The Outer Banks North Carolina - The Birthplace of Vacation

ah all right helmets on gears on these

IDs on morning everyone

good morning from the beautiful Outer

Banks North Carolina oh my god I even

said that with a southern accent I was

gonna say guess where we are

but I guess you know now we're in North

Carolina right we're flight all began

that's right we're staying in Kitty Hawk

North Carolina but we are gonna show you

all of the amazing places to go in the

Outer Banks one of the best beaches in

all of United States take a look as you

can see we are right next to the famous

Kitty Hawk pier and we're gonna start it

off and probably one of the most

gluttonous ways possible doughnut baby

duck donuts is a dynasty in the Outer

Banks so we got to see what this is all


duck donor dynasty it should be what if

they're related at all yes we're gonna

start off with that yeah so let's go



ready oh is open it up okay so we we

learned that we're here just a little

bit before the busy season starts

they said the wait can get up to 45

minutes maybe an hour sometimes you have

your original type doughnuts like a

glaze then you have your special

doughnuts these are clearly mine because

they're sprinkles and scotch doughnuts

are maple bacon and an Oreo type

doughnut and they have made to order

custom doughnuts as well a dynasty I'm

telling you a dynasty they make all of

them fresh just like these these things

are still piping hot warm I can't wait

to just dive into these things

part of a blend between like a cake

doughnut and like a normal doughnut

they're not I don't know how to describe

it but fried it's really good

look at this that is a perfect blend of

like salty and sweet that is really good

just a man and his doughnut now that we

have our sugar high trust me it is a

serious sugar high now we're gonna get

our journal rush with some hang-gliding

I mean when you're at Kitty Hawk the

birthplace of flight you got to go fly

somehow all right so when I signed up

for this I did not know exactly what I

was getting myself into

we've done hang gliding before there's

always been copped in the pilot well it

turns out for this one I am the pilot so

surprising to me I didn't realize this

so little anxious but excited as well

you know as you already said this is

where flight began so I guess that's

where my flight journey is going to

begin as well we just had our class

simple short about an hour long very

informative it kind of makes you feel at

ease and I'm pretty much at ease and so

we've got about five minutes before we

head out to the sand dunes where we're

going to take our leap of faith under

the trusty tutelage of our pilots I

should say now pilots but teachers

all right helmets on gears on anxieties

on and we're on the sand dunes so you

can see right here we've got the whole

group lined up right there everybody's

getting ready we've got our kites hang

gliders I don't know but look at this

it's such a beautiful place part of the

reason why we're here and part of the

reason why flight began here it's

because of these dunes and this

beautiful wind the Wright brothers came

here because of this consistent wind off

the ocean also they realized that the

crash sand isn't that hard and so same

thing with us if we crash not gonna be

that hard it's awesome just like the

Wright brothers I mean how cool is that

it's not every day you get to learn how

to fly in the very birthplace of flight

I think the Wright brothers would be

very proud of Scott right now

time for some cooking good looking

that's right we are at fish heads which

is a local staple and it is over the


yeah so it is a it's basically appear

out here it is the only thing that's

really jetting out of the water

Teli for a mile or so but we've heard

some great things about this place and

I'm ready to dive in because I am

starving right now

Plus this place is open till 1:00 a.m.

