Where Should I Take A Girl Out On The First Date?


hey what's up I'm Geo I'm Joe I'm

Tiffany and I'll bark and you're

watching and today we have a question

from Jose Jose an evil hey what's up


I'm 18 I am one 186 centimeters tall

like David so stop

I am 260 pound some so I'm not a

confident guy but I really like this

girl and I asked her out but I don't

know where to take her

I didn't know I don't even know what she

said she said yes can you help me please

sorry if you don't understand very well

my English and Portuguese living in

Brazil bye I thought it was Filipino I

was like wow they said me I was like oh

she what is he something you know with

that accent though if you come to

America I'm pretty sure you're gonna get

laid buddy

yeah for he sounds like [ __ ] he's

like just talking about love like I

don't know like he makes it sound like

his height and his weight is really bad

yeah but even described himself as

confident no he says I'm not confident I

says I'm fat

so I'm not confident I mean basically

but I am as the tallest Davis song I

mean you got to just focus on all the

positive things you got like I'm short

as [ __ ] dude I'm cool I'm five seven and

I don't know how many centimeters that

is but you are like what your your David

so I come on one way twin girls when you

guys are go what do you we want in a guy

it'll be like someone tall [ __ ] I've

always said that I've always said that

and all my boyfriend's I've been shorted

a well that's because you're Republican

six feet it is very hard you are six

feet or that's not what am I on about

it's not hard I'm just not attracted to

it I think I'm attracted to it but at

the end of the day I actually prefer a

shorter guy I've come to terms with it

you prefer that's because the shorter

guys have better faces but a taller guys

looked like [ __ ] gargoyles anyway

can't let that go but Mo's a man I think

you're really focusing on all the

negativity you kind of focus on the

positivity in

you know you're a tall guy she obviously

likes you be choices yes I know that's

the hardest part right yeah it's the

hardest part you mustered up enough

courage to ask her out she said yes why

would you doubt her why would you buy

life insurance for why oh but you don't

want me to walk you what it's like you

put it in and she's like oh are you sure


why would you do that

obviously she doesn't care about your

height or your weight or your size or

anything she said yes

she's already past that she likes you

for you who you are go out and have a

good time and make her fall in love with

you so I think what he's having a

problem with is where does he take her

where does he show her a good time I

finally say yes honestly that means I

like him that means I like you I want to

spend time with you if it means going to

a library and sitting on the floor just

[ __ ] talking about books because I

like you and I want to be there with you

so it wouldn't matter to me at all

wherever we went

if I get to be with you this guy is

afraid that it's a pity it's a pity yes

like he's like wow like why would this

girl even say yes to me when I'm just

like that dude that's a legit concern

yeah so he's like ugh like what if it's

just a paid pic pity is like what can i

entertain her why would a girl want to

spend waste your time like so it's not

well Tiffany voiced herself that

something she's just so nice it she

doesn't know how to turn it down just go

yeah so then they go on yeah it was

really nice guy that I didn't like and I

mean I ended up having a kid with one of

them so I'm so you can have kids with

her she could not like you the whole way

through but hey you could get kids with

their soul but I think that he should

definitely like them I don't think it's

a pity yes but I just think he Colin

just nice to have like more confidence

and be able to have fun with her with

his personality not worry about oh my

god I'm big enough fan she's not gonna

like me like she already said yes

they're just

you know enjoy your time with her I

think he needs a specific answer and I

think the best thing I can say to him is

the funnest places that you can take

them to are the places that you have fun

at because when you have fun you're

gonna be excited about it you're gonna

be sharing everything and it's like

don't worry about you won't like it you

know like like you might like the

[ __ ] museum but you gotta have


let me tell you might not be a nurse but

let me tell you some [ __ ] about history

I'm gonna explain some [ __ ] about

history that's gonna make you happy as

[ __ ] so you take it to the museum you

[ __ ] but this is the [ __ ] you gotta

just do something that you're thoroughly

excited about and you could get them

excited about too because you'll be a

great salesman of politics either that's

true girls love passion I think that's

why it's so many girls so many girls

love rock stars rappers and singers

because they can see how much passion

they have put into their art or their

music and and then the girls like oh my

god this guy's like so much feeling so

if you take it just just a place that

you have a lot of fun and even if it's

the most boring as being in the world

but you exude passion she'll love you

for that yeah and what's really dope

with that is if she loves it then you're

like [ __ ] yeah I would make this girl my

frickin girlfriend we have the same

interest we [ __ ] have the same line

this is my best friend now that I get to

bone occasionally and then if you take

it to this place that you really love

and she's just like a total [ __ ] about

it not even trying to like hear you out

and she's completely bored being a baby

you're like dude gotta kick this hole up

you're gonna kick her out yeah it's not

if you fit up to her standards if she

fits up to your standards yeah is she

gonna be good enough for you no woman's

[ __ ] is made out of platinum not really

much you have fun on your date cause

they just take her to a place that you


don't take her to this maybe you could

take it to a strip club

hey something like that you guys could

have fun that's what you're passionate


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