Why you need to travel Alone

hey tech later and welcome back to

another episode of the tech late this is

your host 2x Google tech lead today I

wanted to talk to you about traveling

alone what I've done here is I'm

currently in Hawaii and I had just

booked a ticket for one person to Hawaii

is that something you would do because

it kind of scared me when I first did it

by the way let me show you my room I got

an upgrade to ocean view

it's spectacular it's so nice and the

thing is I just really needed the

vacation I have been working 80-hour

weeks and I just long for the beaches

and I couldn't find anyone who would go

with me so I just thought you know what

I'm just gonna go myself because I just

really need this vacation you know tell

me if this is something that you would

do would you just booked a trip to

Hawaii all by yourself it's kind of a

family-friendly destination right so I

was a little bit scared to do it but I

wanted to tell you about how it's been

going and the pros and cons of it I have

my contacts on today because I was just

snorkeling by the way right there over

in that ocean so overall traveling has

this mix of pros and cons but I'm always

pleasantly surprised by how much fun and

delightful it is actually traveling

alone like you know let's take a look at

efficiency right in terms of time and

money the trip is so efficient like I'm

able to pack in maybe twice as much as I

normally may be able to do as if I were

traveling with somebody else right and

it's not like I'm very sad or lonely

through the trip actually most of the

time I'm just so busy having fun

experiencing new things eating new foods

figuring out where to go what activities

to do where to eat that I just don't

have much time to worry about whether

I'm lonely or not and then in my

downtime I'm usually just catching up on

emails and work so most of the time it

just feels like a standard vacation for

me except it is just a lot more

efficient because I'm able to spend time

doing exactly what I want to be doing

you know it could be worse like I'm sure

you've probably been on vacations before

to where you end up arguing with the

other person throughout half the

vacation here the whole trip goes

exactly as planned in terms of money as

well it's so cheap like I booked this

sailing ATV adventure $180 per person

which would normally be quite expensive

if multiple people were to come but for


manageable and then I can go eat nice

restaurants and they all works out

actually so overall when you look at it

from the efficiency of time or money

you're getting almost like double that

value so if there's a destination that I

think you really want to go and you

really want to explore like if you want

to be doing what you want to do and have

a really efficient vacation then

traveling alone you may be surprised at

how efficient that is like we're talking

about probably double or triple your

efficiency and I kind of enjoy that

there's absolutely no waiting around for

anybody which is pretty nice it's pretty

great like when you're ready to go you

just go like I woke up at 5:30 a.m. so I

could go snorkeling and I just had the

thought as soon as I was ready to get

going and I also was able to do all of

the activities that I really wanted to

do if I were with other people they may

want to spend their time shopping going

to the mall maybe spending the whole day

at the farmers market which for me it's

just not what I came here to do now

there are some cons like when I see a

lovely couple together I just wish that

I had somebody close to me who could

also share and make memories with in a

special destination but when I take a

look around many people they don't come

with their partner right they just come

because their family came and they got

dragged along into it and other people

just come here with their friends

they're not out to make any special

memories they're just out here to have

some fun very similar to me really and

when I go out it just reminds me about

how big the world is and you know we all

see that lovely couple and we wish that

that could be us but that's not

necessarily going to be the case for

many people right that's probably the

ideal scenario but for most people you

know you could be on the vacation with

someone who's just arguing with you all

the time delaying you stalling you on

all the activities and just slowing you

down every step of the way not to

mention maybe doubling or tripling your

costs so overall I've actually been

having a pretty decent time here and it

reminds me it feels like a lot of the

other trips that I may have done in the

past with other people you know I'm just

pretty busy most of the time just trying

to do things enjoy myself figure out

what I'm doing over the past few days I

had gone snorkeling did an ocean

adventure the ATV adventure drove around

the island

went to a coffee farm hiked up Diamond

Head crater and yeah I've been having a

good time it could be better it could be


it could be a lot worse in fact right

and when they came time to book the

hotels this was kind of a tricky one

because I know that if other people came

with me I would be more inclined to book

a really nice hotel because other people

can enjoy that like here I have a double

Queen Room you can see it there's a

whole extra bed here and you know that

could have been used for somebody else

but that's fine and the same can be said

for the car rental but you know you win

some you lose some right like it's not

maximum optimization here I could have

easily booked like a single hostel or

something like that but I just have

points and I wanted to get the better

room especially for a destination like

Hawaii were having a good resort matters

a bit you know I'm not going to lie it

there were some moments where I was

feeling kind of lonely and I was wishing

that I had somebody next to me and I was

feeling a little bit of emptiness as


but those moments overall didn't last

that long and you know I think a lot of

people are alone anyways right like even

if you're with somebody sometimes you

can still feel alone young Robin

Williams he used to have this quote he

said that he used to think the worst

thing was being alone but actually even

worse than that is being with somebody

and still feeling alone wow that's


but overall those moments are short and

otherwise I was just too busy having fun

eating food or just too tired to think

about that stuff looking for some food

and also it's nice to be alone sometimes

and just have some time to yourself to

think and just be really Pleasant and

enjoy a vacation by yourself right it's

super peaceful super relaxing you don't

have to deal with anybody you don't have

to argue or talk or compromise you just

go do what you want you know there's

nothing more relaxing than this I think

like it's just been really chill before

we wrap up I just want to leave you with

a thought we were all born into this

world alone right we made that struggle

and we came to this world all by


and it's been spectacular and one day we

will venture into the shadow of the

valley into death alone as well and we

may be surrounded by other people but we

will need to make that final step by

ourselves into the next realm so don't

be afraid to do things on your own many

times I see people who can't even have a

lunch of them like they just got to sit

with their friends all the time

put yourself outside of your comfort

zone right do something new do something

different do something uncomfortable and

that is how you will grow

my shed a tear there there's a beautiful

sunset I'll do for me let me know what

you think about traveling alone would

you book a trip to Hawaii all by

yourself let me know in the comments

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time thanks bye