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into these tips okay so why would

somebody travel by yourselves like a lot

of people want to travel in groups or

they travel with their family so why

would somebody want to travel by

themselves the reason being is because

you should

it ain't no reason it's cuz you should

and I'll tell you guys why this will be

the only time of your life that you can

be super super super super selfish and

just do what you want to do without

worrying about other people son

allergies activities or whatever you can

do exactly what you want to do on your

vacation okay so the very first thing

you have to do before you travel by

yourself and this is gonna be kind of

like under but you have to do your

research you need to know the price you

need to know where you're going you need

to know the laws you need to know is it

even safe to travel by yourself in these

countries all of these things watch

youtube videos of people who've been see

where you want to be and all that good

jazz it's also good to know like the

holidays of that country Sadie town or

whatever because you don't want to get

stuck in a country you know if it's a

certain holiday because like an

Indonesia or something like Airport shut

down for some of their holidays so you

want to just keep that in mind the

second thing is make sure that there's

activities and things outside of just a

nice hotel that you would like to do or

enjoy doing I know when I went on a

cruise by myself I did all the

activities that I wanted to do that

course back riding ATVs

I did three excursion

can't remember the last one I know it's

super fun because I enjoyed every single

one of them but make sure that there's

stuff there at the resort at the on the

cruise or whatever you want to go to or

however you travel by yourself and make

sure that there's things that you enjoy

if you like sightseeing make sure their

site saying if you love history make

sure that there's some sort of history

tour or something you can do so you can

thoroughly enjoy yourself there's

nothing worse than going anywhere and

just being like this at the hotel

that's not traveling by yourself and you

just don't went to a different location

to be in the house that's not so if you

like to lay by the pool make sure they

have a great pool if you like a bar and

party scene in the party life make sure

that is all there do not book or go

anywhere where you're gonna be bored you

might as well stay at home save you

money it ain't worth it the third tip I

have for you guys is try to go somewhere

we're not gonna be totally isolated like

for me when I told you guys I went on

the cruise I knew that there were going

to be other people in a confined space

that I could talk to if I ever got bored

or ever just needed some company I

actually met a really cool couple on the

cruise and I hung out with them most of

the time so when you book or you want to

go anywhere you want to make sure that

there's somewhere you can socialize

maybe sit at the pool bar hang out or

maybe meet like a small group who are on

vacation you know doing their own thing

the winter that you can tag team along

with believe me I know that sounds like

there's some people but honestly that's

when you have the most fun because you

don't know them like that you can have a

ball you can go out and do the thing and

go home and not worry

another tip is to not go anywhere that's

super duper ooper romantic you want to

stay away from the couples resorts you

want to stay away from the couple

cruises you want to stay away from the

places where it's couples because the

last thing you want to do is feel lonely

on your get up your turnip getaway or

the cruise or the trip that you've gone

by yourself so make sure you just steer

clear the couples retreat or the couples

resorts are those honeymoon anything

like a honeymoon suite

that's not where you want to go now the

next tip is I love and I keep saying

this but Cruise is honest to god are the

best I went on a seven-day cruise by

myself and had a ball but cruises and

like resorts supposed to like the fun

turn up resorts like in Cancun or

whatever our ideal because you know that

you'll be around

other people you know that there'll be

other activities or no like a cruise has

a casino it has a buffet it has shows

there's so many options and things that

you can do in activities that you can do

on a cruise that's why I personally

prefer cruise if you go by yourself but

resorts sometimes have the same thing so

just do your research and make sure that

there's activity than think that you

want to do I like what I said earlier so

the next tip is to do everything that

you want to do if there's something that

interests you or intrigues you maybe a

tour or something just go for it like I

said earlier this is going to be the

only time in your life or on a trip that

you will have full control over your

schedule what time you wake up what time

you go anywhere if you guys I've ever

been on the trip with family or

significant other those are fun too but

you always have to take into

consideration other people so this is

the one time where you can just you know

what I want to take a nap so I'm gonna

take a nap I'm gonna go to the buffet a

little later if someone goes to buff a

little later I'm gonna go on that

excursion because I want to go on an

excursion this is the only time in your

life that you're going to be able to do

these things so take advantage of all

the independence and the selfishness

that you can do suck it up live it love

it live your life on your vacation until

I'm telling y'all it's the only time

you're okay so the final tip is do not

spend a second on your trip worrying or

being depressed or sad about you being

by yourself people will commend you

people go wow you're on the trip or

yourself people like really embraced

that you are that daring now be careful

don't just tell everybody you know make

sure you got some safety precautions you

know keep your beams up but make sure

that you enjoy yourself and that you

have fun you can always go on a vacation

with somebody else you can always do

something somebody else so make sure you

enjoy yourself and don't worry

you'll have a baby one day and you'll go

today or you'll go later with your

family don't worry about it just have a

great time okay so that is all the tips

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