even offseason so I think it's the place

to be yeah check it out stuff turns up

here alright guys so we made it in and


your time on the pier one thing you know

is that this place shakes with every

wave that hits the piers so we are here

in pre-season right before Memorial Day

there's still a lot of people here but I

can imagine the summertime this place

turns up there's indoor and outdoor

seating and I think you could here in

the summer and outside I bet you this

place is amazing

I think that was success place is great

the funny thing is you walk in it's

basically a bait and tackle shop so

don't be confused when you walk in the

entrance as we were because we first

walked into thought this isn't a

restaurant let's go through it bars in

the back definitely plays to come check

out when you're the Outer Banks alright

guys so this is something we've never

done before we just saw on the side of

the road they have things called brew

throughs and supposedly you can get

beverages deliver it directly to your

car so we're gonna try it out so let's

go drive-thru for adult beverages and

this is not on our itinerary but we

decided when in the Outer Banks it's a

gas station and we're about to go in

show them the entrance awesome we get

individual beers delivered to my car

like best day ever

that was a great success we're on our

way out with beverages okay not open

just so you guys are like booze and

driving clouds be safe but that was the

coolest thing brew throughs I didn't

know those things existed I don't know

they exist in other states we'll have to

find out but that was coolest thing the

service was amazing she's so nice help

us out

this is something that every state I

think should have


we're here we finally made to our

destination and it is known as the

birthplace of sport fishing so our

captain who's right back there he's the

son of a guy who actually started sport

fishing back in the 1930s he decided you

know what I'm not gonna become

commercial fisherman I'm gonna take out

tourists and see if they want to catch

some fish on their own and because of

that now some worldwide that's what

people do it's been lots of money to go

catch marlin and all sorts of fun fish

and hopefully today we catch something



yeah first dry take a look it's a little


hola cuz he's a Spanish man but we're

gonna eat it for lunch I guess that's

what they said so hey we're out here for

like five minutes and we're they have

our first sketch okay all right we just

caught our fourth Spanish mackerel I'd

say we definitely have enough for lunch

but we're gonna try for more big success

yeah today was a day of catching not

just fishing yeah so we caught over a

dozen fish mostly Spanish so today

they're cleaning them up right now for

us we're gonna have them for lunch it's

gonna feed us and some people it's

amazing to think that we're here in the

birthplace of flight in Kitty Hawk North

Carolina Aviation is what got us here in

the first place if you can is what

inspired us to travel around the world

so it's extremely inspiring to be here

where the Wright brothers took their

first flight in 1903 whoo whoo good job

fact being over a 100 years ago I mean

we were just in a museum so

facts per day alright guys so I just

want you to picture yourself I mean I

know it seems so fundamental now that

flight just happens all the time I mean

we're on almost like on a weekly basis

but before wasn't I mean a little more

than a hundred years ago there was no

flight and people were dreaming about it

for years and it happened right here

right behind us there were four flights

you can kind of see the stones one two

three and then the fourth one way over

there for you historians already know

this stuff it's probably boring but to

us it's kind of exciting

I mean if birds can soar why can't we

tell about the four flights so the

Wright brothers took four flights on

this fateful day in 1903 and the first

flight took them a little over a hundred

feet right there the second flight took

them a little farther the third flight a

little farther than that on the fourth

flight they went almost a thousand feet

and that was a moment when they finally

said we've had success we're the first

time to fly under propulsion under power

I mean people had built gliders before

basically big kites and what we know is

hang gliders almost but these are the

first people to propel themselves

through the air so cool little spot I

mean walking through history here and I

think as aviation geeks ourselves it's a

very special place to come I've been to

the Outer Banks many times but I've

never come to this museum and I think

it's a must for anyone that loves to fly

and travel and dream


so I used to come to the Outer Banks in

North Carolina as a little girl so when

I think of the Outer Banks I think of

relaxation I think of fun I think of

some of the best beaches in the United

States and definitely the best sunrises

and the best sunsets because this is my

first time to the Outer Banks and I'd

say when I first saw it I was like okay

it looks all right but then after

exploring everything that we've seen I

am a changed man I mean today when we

were fishing that was the coolest thing

to be at the birthplace of flight the

birthplace of sport fishing I think this

is the birthplace of vacations well I

love that so it's crazy to think that I

haven't been to the Outer Banks in about

25 years

but even though things have changed a

little bit the emotion of outer brakes

hasn't changed I still feel relaxed here

it's still a family place and still a

romantic place to come I mean we're just

chilling here watching the sunset the

two of us and pretty much the only two

people down there Kitty Hawk piers right

behind us

well as always I'm Scott and I'm Colette

and we are Rome real and if you liked

what you saw please like and subscribe

below and don't forget to thank the

Wright brothers for your flight you're

flying anytime soon thanks y'all



okay for all of you hopeless romantics

Nicholas Park fans I'm here can you

guess which house this is this is the

house from the Knights of Rodanthe movie

Nights in Rodanthe written originally by

Nicholas Sparks the same guy that wrote

The Notebook filmed right here with

Richard Gere and Diane Lane my heart is

going pitter-patter so romantic