my favorite place of B is right here not

thinking out what brings me down here my

favorite way to be without fear isn't

now I'm learning how first light my

things no I'm doing just fine one foot

and another floating enjoy my freedom

see I like it better when I'm under the

set my so tell me what I need to know

where'd it go

go with the flow we're about to do

something we've never done before I'm a

little terrified I'll give you one hint

it's gonna be in the water





please I'm terrified

don't judge me able to be screaming I

know it 54 today is gonna be a touch

right behind the sea-doo so we're gonna

be flying ride the front of the pier




ladies and gentlemen get on your feet

get on out the door take a Doody







amanda is out here killing it right now

all she's doing so good

hold it I'm trying to fly the drone I

wanted to get the drone out there but I

just can't get the Wi-Fi connection to

update yeah G over here is helping me

trying to hook me up with a Wi-Fi

connection oh this is so much fun though

the weather is so beautiful

yesterday it was a little bit cloudy

today is paradise oh man that was so

much fun it was a little slow

frustrating but at least I got up a

couple times I really actually liked

just like chilling in the water and

having him like turned it on I felt like

Aquaman it was so fun

but now marks gonna go I'm gonna see if

my phone works to get the drone up and

I'll get that drought we'll see TV d-

I was not able to get the drone actually

I did get it up I have fun there he is

I don't think I'm funny on it but he

said yeah

don't wake up they get like stuck


that was fun I took a little bit but

once you get the hang of it I think

coming up I just concentrated on my feet

I don't think about what anything else

was doing just my feet and then you

could kind of bend and move I was into a

backflip but I'm gonna wait Bardot's

speech that you can work it in some

yummy Bowl a couple of people had

actually recommended this place so we

had to check it out and they look so

pretty so I'm excited yeah I might have

a game today


oh my god the pineapple is so good how

do bees life is good


we ended up stopping back by to see

Kendrick NGO and they were giving us

great recommendations on places to eat

like the old canoe house and the old

fisherman but I forgot to turn on the

mic afterwards

they showed off her job


those okay so kendrick and geo were so

cool they gave us like great

recommendations so we got some places to

go eat tonight which is that's key I'm

excited for that

this places to go and dishes to eat so

we've got a lot to do but today is

smoking hot here and yesterday since

when we arrived it was like really

cloudy but today it's like I said

earlier absolute paradise it's so hot

Sun is nice I am Ken crispy red so we're

also working with the Aruba Tourism

Board on this they're hooking us up with

like the itinerary and they got us this

rental car so this is making things

super easy we're just kind of driving

wherever we want to go now that we're

done with the whole jet pack and stuff

we're back in our hotel here at the

boardwalk we're just gonna freshen up

get a couple drinks and then we're

heading north to a beautiful beach I

think we might go to Rashi Beach yeah

we're gonna go up north and we're gonna

do a little snorkelling and we're

literally baking in the car right now

cuz Mark didn't want the a/c on because

of the noise mark it's five okay so

Aruba is interesting because it's a

Caribbean island but it's technically a

Dutch so it's it's like a Dutch oh shoot



if you come to Aruba you get dancing


if you come to boardwalk in the robotic



did we mention how awesome the hosts are

here at the boardwalk that was them

they're so friendly anyways yeah Aruba

is a small Dutch Caribbean island it's

not far from the coast of Venezuela and

sometimes you can actually Steven into

Isla from some of the viewpoints on a

clear day and one of the really cool

things and I'm so impressed with all the

locals I would say majority of them know

four languages English Dutch Spanish and

their local dialect which is Buffini

anthem it's like saying I thought and so

the one word we know is thank you and

that is donkey and kind of like the

animal donkey and I think if you want to

say thank you very much it's like Masha

Masha donkey what are we doing we gotta

freshen up a little bit so our hosts

hooked us up with some of these

so now we're gonna go find some fish







this is like a little viewpoint area

this is an iconic lighthouse called the

California lighthouse I think it was

made in like 1914 it's nice it sits up

here on top of this little hill the

battery died we're actually at that

beach where we went snorkeling Boca

Catalina there was plenty cuz I was just

down here I was trying to get some

b-roll shots of like the cactus and


so I'm hiding behind this cactus and I'm

going slow and you see in part of it

there's a woman down under one of the

umbrellas just like sunbathing and then

she Adam started moving around and I was

in the middle of like two shot and I was

like this is so creepy

rising slowly up out of the bushes with

a camera like aimed at her in her

general direction

creeper creep but it's been awesome


I missed like the fun Sunday's fun Sun

sunny days so one thing we've noticed

about Aruba too is it's very like

relaxed and slow going oh yeah that was

one thing that was like have you have

you gotten used to the pace because

we're just coming straight from New York

you know and like our work pace 9:00 to

5:00 it's very like you know you're up

and at it and then coming here that was

like the jet lag the not jet lag but

your lag because that everything just

moves so much slower here which is nice

and it's easy to get caught up kind of

in it because now I'm like maybe I do

just want to chill out on the beach and

lay there smoothies I know Aruba

Aruba strange in me change in me

changing me it's making me want to just

realize Amanda would be so happy you can

show on the beach I'll fly the drone and

stuff okay anyways that was just like a

little em'ly a little car car side chat

probably it's so hot you were enjoying

the AC yeah okay so we're gonna head

back I think we're gonna grab dinner

shower shower yeah we have so many

recommendations now


a p.m. we took some pictures for sunset

we're finally going to eat and we're

coming to the old fisherman which is

where geo and Kendrick recommended

second we're starting off with the bomba

key and basically fried bread or fried

bread this one is called on the menu but

the local name is barbecue and they also

recommended we get the papaya sauce 305

and they just brought out my drink the

official drink of Aruba the Aruba Arriba

that's good isn't it yeah that's up is


which is just like this one this one is

better she sold me on this play-doh

Creole Creole and it's got a fish cake I

believe is we have some fried plantain

little potatoes this is like a huge

platter it looks delicious

and Amanda's got catch of the day which

is mahi-mahi we are going to keep good


I hope your belly is ready Amanda

because we're gonna do stuff that I am

so excited to fish we ate way too much

but it was totally worth it so this is a

good place to end it and make sure you

come back to our next video so you can

see more of a group up and we will be

eating alone again tomorrow pick it up


okay guys like comment subscribe we will

see you in a roof in the next video