My Trip to Boone, North Carolina | Travel Ideas

greetings travel lovers hi America

travel guy and it's time to explore

Boone North Carolina located in the

northwest corner of North Carolina Boone

is bursting with natural beauty outdoor

activities for the whole family of fun

downtown delicious meals and just enough

history and arts to keep you coming back

for more

it's close to numerous airports in the

state as well as in neighboring

Tennessee the closest being the

tri-cities Regional Airport in nearby

Blountville just a 45 mile drive from

Boone oh here's a little tip for you

this is downtown Boone and as you can

see you do not need a car here it's

totally walkable you'll find restaurants

shops and galleries spend time in

quintessential Main Street USA hang out

with the college kids locals and

visitors as you explore this walkable

district did you know the town of Boone

is named after that famous frontiersman

Daniel Boone now he's not from here but

he did camp here and in the area and

that pioneering spirit well it lives on

today and that spirit comes alive at

horn in the West it's this nation's

longest-running Revolutionary War

outdoor drama this show brings to life

the story of hearty pioneers who with

the help of Fame frontiersman Daniel

Boone and Cherokee allies settled in the

Blue Ridge wilderness as they sought

freedom from British tyranny oh hi you

know when you visit Boone you will

quickly learn that it's a pretty cool

progressive little town but they've

never forgotten their history that's why

I want you to come here

this is Mass General Store stepping

inside is like stepping back to a

simpler time it's on the Register of

Historic Places and today still serves

the residents of Boone's

as it is done for more than 80 years one

of the places you have to include on

your itinerary is farm cafe you know

it's a pretty cool place for some pretty

cool reasons it's a non-profit hey what

you can community kitchen they're

serving fresh meals with locally sourced

ingredients our coffee is pretty good

too this is just one of many culinary

examples from this charming

area restaurant owners and classically

trained chefs using local ingredients to

create just about anything your taste

buds desire suffice it to say you'll be

thrilled at the diversity and the

flavors there's no doubt about it

Boone offers some of the most

spectacular views you'll ever see and if

you love hiking camping or just enjoying

nature's beauty then take the short

drive here this is Grandfather Mountain

and while they call it grandfather

she is definitely the mother of all

mountains in fact it's the tallest

mountain in the Blue Ridge spend the

afternoon exploring learning at the

visitors center and even having lunch of

course you can't come out to this part

of the country and expect anything less

than some of the best outdoor recreation

in the world boone provides exhilarating

hiking biking fly fishing kayaking rock

climbing and my favorite canopy tours

and ziplining come to think of it pretty

much anything you could ever want to do

outdoors and it's not limited to the

warmer months once the fresh powder is

fallen this community has some of the

best skiing and snowboarding in the area

oh and you absolutely have to walk

across the mile-high swinging bridge

it's America's highest suspended

footbridge but you may not want to look

down because you're a mile high the

views are spectacular exploring with

friends and family is refreshing and it

may just be exactly what you need to

reconnect with mother nature I loved it

so I have one more question for you is

it better here than there well that's up

for you to decide on your next

unforgettable vacation to Boone North

Carolina I'm Erika travel guide thanks

for watching

when you visit Boone you will quickly

learn this is a pretty cool progressive

little town I mean but sorry so what

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