gonna be so much better than the last

vacation probably especially since we

didn't start out in the middle of the

ocean right but we do have to go across

the ocean because we need to find

Columbus and he's got three ships with

them like not the three ships that came

sailing in on Christmas Day not those

ones the Nina the Pinta and the Santa

Maria see I I know my US history history

yes okay well let me see if I can

wrestle up some coordinates so we can

figure out exactly where we need to go

yeah I think I broke them down oh okay

so I believe we need to head toward like

negative 800 fish okay so did they give

us any information as far as like if

they're gonna be any guides or for it is

kind of on our own

okay well let's go let's go ahead and

find those coordinates and then we'll

kind of we'll go from there and see if

we can snag ourselves a yeah she should

be get some stone to tell you tools

while we're here oh why not just in case

okay let me go ahead I'll get us some

stone since you're doing a fantastic job

getting I I'm punching a tree it

probably should make an axe but uh here

here I accidentally made another one you

accidentally made enough exactly okay

that one was a stretch stretch okay but

at least they're stone right here so we

don't have to go looking for it well see

that's what I saw the stone in the

hillside and I was like you know maybe

we should we should make use of what we

have on hand well you know back then

everyone lived off the land as well yes

and our forefathers footsteps well I

only have one father but that's okay if

you have four I'm not gonna judge well

I'm sure over time I've had I've

accumulated generationally of you wait

wait what what is this where'd you go

just over the hip Oh


stiva what is this I think this is the

Nina I met I imagined it bigger and with

like people and such less rekt - um

that's that's very odd

well let's see if there's anything here

that might give us a clue on what's

going on oh wow okay you know I'm not

gonna complain about this I'm gonna

actually just break this oh yeah I was

hoping for some souvenirs from this trip

yeah do for now

but I am a bit concerned about the fact

that this is like this hmm oh but you

know what it's our food in there nope

you know what isn't there though

what wasn't a very treasure wait what

aha uh-huh look see this isn't such a

bad vacation treasure hunting on a

vacation yes yes please

you know you you do know how much I love

my treasure I do I do so that should be

around here somewhere right

this way back towards the future here


okay know itself can't run because we

don't have any food yet oh that is a

problem actually we're not about to make

turtle soup no no great yeah there was

actually something in I'm remembering a

little bit there was something in the

fine print that said we're not allowed

to kill any of the animals around here

did you find it first truck oh you are a

professional treasure hunter oh I do it

I can't okay why would she do I have

fish fish mm-hmm okay yeah okay that

that's a good start it's a start okay so

if I'm a little bit concerned about the

fact that Nina's right here mm-hmm I'm

not gonna lie about that well maybe

we'll have better luck with the with the

Pinta if we can if we can find it we can

find it so I'm very concerned about the

fact of the meanness that wasn't

that's not how history happened no I'm

pretty sure that the boat didn't wreck

on the new world you were saying

something about the time director what

was it that you wanted me to about them

um I know that sure if you're cleared to

know about the time director it


what kind of a what are the chances of

the one block that I break anyway let's

keep moving I think we're supposed to go

that way okay

let's make a boat then because doesn't

it look like the Nina is pointed that

direction oh yeah okay I mean I think so


okay so I'm thinking the Nina you know

it's pointed the attraction that's the

way we need to go it's worth a shot

I'll get in okay good

keep your eyes out though because we

don't want to miss the Pinta exactly

well at least it's a nice day to go to

go out on the water pretty around here

is this the new world do you think oh

well hmm that's Dena but do you see what

I see you gotta be kidding me no no no

no no huh how is that upside down how do

they do that

are you kidding no this is not how it's

supposed to be not like this no no no no

this is not what I signed up for


hmmm well that's two down it's really

kind of hoping for for some settlers you

know what I'm gonna take it okay let's

see if I can find another one just in

case cuz hey if we if we find these

people they're gonna want their soul

back yeah exactly do you think maybe I

mean so Steve faring provisions

so the Nina's down and the Pintas down

surely the Santa Maria made it well but

not my parents didn't make me surely but

we can we can keep looking

it was there nothing in there no that

was it Willie nothing you sure he's not

that I saw I'm gonna I'm gonna look some

more because okay I I would hate to miss

it's a very good valuable especially


there's another buried treasure man oh I

wonder if it goes to the same one I

don't know but we'll find out all right

well I am keeping a weather eye on the

horizon and that's honest we can get

just a little bit low oh it is here

here look



well that is close okay let's take a

look I always make sure to keep a firm

