TOP 10 BEST PLACES To Live in North Carolina

what's up guys this is Teddy Smith here

at Wilmington North Carolina this video

I'm going to be doing the top 10 best

cities in North Carolina coming in at

number 10 is going to be nags at nags

head is one of the most popular cities

in all of the Outer Banks and Dare

County in general Dara County is

actually the fourth wealthiest County in

all of North Carolina so if you want to

live in an upscale beach town that's a

little less populated some of the other

beaches definitely want to check out

nags head and all of Outer Banks Outer

Banks is known for lighthouses sand

dunes and the place where flight first

took place the Wright brothers flew the

first plane in Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil

Hills and one of the most famous

lighthouses in existence Cape Hatteras

which was recently moved is located in

the Outer Banks so number nine is going

to be winston-salem North Carolina and

winston-salem is known universally as

the tobacco city because it's where the

most popular brand names of American

cigarettes like Marlboro and camel

reside but these days is being known

more as a high-growth high employment

city with tons of health jobs because of

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center which

is home to some of the most well

renowned cancer and ear nose and throat

doctors so number eight is going to be

Oak Island Brunswick County or Bruns Co

as the locals would call it the great

thing about Oak Island is that it has

all of the features of a high-end beach

like pristine coastlines and access to

the intercostal waterway but it's

relatively affordable not only that but

if you want to go super luxury with it

there's also Bald Head Island that is

only accessible by boat it's all these

reasons that Brunswick County is

experiencing one of the highest growth

rates of retirees so if you're looking

for a great place to retire make sure to

check out Bronco

so coming in at number seven is Mount

Airy North Carolina known as the

friendliest town in the United States

and the town that the andy griffith show

is based off of the great thing about

Mannering north carolina has an

extremely low cost of living it has

everything that you need including some

incredible mountain views and it's known

as one of the best places to retire in

the United States coming in at number 6

is going to be Greensboro North Carolina

the third largest city in the state

now with the population that size

Greensboro is going to be an employment

hub if you're looking for a job

Bank of America Mack trucks and Volvo

all of these corporate employers are

going to be in Greensboro North Carolina

but besides the jobs and the money you

also have great cultural aspects that's

known for its civil rights movement so

it has a booming downtown scene I've

been to downtown Greensboro many times

and it's by far one of the funnest

downtown's that you could possibly go to

so up next is going to be Greenville

North Carolina home to East Carolina

University now this is actually where I

went to college and Greenville is known

as one of the biggest party destinations

in North Carolina if not the biggest but

don't let the party reputation tutor you

it actually has one of the best business

and nursing programs in North Carolina

so if you're looking for a place to get

an affordable education and get a job

right afterwards Greenville is going to

be a great place to do that and now

Asheville North Carolina is probably one

of the most unique places that you could

possibly visit and people call it the

San Francisco of the South if you're

looking to live maybe in an alternative

lifestyle you want to be in the music

industry or you want to be around people

who are into the cultural aspect of life

and the arts definitely want to check

out Asheville so coming in at number

three and this is actually my number one

and where I live is going to be

Wilmington North Carolina the San Diego

of the South it has all it's got the

city it's got the downtown it's got the

beaches and it has all of this at a

relatively low

cost of living so you can get a job here

and the best part is you don't have to

be somebody who is working all the time

to enjoy a great quality of life you've

got everything you need here and nothing

you don't plus it's got one of the best

universities in the public college

system here in North Carolina UNC

Wilmington coming in at number two

Charlotte North Carolina by far the

largest city in North Carolina by

population size and the second fastest

growing city in the country Charlotte is

going to be the city to go to if you're

looking to get the loft if you're

looking to get that high salary job and

you're looking to live the lifestyle

that needs a lot of income and this is

simply because Charlotte is a huge

employer and it's the third largest

financial district in the United States

coming in at number one the second

biggest city in North Carolina and once

again one of the fastest growing in the

United States is going to be Raleigh

North Carolina

or more broadly speaking the triangle

the triangle consists of Raleigh Durham

and Chapel Hill it's home to some of the

most well known high-tech employers like

Apple which is building a new campus in

Research Triangle Park

you've got Cisco you've got Microsoft

carry North Carolina also is one of the

most educated places in the whole entire

country sixty percent of people in Cary

North Carolina have a bachelor's degree

and it's home to some of the lowest

crime rates in the country as well

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