5 Questions to Ask A Girl Before You Take Her Out (Hick Tip #6)

before we start stop messing around and

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youtube channel it's not that hard it's

really not that hard how hard is it

he doesn't know in the world today there

are several types of women but as a man

we need to be picky in our endeavors

with women unless you're Borat then you

kind of have to take what you can get

well have a car that's attract a woman

with a shave from down below so if

you're ready to have a woman worth

having and for her to give you the keys

your butt house listen number one are

you vegan or vegetarian I personally

have nothing against vegans or

vegetarians it's a lifestyle that you

chose but from a man's perspective what

makes you think you're gonna like

slobbering all over my meat if you don't

enjoy a nice filet mignon every once in

a while that's a problem

like a bad problem secondly I like to

cook meat in my house and I know you're

gonna have a problem with it hey babe

can you cook that outside I want this to

be like a vegan safe zone in the house

yeah if you could just pack your crap

and and leave that'd be great god forbid

I go hunting and you see me dragging a

200-pound hog out of the field bleeding

out I'd say the chances of you stabbing

me in the neck with a is likely as

Obamacare actually working for people by

the way the middle class got the shaft

on that you paid 10 bucks for health

insurance if you make under 16 thousand

for the year but someone who makes 40

thousand pays the same as someone who

makes 20 million a year sweet job Obama

no seriously really really good work

have you heard of the Affordable Care

Act oh yeah I heard about that that's

the thing that doesn't work number two

does the fact that I own guns scare or

offend you

first of all this is America so if you

don't like guns move to Japan where

they're illegal also you can take anyone

who takes Trump with you as well

fact that you're scared of guns or don't

even like guns tells me so much about

your personality for one you're

extremely unrealistic about life you

stuff your face with Bagel Bites and

chocolate cake on a daily basis that

kills about 600,000 people a year and

guns only kill about 14,000 I think it's

pretty ridiculous how some people

actually leave their doors unlocked

because technically there's less damage

done in a robbery well no they

don't have to break your door down the

problem with that is that your neighbors

are a bunch of college kids who watch

you leave every day without locking your

door that $4,500 dining room set that

you just bought is currently being used

as a beer pong table

hey bro where'd you get this table I

don't know bro our neighbors just don't

lock their doors so I just walked in and

took it bro that is badass

I know I begged her sister on it last

night what lastly when a robber walks

into your house pointing a gun at your


have fun fending him off hitting him

with your Hello Kitty backpack number

three do you think everything should be

given to you aka a liberal here is the

definition of a liberal as it states in

urban dictionary so how this transfers

in my mind is that if I'm at a bar with

you and you see a girl smile at me I'm

gonna be bailing you out later from jail

for stabbing her in the neck secondly

I'm not your personal atm because you

thinking that working hard isn't the

American Way no I'm not gonna fly you to

Washington DC to go to the protest Trump


and no I'm not gonna listen to you about

how great Hillary Clinton is or how

you'd like to have dinner with her

sometime or maybe scissor her well this

has been a lot of fun mrs. Quinn we

should stay in touch what's the best way

to reach you email


no-no-no number four are you a feminist

now before I get a ton of hate from all

the women on here let me just explain

what I'm talking about feminism used to

be women getting all the same rights as

men such as the right to vote or equal

pay at work and the ability to say I

need to take a huge dump in front of a

crowd of people but now it's a movement

full of ignorant women who seem to think

that being able to push a baby out of

their stomach entitles them to a bigger

and better everything I personally

believe that women are equal to men but

feminists still think that we are equal

so I'm gonna give you a few examples on

how I'm gonna poke holes in your

theories here first of all for you

feminists who are married let me ask you

this who bought the house the cars the

bed your dildos your butt plugs my bet

is that 99% of the time your husband did

now you tell me how that's equal so I

have a few tips for you feminists out

there when you see me walking out of the

dry cleaners holding the sheets that I

made you squirt all over last night how

about you hold the door open for me when

we go on a date and you order the surf

and turf and a $79 bottle of wine why

don't you pony up a little bit of cash

and pick up the check

last but certainly not least were you in

a sorority for those of you don't know

it's sorority is a group of women well

no not women two girls

it's not given that much credit it's a

group of chicks who have low self-esteem

who do community service every once in a

while to make up for all the guilt they

feel for sucking all the frat boys

little no I don't want to meet your

sisters and no I don't want to go on

your dad's yacht oh so your big sister

doesn't like me because I don't wear

boat shoes well you can tell her to ride

off and if one more y'all come to the

dance hall with boots that you just

bought that day and post a picture on

instagram with hashtag country girl I'm

gonna have one of my barrel racing

friends come over there and break your

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