grasp both hands on your map and right

here here haha

first try hmm it's tough

ooh that's there's some pretty things in

there um and here's some more fish okay

well I would say can I suggest that we


what can we can we just go hang out on

that little island for the night oh sure

why not hey I just think that that might

be safer than the big island and then we

can go see the sea if anybody made it on

the Santa Maria yeah in the morning in

the morning good morning you don't think

that these flowers are like the field of

poppies I hope not okay let's get some

things set up I have enough cobblestone

to make a furnace I'm feeling like maybe

I made a mistake with this whole



well that's entirely possible

thanks make me feel better but hey at

least we're in this together you know

that I have already 20 iron mm how much

iron do you have I have 18 I think we

should make ourselves at least a shirt

and make it Megan for myself I'm making

a shirt for myself okay I've got 12 what

do you think pants and then some clothes

were yes oh no you know what I want a


ah yes you're very smart my friend well

this is not my first adventure I mean

I'm just saying I have been uh I mean

look at those guys over there I'm glad

we came over here look it

yep the raiding party is already over

there oh that's awful

okay so we are gonna have to find

ourselves some cult yes we are

I'm gonna make myself some pants it's



and did you happen to get stone I have a

little bit of cobblestone because I

don't have it unto me I didn't get any


you want me to check that hole that what

that was

there we go woohoo okay I have

accomplished this Tony I'm gonna I'm

gonna at least make myself a stove pick

do I go iron sword from the start or do

I just stick with a stone so um let's

just do a stone sword for now okay we

can always afraid to iron later I'm

gonna use some of my wood to fall down

the hall that is a interesting choice

for the use of fluid to be I just do

what I can if I want some torches and I

may have salvaged just a little bit of

the Nina in order to get some fuel

really just a little bit


well you know it didn't see anything any

survivors so I think it'll be okay so

she goes really deep for the Senate well

I'm gonna see if I can find us some coal

that way we can at least light up the

area just a little bit

I you're never gonna let me you're never

gonna let me live this down are you not

during this vacation although it's

turning out to be a less of a vacation

I'm more than event well you know yeah

you wouldn't want to be bored would you

or do you have to point my friend hey

look cool yes cool okay you know I'm

actually already starting to feel a

little a lot better about this whole

thing I bet I bet I can make you feel

even more better really yeah yeah I bet

I can okay try me well

you let me come down well why don't I

come back up there okay I I'm just I'm

trying not to let anything spawn up here

that's why I'm kind of standing up here

although it does look like you wind it

up pretty Robin oh there's a couple

spots where hey hey are you feeling


yes but no yes yeah yeah beautiful eat

you more yeah hmm how about now

best vacation ever I like this vacation

not mad it's Tina how can I be mad at


listen I should hang on to a few more


for the win oh right over here it's kind

of dark and okay okay you're here I'm

gonna since you already have as you know

a bunch I'll let you hold

yay okay we might need those later

though histogram for safekeeping okay

okay let's see what else we can find

oh this hey I do the best with what I

have well are you trying to say that I

have a bigger head than you do well

probably not I mean this is lovely

I mean what what Wow love look girl

what constraction oh there any other

time zones that you were thinking about

visiting or yeah that came to mind well

I was thinking about Pompeii but I

figured that one might not be a good

idea yeah I would have been a little

difficult I was also thinking about

taking you to the library at Alexandria

oh that would have been great yeah but

they were they said that that specific

adventure was more expensive and

usually booked up like three years in

advance which I thought really

interesting considering we're talking

about time travel but I didn't question

it that's probably best that you didn't

ask too many questions

yeah but now I'm starting to wonder if I

maybe should have asked a few more no no

I think I think you're fine

you think so you gotta be careful about

these things okay that's the wrong

question to the wrong person or dig the

wrong tunnel to the wrong way level as

usual the thing yeah we're all good for

you okay


why do our adventures always involved

going down deep into the earth sometimes

where you find stuff hey I found iron

see exactly stick with me kid

well you're gonna do alright hey what

Stephen what you got the iron pick did

you find something already come here

each a second I got it I got it I got it

I got to put I don't have any torches

yet just second a book I don't know how

to make torches I need to look in the

book no no I got it I got it I got it

I'm a professional cook a professional

professional professional


I'm about ready for another pick

actually yeah I have an iron pick okay

oh that's the end of today's episode

though okay I guess stay ones over I'm

gonna have to I'm gonna have to figure

out what you have next time okay what

we'll see you next tomorrow okay bye