hey guys we're here at the Grand

Floridian Resort and Spa and tonight

we're having dinner at Victoria and

Albert we are so excited this has been

on the bucket list

we are oh my gosh I just can't I can't

wait so we're gonna take you with us

we're gonna film as much as we can and

we hope you enjoy this video

wish you many happy more we're gonna put

yourself on it

thank you very much for snipers our was

here yes we're so excited

flying fish roe the savvy

what do you think so far

don't they I guess for me I forget they

may have the ocean between forces with

Trevor and truffle butter and brown

bread ah multigrain for the main course

with a salty buttery dish this is this

is a powerful first course one can this

be a salt it is look at the salt join

thank you

it was the food type romantic seasonally

sesame seeds on the outside there right


thank you it's like next course a wild

features of the Dalmatian Limburger this

is from the prince

there's lots of German influence here

yeah okay

Spain is maybe the perma general is

general as well interpret Alicia's

prosciutto push it around on the lips

after it's a subpoena

I mean about that we think and say

change thank you thank you so much

we have a secret admirer boy

so we got some chocolate

what's going on guys we just ended our

dining experience at Victorian Albert

yes a we went for a seven course meal

and I am in a wine pairing to mine so we

just wanted to give our thoughts long

and all the people is how the experience

was when we come back again is it way

too expensive

is it a pretentious restaurant where you

think you're gonna have nine different

knives and forks and not gonna know what

to you first are we gonna leave hungry

yeah and then you have to go back to the

park and eat a corndog you feel that

you're full because you just only had

seven courses that were only outside

little spoon so I think that might be

something that a lot of people would

think about Victorian Alex don't you

agree yeah look at it it's five away

five diamond stopping by diamond

restaurant I'm in restaurant and it's

been that for past 16 years or actually

going for the no 17

so yeah it's come a long way so what was

your experience with it alright I

absolutely loved Victorian Albert

no I think there is a certain pipes at a

time but it exceeded everything that I

thought was going to but I thought it

was going to be you know I thought the

food was amazing I thought that the

price for our portions was really great

we were talking about this when we were

on our way here that we thought that we

were going to leave hungry because we

thought that portions are gonna be

really small but you saw on the video

that these portions were big and we're

so full right now

I was joking earlier with him like okay

well if we are still hungry after

Victorian Albert's we can just go to the

sushi bar and you can engage women eat I

definitely you know I'm so done I am so

full we couldn't even have the

chocolates like the chocolate so they

had to box for us because we could not

eat them even though I wanted them so

much for these are the chocolates that

was like the last course to sweeten

the bill because yeah we're just funny

I've never been to a restaurant where

they give you a jewelry box for the bill

yes like here's the story of the bill

wait a bit no I wish you could have done

that pretty woman thing so my experience

with it it was a great restaurant

definitely want to do it again possibly

go into the clean Victoria room because

we were in the main dining room so there

was a harpist playing and she was

playing new songs old songs and we're

actually playing named Neptune the only

thing I didn't like and this is picking

extra the harpist was playing wind

beneath my wings

and that song drives me crazy absolutely


but other than that there was a totally

great experience definitely want to do

it again definitely worth the money I

mean coming in we were thinking it's

$185 for seven for some yeah part of it

was the birthday gettin so we're not

trying to make it seem like we can do

this yeah we're not making it rain up

again no no you know we saved for this

trip and I think it's definitely doable

you know you if you really want to come

here save up and but it's not for the

everyday and something every trip it's

but it's definitely worth it right if

you're a foodie and you love

presentation you love different styles

of meat Kobe beef Wagyu you know filet

just different types of the beef then

then you really don't enjoy this place

if you're just I want to go to TGIF's

get a steak and eggs or I don't know I

don't have to get things up TGIM but you

know I mean you you're definitely paying

for what you get you don't I definitely

feel like you got anybody oh we got the

quality and everything everything from

the serving experience like every

attention to detail was on like I was

pointing out to VJ when we're sitting

down the hostess she walked over from

her little hosting stand she walked over

to this chef's hat of butter and she

turned it around because it was showing

to the guests the part where they

actually take off the butters I guess it

wasn't you know presentable she walked

over and she turned it around so it was

perfect again you can see that nice side

with the nice carving of an amigo look

like it's just tied again I was just

like wow that's amazing she walked all

the way over there just to do that

because she wanted everything to look

at all the details all the magic about

it and they the servers there actually

are a team so we had two surgeries that

was really cool yeah everything the

whole experience was great the pairings

were perfect with the food that we had

we were fooled by the myth course I was

struggling and we can eat

we put down some food but that seven

course meal was a lot of lot of food

yeah so and be me being a surfer and

going to all these different restaurants

I'm thinking what food costs is okay

that piece of beef is X amount of money

yeah and I was telling AJ the very first

two courses was telling her like that's

probably about thirty dollars that's

probably about forty five dollars world

but after that first bite of the second

course I was just totally in it was a

great experience

do it you have the money do it save your


save your Disney dollars go come and do

because it is just it's so worth it so

worth it

oh I want to show you they also give me

because they're celebrating my birthday

they gave us this they gave us this


orange date nut bread and they said you

can have it for breakfast or you know

dessert or coffee so sweet but a little

like after you get home from Disney even

you can still have this and remember

your trip just when I give you a quick

tip on trying to make reservations

there's I believe 15 tables in the main

dining room for in the Queen Victoria

room and then one for chef at a table

and that one's always booked

she was thinking we wouldn't be able to

make a reservation but I call I call the

direct line and I'll put the number down

below do you think you guys want to call

and make a reservation call and they

actually had three openings from the

week that we were gonna be here so that

was three weeks ago I think you made


yeah there must have been a cancellation

because there was a couple and it's

actually a little slower because copper

Easter but come summertime on I guess

still winter it's gonna get pretty busy

so they booked out 180 days in advance

so call try to make that reservation if

you tell them you're vacationing from

this state to this state they you could

be on waiting lists and you might get a

phone call while you're here some people

click cancel you never know so do you

think you might want to try it while

you're here just get on the waiting just

call doesn't hurt if you get called and

you don't want to do it just tell them

right there but you do if you are

confirmed for a reservation you could

cancel up 72 hours I believe so and they

also give you a courtesy call just to

make sure you're going to be doing and

yeah so I guess that's about it all

right guys so I hope you enjoyed this

review on Victorian Albert's if you have

any questions comments let us know

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