The Best Time to Visit Hawaii | Best Weather, Smallest Crowds, and Best Prices are in this Month

when is the best time to come to hawaii

because there is a best time and when is

the worst exactly i'm going over the

three c's

cost clouds and crowds to figure out the

best time to come to hawaii

he came up with that by the way no big

deal i am erica and i'm jordan and we're

from the hawaii vacation guide

and this is the best time to visit


before we get into this i just want to

say the worst time

to visit hawaii aside from the other

worst time that we're going to tell you


but the worst time to come to hawaii is

right now when there is still a

mandatory 14 day quarantine for all


it is no joke it is very strict

and you don't want to come here and

quarantine so just i did the quarantine

it's not fun

no it's terrible so so we're talking

about 2021

for coming here so what's the best month

to come 2021

and it is october october is the best

time we love october

it's not just our own opinion we ran the

numbers on the clouds the cost in the

crowd to figure out the best time to


and that's why we love october for it so

for this we looked at the data from noaa

and weather.com

and we also looked at hawaii tourism

authority we love the data they have so

much research data

we're looking at 2019 um because that's

the best representative sample for like

the trends that are going on

so of course 2019 crowds are expected in


the same patterns are going to happen

for it so number one is clouds

weather is probably the most important

thing right so why we love october

is that it starts to cool off the

temperatures start to dip they start

coming off those summer highs

and even september september right now

and it is hot right now

it's hot so october starts to cool off

but you don't have to rain yet which is

really nice

and let me put this in perspective

because you might be saying oh i want a

hot vacation

and you may but it is still very warm in

october oh yeah it's great it's hawaii

it's great even december it's warm it is

beach weather

yeah but it's no longer like in the high

90s with high humidity it starts to cool

off which is really nice

before we get into the data all these

numbers are from the leeward side of the


right so these are the resource sites

because the leeward side is the dry side

of the island so for example

on the big island you have kailua kona

in the kahala coast on maui you have

wailea in kanapali

on oahu you have waikiki for the most


indian colina very dry and koalina and

then kauai you have the south shore like


so those are the leeward sides of the

island all right so let's look at the

numbers real quick

the average highs in october is 87

degrees in maui and oahu

83 degrees in kauai in 78 in kailua kona

so still great temperatures rainfall

rainfall does start to

climb coming out of september but you're

still looking really low

on kauai it's four inches on oahu it's

about 2.2 inches

then on maui and the big island's about

1.5 inches

so not a lot and that's the thing with

rainfall too we're not talking like a

lot of storms those are the low numbers

but you're talking about nice tropical

storms usually like a cloud burst in the

morning and that's it

it's really rare in october to have like

all week of rain

yeah see that yeah maybe more december

february october you're okay

usually i mean there's always random

years but for the most part

it always happens all right so number

two my favorites crowds and that's where

october really sells

october is one of the least popular

months to visit least the number of

tourists that come

is october especially as a resident we

like october because it's quiet

so compared to july the peak of summer

like in 2019

july hit a million people for the first

time a million in 2019

so a lot lower in october what does that


it means that you have more parking

spots for snorkeling like you don't have

to get there as early more things are

open for it

also you can book that luau a little

easier without like booking weeks in

advance yeah you maybe don't need

reservations every time you go out to


um also the beaches are just a little

less crowded right there's a little less

traffic things are a little

it's nicer easier like a little less

planning because not everything's so

booked up you're not worried about it

buddy number three is cost

that's probably a lot of people care

about and october does better because

there's less crowds

you get more competitive rates right so

rental cars are lower

because there's less demand so they

start decreasing the cost for rental


and then two is lodging that's a big

deal that's probably your biggest

expense when you come to hawaii is


absolutely this is where you're going to

save so much money oh my goodness so

much money so

lodging in october if you are getting a

hotel it is the second cheapest month to

get a hotel

if you're going for a vacation rental it

is the cheapest month to get a vacation

rental so

october you're going to find some really

good deals it's really nice especially

when you compare that to like december

when prices double like in wailea

and maui price will double during

christmas period yeah so a lot better in


okay so worst time to visit now that we

know the best time

what's the worst month to visit the

second half of december

there you go it is it's tough and

we just think it's tough because your

dollar doesn't go as far

right so everything that is cheaper in


is double or triple the price in


it is crazy it gets so expensive it's

just because so many people come in

december it's a christmas holiday it's a

great time to come

it's beautiful absolutely beautiful but

that's one thing too rainfall it's a

wettest month also

so so crowds are high in december

because the holidays and then also for


you get a lot of clouds because it's the

wettest month by far

that said we know it is so popular

because so many people

like have kids in school or maybe that's

the only time they can get off work

and so that said like coming in december

over christmas

is still not a bad option right you

still get to come to hawaii

it is so wonderful it is just our least

favorite time

because of the clouds crowds and costs

exactly it just makes it

challenging i mean in christmas and

hawaii is so much fun right they really

dial up the aloha there's lots of

christmas events there's lots of singing

it's a lot of fun during the christmas


um but i just think it's the worst time

let's figure it out so

other things to consider when you're

booking your trip to hawaii for picking

a month so a lot of people can't come in

october because school's in session

so if you need the kids out of school we

love june it's during the summer break


it's busier but it's june's the least

busy month out of june july and august

it's also on the cooler months of june

july august and then still

prices haven't started to jump up to

those peak summer highs either so june's

a good time to come if you have to worry

about the kids being in school

so pick them up from their last day of

school and head to the airport and

everything will just be great so other

things to consider when you're looking

at times to come

is the shoulder periods the kind of

slower periods on hawaii

and that is the fall in the spring so

you're talking september october


for thanksgiving and then also in the

springtime talking like

late march april and may yeah so those

are the shoulder periods we consider


other things to consider when booking

try to stay away from long weekends if

you can

obviously like spring break president's

weekend you see big spikes in lodging

during those time periods

other things to consider is thanksgiving

i love thanksgiving

i love thanksgiving on the islands it's

nice the prices are good the weather is


it's nice if you can't do christmas

thanksgiving is another great holiday to

come to hawaii yeah i would say that

might be like the best holiday i do love

it yeah my family came last time we sat

great time

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