Visit North Carolina - What to Eat in North Carolina

hey there fellow travelers mark you with

Walters world today we're in the Outer

Banks of North Carolina and the thing is

you come to the Outer Banks there's a

lot of tasty things to eat but the thing

is there's a lot of tasty things to eat

and enjoy all over North Carolina so

today what we have for you are the five

things you should eat drink and enjoy

when you do come to North Carolina and

the first thing I gotta say the one

that's always impressed me is the

quality of the beer up by Asheville if

you go in the very western part of the

state Astral's it's really kind of kooky

cool town to go check out beautiful

nature all around there the Biltmore

estates there it's really a cool place

to visit but the coolest thing for me is

they have some of the best beer in the

u.s. so that's the first thing you gotta

have you got to drink the North Carolina

beer second thing you want to have when

you come here North Carolina barbecue

look barbecue is all over the south but

North Carolina has its own style and so

well there having pulled pork or ribs or

whatever the thing that's different

about North Carolina barbecue is the

sauce they have a vinegar-based sauce

when you when you do eat it here and

you'll have all kinds of options all

throughout the state to enjoy it

so you will have that and of course make

sure you have the coleslaw and hush

puppies with the barbecue because it's

awesome okay third thing you want to

have if you're here on the Outer Banks

or anywhere near the coast you have

really great seafood when you are here

in North Carolina especially on the east

side of it so have she crab bisque or or

had the soft-shell crab I have some

clams I have the fish there's all kinds

of great seafood to have when you are

here so do enjoy that and that's one

things I really enjoy is that you

actually do get the seafood it kind of

comes from the coast and goes throughout

the States you do have that my fourth

thing I'm gonna tell you to have when

you are here is grab some donuts look

I'm not gonna lie to you some of the

best donuts in the u.s. come from here

and one of the chains Krispy Kreme

that's my go-to for a glazed donut it is

fantastic you'll find it throughout the

state to go grab some donuts from there

but also if you're here in the Outer

Banks you might see a place called duck

donuts and it's kind of expanded I like

more place in the US but duck donuts

it's like going to Chipotle where they

make the stuff in front of you they make

the burrito in front of you well here

they make the donuts in front of you so

you you check up once you want you can

have a custom-made donut for you and you

go through and what's cool is you get

line you put your order and then you

just walk down the line and you watch

that make the donuts as you go and it is

really awesome

fifth thing I'm gonna tell you to get

have when you come here are the southern

fixins look I talked about the hush

puppies before with a barbeque but when

you're here boiled peanuts oh yeah you

would have some hot boiled peanuts when

you're coming down here and when you're

driving you might see on the side of a

road we have hot boiled peanuts get off

grab a bag of them remember if you're

not from the south you might not know

what these are

it's peanuts in their shell that's been

boiled maybe some hot sauce in it and

they boil it boil it and then you you

crack it open or you putting a mouth and

chomp it open you don't need to show you

get the peanut inside and it's like a

mushy peanut in there oh man it is so

good other southern fix you want to have

when you are here definitely have some

fried green tomatoes when you're down

here that's fantastic the thing is

whether it's the pies all kinds of stuff

whether you have some Cheerwine when

you're down here it's like a soda they

had down here we have another player to

the US too but it's kind of more popular

down here you have a lot of southern

things you want to have when you do come

down here so do enjoy that and I'll be

honest the service here has actually

been very good here in North Carolina

people are very friendly so when you go

out to eat you're gonna be like yeah

this is really a good time and then I

think there's another drink I need to

tell you about when you do come here

aside from the beer is also don't forget

when you're in the south and just like

in North Carolina's part of the south is

have the sweet tea okay now they'll have

a nun sweet tea thing there when you're

at the restaurant I don't know why

because no one drinks it and then I'd

like two or three cases or things for

the sweet tea that's the way to go

anyway this is just a quick little video

of five things that I like to eat and

enjoy when I do come here to North

Carolina if you have more stuff you

think we should eat North Carolina

please put in the comments section below

so when people are coming to visit this

amazing state I mean we've gone to

Raleigh had a great time with the

museum's there we've been in Asheville

the Smoky Mountains on my guide Blue

Ridge Mountains there's so much beauty

in the state here on the Outer Banks

it's just a really fun place and you get

to eat and drink well heck why not come

visit anyway if you will learn more

maybe the don'ts have coming to the

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hope you have a great time here in North

Carolina but you will cause it's got

nature it's got history it's got fun

it's got food it's good well a beer

doesn't really rhyme with with with with

free and food but whatever you get my


buy for North Carolina